Hawaii aims to go carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral - Hawaii Palm Trees - Sun - Renewables

New legislation aims to make Hawaii carbon neutral by 2045 New legislation in Hawaii could ensure that the state will soon rid itself of fossil-fuels.  Governor David Ige has signed a bill that aims to make Hawaii completely carbon neutral by 2045. This represents the most ambitious and aggressive environmental policy in the whole of the United States. Hawaii is already home to a rapidly growing clean energy market and this new legislation may add momentum to this growth. State continues to lead the way in environmentalism Hawaii has already…

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Hawaii is making progress with its renewable energy goals

Renwable Energy - Hawaii, Sun, Beach

Hawaiian utilities reach a new milestone in clean power production Utilities in Hawaii have reached a new milestone in terms of renewable energy production. Hawaii has been working aggressively to embrace clean power in recent years and has become one of the fastest growing new energy markets in the United States. Notably, solar energy has begun to thrive in the state thanks to government support and the abundant amount of sunlight it receives throughout the year. Hawaii intends to take more aggressive steps to cut its consumption of fossil-fuels in…

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Hawaii sets sights on renewable energy

Image of Hawaii - Hawaii renewable energy

State aims to become completely reliant on renewable energy in the coming years Hawaii has ambitious plans for renewable energy. The state has long been a leading market for solar power within the United States. Indeed, this form of clean power is one of the most popular energy producers in Hawaii due to the abundant sunlight that the state received throughout the year. In the coming years, the state plans to derive 100% of its electricity from renewable sources, with solar energy playing a major role in accomplishing this goal.…

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Hawaii passes law to support the Paris Agreement and fight climate change

Climate Change - Palm trees and beach

State will be combating climate change by supporting the Paris Agreement Hawaii has become the first in the United States to adopt a new law to show greater support for the Paris Agreement. The law will see the state officially document rising sea levels and develop a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable energy and other solutions. Governor David Ige notes that the law will align Hawaii with the goals of the Paris Agreement, which the United States withdrew from last week. The impact of…

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Hawaii makes more progress toward its renewable energy goals

Renewable Energy - Beach in Hawaii

Utility has reached a major milestone with renewable energy Hawaiian Electric, along with its subsidiaries Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light, is celebrating the significant progress that has been made in embracing renewable energy. Together, these companies provide electricity for 95% of residents of five of Hawaii’s main islands. Recently, the state has been working to focus more heavily on renewable energy in an effort to distance itself from fossil-fuels and become more environmentally friendly. Clean power has also helped Hawaii become more energy independent. 2016 saw renewable energy play…

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Hawaii is throwing more support behind renewable energy

100% of Hawaii’s energy will come from renewable sources by 2045 Hawaii has plans to derive all of its energy from renewable sources by 2045. The state has become a very prominent supporter of renewable energy, making note of the potential impact that climate change may have in the future, especially for island states and countries in the Pacific Ocean. Rising sea levels due to global warming could cause significant damage to island states and nations. In order to combat this potential damage, Hawaii is looking to support renewable energy…

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Hawaii bets on renewable energy

State intends to general 100% of its power from renewable sources by 2045 Hawaii is heading toward embracing renewable energy as its only source of power. During the recent Asia Pacific Resilience Innovation Summit, which was hosted in the state, Governor David Ige announced that the state would not be using natural gas to replace other fossil-fuels. Instead, Hawaii will be working to receive no less than 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2045. The ambitious initiative would make the state one of the leading renewable energy entities…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may become important to Hawaii’s renewable energy industry

Blue Planet Foundation shows strong interest in hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology Henk Rogers, founder of the renewable energy non-profit organization Blue Planet Foundation, believes that hydrogen fuel will be crucial part of the clean energy industry in Hawaii. The Blue Planet Foundation has played a major role in promoting clean energy throughout the state and the organization has taken a strong interest in clean transportation. According to Rogers, hydrogen will become a very prominent force in the Hawaiian industry, especially as more automakers begin to release fuel cell…

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Geothermal energy study approved in Hawaii

Study seeks to learn how geothermal development impacts Native Hawaiians. A study that will cost close to $300,000 has been approved by the Windward Planning Commission, and the purpose of the study is to investigate the affect geothermal energy development has on Hawaii’s indigenous population. Critics complain that Native Hawaiians have been ignored regarding plans involving the development of this renewable resource. The commission approved the money in two 4-0 votes last week, according to The Hawaii Tribune-Herald. The commission responded to a request from geothermal critics and those who…

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Energy Excelerator seeks to support renewable energy organizations in Hawaii

Organization looks to provide financial support for energy start-ups in Hawaii Energy Excelerator, a new program based in Hawaii that is meant to offer financial support for renewable energy projects, has announced that it will begin accepting applications on June 1, 2014. The organization is seeking to support 14 organizations with $5 million in funding that will be split among successful applicants. Energy Excelerator is looking particularly for innovative start-ups that have ambitious, but plausible clean energy projects that will take root in Hawaii. Hawaii continues to grow in prominence…

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Hawaii may become leader in solar energy in US

Hawaii Solar Energy

Hawaii continues to show strong progress in solar energy The U.S. has been showing more interest in renewable energy over the past few years, with the federal government making moves to spark a shift away from fossil-fuels and traditional energy systems. Thus far, the country’s efforts have been slow going, but individual states are beginning to take on the renewable energy challenge in order to establish economic growth and combat the potential effects of climate change. Hawaii is one such state and is quickly emerging as a formidable force in…

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Wal-Mart expands solar energy in Hawaii

Walmart renewable energy

Hawaiian stores equipped with solar energy systems Wal-Mart has been making greater efforts to become more environmentally friendly in recent years. The massive retailer has been making changes to its corporate policies to address issues concerning efficiency and emissions and has been making strong progress in adopting renewable energy. In Hawaii, Wal-Mart has partnered with SunEdison to incorporate new solar energy systems into three of its stores. These stores are located in Kapoley, Kailua-Kona, and Kahulai, and represent a step forward in the companies ultimate goal of becoming 100% reliant…

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