Japanese companies come together in support of hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel - Gas Station

Partnership of companies intends to establish a working hydrogen fuel infrastructure Several Japanese companies have come together in order to develop a large-scale hydrogen fuel infrastructure. These companies intend to support the launch of fuel cell vehicles, which all of Japan’s major automakers intend to produce in the coming years. Beyond transportation, hydrogen fuel is set to play a major role in Japan’s future, as the country intends to establish a kind of hydrogen society. As such, the country aims to produce a significant portion of its electrical power from…

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New hydrogen dispenser could signal a brighter future for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Shell Gas Station

Shell works with BMW subsidiary to design new hydrogen dispenser BMW and Shell have worked together to develop  new hydrogen dispenser that is meant to make the fueling process more efficient for drivers of fuel cell vehicles. Shell commissioned Designworks, a BMW subsidiary, to design the new hydrogen dispenser. Designworks specializes in developing solutions for the transportation space. The new hydrogen dispenser aims to create a seamless experience for those fueling their fuel cell vehicles, which are expected to become more common in the coming years. Fuel cell vehicles could…

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UK to invest nearly $30 million in fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen infrastructure

Fuel Cell Vehicles - UK Investment

Government announces new initiative to support fuel cell vehicles The United Kingdom government has announced that it will commit nearly $30 million in funding to support the clean transportation sector. The funding is meant to accelerate the adoption of fuel cell vehicles and aid in the development of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The UK Department of Transport will be issuing the funding, providing aid to companies specializing in hydrogen and those that develop fuel cell technology. The funding will also be issued to automakers that produce fuel cell vehicles.…

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California’s hydrogen infrastructure reaches major pricing milestone

Hydrogen Infrastructure - Road in California

Air Products announces that its hydrogen stations have reached a new milestone Air Products, a leading producer of industrial gases, has reached a significant pricing milestone with its hydrogen fuel stations in California. The company has been building these fueling stations in order to help prepare for the eventual launch of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles will rely heavily on an established hydrogen infrastructure in order to appeal to consumers and become successful. Building this hydrogen infrastructure has been somewhat expensive, which has called into question just how costly hydrogen…

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Nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations to be operational globally by 2032

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Image of man pumping fuel

Report shows that efforts to build new hydrogen fuel stations are gaining momentum Information Trends has released a new report that predicts that there will be nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations in operation throughout the world by 2032. Many automakers have plans to begin ramping up the production of fuel cell vehicles in the coming years and these vehicles will need the support of a comprehensive infrastructure in order to find support. Currently, very few hydrogen fuel stations are available to the public, which has limited the clean transportation plans…

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Large companies come together to launch the Hydrogen Council

Hydrogen Council - Companies Come Together

Hydrogen Council seeks to help expand the use of hydrogen fuel cells Several leading automotive, energy, and engineering firms have come together to established the “Hydrogen Council.” The council was announced alongside the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit and aims to establish hydrogen fuel as a tool that can be used to ease the transition away from fossil-fuels toward cleaner forms of power. BMW, Shell, Total, and Toyota are among the companies that have involved themselves in the new Hydrogen Council. Companies expected to accelerate their investments in the hydrogen…

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Linde continues work to develop hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Germany

Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure - The Linde Group

Linde opens a new hydrogen station to the public Linde, a leading producer of chemical gases, has opened a new public hydrogen fuel station in Germany. The station has found a home near Munich, where it will serve drivers of fuel cell vehicles. The latest project from Linde serves as yet another step toward developing a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure in Germany. The country is expected to become a very popular market for fuel cell vehicles, especially as more hydrogen stations begin opening up to the public. Company continues to…

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Europe leads the way in establishing a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure

Hydrogen Infrastructure - hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen infrastructure in Europe is growing quickly Europe is leading the way in the development of new hydrogen fuel stations, but it is lagging behind the United States in the sale of fuel cell vehicles. The European Alternative Fuels Observatory notes that Europe’s hydrogen market is growing at a healthy rate. Currently, 75 hydrogen stations are in operation throughout the region, more than double what can be found in the U.S. The United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands currently have the most hydrogen stations open to the public.…

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Toyota Australia launches new mobile hydrogen refueller

New refueller will help power the Mirai no matter where it is Toyota Australia recently unveiled its first mobile hydrogen refueller, which will be used to keep three Mirai vehicles fueled no matter where they are. The new refueller is meant to ensure that the Mirai can travel anywhere a conventional car can go, even if those areas lack a hydrogen infrastructure. The mobile fuel station has been developed by local engineers and hydrogen suppliers and represents a significant breakthrough for fuel cell vehicles in Australia. Mobile hydrogen refueller will…

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Fuel cell developers may be key to building a hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Automakers are showing more support for fuel cells The auto industry continues its slow march toward incorporating hydrogen fuel cells, but many are still concerned about the potential success of these vehicles. Cars equipped with fuel cells produce no harmful emissions, which has made them quite attractive to automakers and consumers alike. These vehicles do, however, lack infrastructure support. Very few hydrogen stations are available to the public, which could have a major impact on the future of fuel cell vehicles if this problem is not resolved. ITM Power is…

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EPA gives Honda’s new fuel cell vehicle an efficiency rating

Clarity wins a favorable rating from the EPA The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has provided the new Honda Clarity fuel cell vehicle with an efficiency rating. Honda already has a fuel cell vehicle on offer in California, but only to lease. The automaker has found modest success with its fuel cell vehicle and the company plans to launch a new version of the Clarity in the near future. One of the appeals of hydrogen fuel cells is their acclaimed efficiency, which is something that has been highlighted by the EPA…

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New discover could lead to efficient hydrogen fuel production

Hydrogen fuel production could get a boost through new discovery Hydrogen is often considered to be the fuel of the future, but this form of renewable energy faces many challenges preventing it from becoming so. One of these challenges has to do with efficient storage. Researchers from the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Cardiff may have found a way to overcome this problem with the development of a new hydrogen fuel storage solution. This solution could lead to a brighter future for the clean…

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New hydrogen fuel production system could help jump start a hydrogen economy

Demand for hydrogen stations is growing quickly The demand for a hydrogen fuel infrastructure is growing, but building this infrastructure has proven both difficult and time consuming. Conventional hydrogen production methods are heavily reliant on fossil-fuels, which makes hydrogen, as a whole, less attractive than other forms of clean energy. Using wind or solar energy to power vehicles, however, is also unviable, which is why major automakers are focusing their efforts on hydrogen. Combining renewable energy and hydrogen fuel production may help fuel cells become more prominent in the transportation…

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Hydrogen fuel infrastructure pilot project set to launch in British Columbia

Canadian project aims to expand the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure A new pilot project is set to launch in British Columbia, Canada. The Capital Regional District (CRD) finance committee has granted approval for a new hydrogen fuel station, which will be built in Greater Victoria. The project will cost approximately $2 million. While the project has already received approval by the financial committee, it must still be ratified by the Capital Regional District board members. If ultimately successful, the project would be one of the largest hydrogen-focused initiatives in Canada.…

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Air Liquide launches new app to help consumers find hydrogen fuel stations

New app will allow consumers to find hydrogen fuel stations in their area As fuel cell vehicles begin to gain more momentum, demand for access to hydrogen fuel stations is growing among consumers. To help those interested in fuel cell vehicles find hydrogen stations, Air Liquide has launched a new mobile application. The app is meant to help drivers find the locations of hydrogen fuel stations, which will give them a chance to fuel vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. Demand for hydrogen is on the rise Throughout the world,…

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Germany continues to develop its hydrogen fuel infrastructure

New hydrogen stations opens in Germany Germany is quickly moving to establish a nationwide hydrogen fuel infrastructure in order to secure the adoption of clean transportation. Already, 22 hydrogen stations are open to the public, many of which are located along highways. New stations are cropping up throughout the country relatively quickly, with yet another being opened to the public this week. The new station is part of the Clean Energy Partnership, which is comprised of many organizations, including automaker Daimler, Linde, and OMV Deutshland. German official offers praise for…

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