Maryland lawmakers seek to revitalize state’s solar energy sector

Solar Energy - Bridge in Maryland at Sunset

Lawmakers are looking to show more support for clean power Lawmakers in Maryland are currently working to weighing the cost of the state’s growing focus on renewable energy. Two new legislations have been introduced that could have a major impact on Maryland’s solar power sector. Solar companies have been having a difficult time in the state due to uncertainty coming from homeowners over how much more expensive solar energy systems will be if new tariffs are introduced. These tariffs were proposed earlier this year and became active in February. Tariffs…

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New solar energy system is taking form in Annapolis

Solar Energy - Solar Cells in Field

Annapolis will soon have a new, large-scale solar energy system A new solar energy system is set to be built in Annapolis, Maryland. The system will be called the Annapolis Renewable Energy Park and will be developed on 80 acres of land. The project is being developed on a once active landfill, which has been repurposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides believes that the new project will have a positive economic impact and may lead to new opportunities for students interested in solar energy. Project to…

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Offshore wind energy developers agree to terms issued by Maryland regulators

Offshore wind energy - Wind Turbine and Sky

Developers agree to terms that will ensure the future of their offshore wind energy projects Developers of two major wind energy projects in Maryland have accepted terms offered by regulators that will allow these projects to continue taking form. Agreeing to these terms will allow the projects to collect subsidies from the state, which will help ensure that the wind energy projects produce electrical power when they are fully developed. Deepwater Wind and U.S. Wind are the companies that have agreed to the terms, which were laid out by Maryland’s…

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Amazon launches new solar energy initiative

Solar Energy - Amazon Logo On Black Shiny Wall In San Francisco Mall

Amazon will be installing solar energy systems at fulfillment centers throughout the world Amazon has launched a new solar energy initiative that will involve installing photovoltaic systems on its fulfillment centers throughout the world. The company intends to invest heavily in solar energy in order to reduce its consumption of fossil-fuels and production of emissions. In the United States, Amazon will be installing solar panels on more than 15 fulfillment and sorting facilities by the end of this year. The company plans to expand these plans in order to affix…

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Deepwater Wind announces new offshore wind energy project in Maryland

Developer to bring a new offshore wind energy system to Maryland Deepwater Wind, developer of the first offshore wind energy system in the United States, has announced that it plans to build another wind farm off the coast of Maryland. The company’s Block Island Wind Farm is expected to begin producing electrical power and feeding it into the energy grid within the next few days. Deepwater Wind expects that the wind farm will show off the potential of offshore wind energy and intends to get a head start on developing…

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Fracking banned in Maryland

Governor Larry Hogan makes decision not to veto hydraulic fracturing ban. The bill that was passed in Maryland bans fracking for two and a half years, and during the moratorium, the state is required to write standards to regulate the natural gas extraction process once the ban is lifted. Maryland is the second state to ban hydrofracturing in recent months. Maryland’s state-wide ban follows New York’s ban, which occurred near the end of last year. Aside from New York, other states in America that have prohibited the controversial mining practice…

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States come together to support clean transportation

States aim help sell some 3.3 million clean vehicles by 2025 Eight states in the U.S. are preparing to launch new incentives that are meant to boost the sale of zero emission vehicles. California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont, intend to see more than 3.3 million clean vehicles sold in the U.S. by 2025. This is meant to be accomplished through the introduction of government incentives and regulations that have a major focus on clean transportation. Clean transportation is gaining some traction thanks to government…

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Solar energy company raises more funding for financing program

Solar energy continues to gain prominence among homeowners When it comes to solar energy, adoption among consumers throughout the world can be slowed due to large upfront investment associated with most energy systems. Though the cost of clean technology and solar energy modules has been falling in recent years, many people continue to consider this form of power too expensive to justify its adoption. For these people, leasing programs may be the solution to this problem. Such programs have become quite popular in the U.S., where solar energy is experiencing…

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Redox takes a new approach to fuel cells

New fuel cells coming from Redox Power Systems Redox Power Systems, a technology startup based in Maryland, claims that it has developed a new kind of fuel cell that could be a major breakthrough for the renewable energy sector. The company suggests that its fuel cell is smaller than most conventional models, but it could provide a significant amount of energy for a variety of purposes. Moreover, the fuel cell from Redox will not be wholly reliant on hydrogen fuel. Instead, this fuel cell can run on a variety of…

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New natural gas power plant to take root in Maryland

Panda Power Funds to build natural gas power plant in Maryland Panda Power Funds, a private equity energy fund, has announced that it will be building a new power plant in Maryland, U.S. The power plant is being designed to be more environmentally friendly than others in the state and will generate electrical power primarily through the use of natural gas. Panda Power Funds is no stranger to clean energy, of course. The fund has been involved in various forms of renewable energy. Near the end of 2011, the fund…

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Offshore wind energy gains ground in the US

US offshore wind energy may soon become a reality It may still be several years before offshore wind energy systems begin taking form in the U.S., but the land that these systems require is beginning to be auctioned off. The federal government has begun leasing land to project developers that have ambitious plans for offshore wind energy. One such developer is Deepwater Wind, which is the provisional winner of two leases encompassing a 10-mile area off the coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Deepwater Wind wins leases for development land…

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Atlantic Wind Connection moves forward with energy transmission plans

Atlantic Wind Connection

Atlantic Wind Connection continues work on offshore energy transmission line An ambitious energy transmission project is moving forward in the U.S. The project is meant to transfer energy from offshore wind farms off the eastern coast of the country, and funnel this energy back to the mainland. The endeavor is backed by several prominent investors, including Google, that believe that a comprehensive energy transmission line is necessary for alternative energy to be considered more viable for the country. The investors backing the project are part of a consortium called the…

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Sustainable Energy Research Facility opens in Maryland

Sustainabe Energy Research

Frostburg State University opens Sustainable Energy Research Facility Maryland’s Frostburg State University has been working to make itself independent from the state’s energy grid for some time. The university has ambitious plans in this regard, plans that will make use of hydrogen fuel, solar, and wind power. This week marks the opening of the university’s Sustainable Energy Research Facility, which will embody the school’s efforts to become energy independent and reduce its impact on the environment. The Sustainable Energy Research Facility will be a testing ground for various forms of…

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New laws in Maryland could spell major success for solar energy

Solar Energy Maryland

  Solar friendly laws enacted this week by Governor O’Malley This week in Maryland, Governor Martin O’Malley enacted two new laws that is expected to bring significant growth to the solar energy industry. The Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard for Solar Energy and the Solar Water Heating Systems bills were signed into law on Tuesday this week, showing that solar energy has found a great deal of support in the state. The laws aim to accelerate the rate at which Maryland reaches its alternative energy goals and ensure that the solar…

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Delmarva Power looks to help Bloom Energy build two new hydrogen production facilities in Delaware

Old Chrysler Plant in Newark

Delmarva Power, a utilities company offering power services to Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, is seeking a partnership with Bloom Energy, an acclaimed fuel cell manufacturer, to bring two new hydrogen fuel generating station in Delaware. The new stations would help bring new jobs to Delaware, which would be a boon for state residents who are still struggling to recover from the economic recession of 2008. The stations could mean the Delmarva’s customers will be paying more for electricity, however, casting an air of foreboding on the initiative. Delmarva executives say…

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