GM to purchase wind energy to power seven facilities

Wind Energy - General Motors Building

Automaker announces plans to purchase more wind energy Automaker General Motors has announced that it will be making a large wind energy purchase in the near future. The company will be purchasing electricity from wind farms in Ohio and Illinois. This electricity will be used to provide power to seven manufacturing facilities. These wind farms will contribute to the automaker’s overall use of clean power. With these wind farms, approximately 20% of the company’s energy consumption will be satisfied through the use of renewables. GM is growing more focused on…

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North American leaders agree to support renewable energy more aggressively

Leaders aim to generate 50% of North America’s energy from renewable sources by 2025 Last week, leaders from Mexico, Canada, and the United States attended the North American Leaders’ Summit. There, President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto agreed on a new renewable energy target for the whole of North America. Together, the three countries will work to ensure that North America generates no less than 50% of its electrical power from renewable sources by 2025. The goal has been praised among supporters of…

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Developing countries are embracing solar power

Solar is becoming more affordable, making it ideal for developing countries The cost of solar energy is falling, making this form of clean power more attractive to those living in developing countries. Several developing countries have begun to embrace solar energy in order to save money on the energy they consume and reduce their reliance on foreign sources of power. In fact, developing countries accounted for more new solar installations than developed countries last year, making the developing world a more attractive market for solar developers. Solar market likely to…

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California and Mexico join together to fight climate change

Governor Jerry Brown to travel to Mexico to strengthen existing partnership California Governor Jerry Brown is set to make a trade mission to Mexico in the coming week, accompanied by some 90 delegates from the state’s public and private sectors. The mission will focus on issues relating to climate change, environmental protection, the economy, and renewable energy. The meeting between state and government officials could have a major impact on the action both California and Mexico take on climate change and energy. Mexico and California intend to tackle the issue…

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Renewable energy investments are growing

Report highlights investment activity in the clean energy space Renewable energy investments are beginning to grow at a rapid pace, according to a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The report highlights investment activity in the clean energy sector every quarter. This investment activity is often indicative of the overall support that clean energy is receiving throughout the world and such funding typically dictates whether or not new energy projects will reach completion or remain in a sort of developmental limbo. Clean energy investments grow by 33% during the…

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Mexico wants to be a leader in the wind energy sector

Country has plans to aggressively support wind power Mexico has plans to become one of the leading powers in the world when it comes to wind energy. The country recently played host to a conference wherein the government outlined plans for energy reform. During the conference, government officials highlighted a legislation that would end the 75-year monopoly that oil and gas companies held on the country’s energy portfolio. This legislation is meant to increase the country’s focus on renewable energy, particularly that generated from wind resources. New energy reform legislation…

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Deutsche Bank revises forecast on solar energy demand

Demand for solar power continues to rise Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s leading financial institutions, has lifted its demand forecasts concerning solar energy. The institution has taken note of the continued rise in popularity of solar power around the world, finding that many countries are investing in this form of clean energy despite certain economic problems. Deutsche Bank had initially predicted that as much as 46 gigawatts of solar energy would be installed globally by the end of 2014, but the firm has increase this prediction by 26% due…

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Mexico set to make progress in solar energy

Mexico - Wind Energy

Largest solar energy facility in Mexico to begin construction The largest solar energy facility in Mexico is set to begin construction in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Mexico has been growing more interested in renewable energy recently due to the economic prospects that clean power represents. Like other countries in Latin America, Mexico believes that it can find a great deal of economic growth through the adoption of solar energy and has been working to support this form of clean power more aggressively. Facility will generate 33MW of electrical power…

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Ballard’s hydrogen fuel cell production reaches new record

hydrogen fuel reaches milestone

Hydrogen fuel cell manufacturing facility establishes new record Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that its production facility in Tijuana, Mexico, has reached a new record high. Over the past several years, Ballard has been working to promote hydrogen fuel cells as a powerful and viable alternative to conventional energy systems. The company has found some success in certain industries and lackluster support in others. As renewable energy grows more popular, however, Ballard is beginning to attract more attention all over the world. Ballard…

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Solar energy sees major promise in Mexico

Solar Energy Mexico

Mexico emerging as one of the most promising markets for solar energy Mexico is becoming a very promising market for solar energy. Apart from the country’s arid terrain and its near-constant exposure to the sun, solar energy is becoming a more popular prospect in the country due to the falling prices of solar panels and other such technologies. Another attractive aspect coming from the country is the fact that it is still a virtually untapped market in the renewable energy sector, especially where solar is concerned. Solar energy is quickly…

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Solar energy set for aggressive growth in Latin America

Solar Energy Big Year

Report highlights the growing trend of solar energy in Latin America and the Caribbean The Americas hold a great deal of promise when it comes to solar energy. In the U.S., solar energy is receiving a significant amount of support that seems to grow by the day. South American countries have begun embracing solar energy in an aggressive manner, hoping to take advantage of the economic benefits that could be had from abandoning fossil-fuels. A new report from Solarbuzz, a solar energy market research firm, shows that the demand for…

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Wind energy project complete in Mexico

Wind Energy Farm

Gamesa announces the completion of new wind farm Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa has announced the completion of a wind energy project in Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico. The project, called the Bii Nee Stipa Wind Farm for Enel Green Power is the latest addition to Mexico’s growing portfolio of alternative energy systems. The country has recently begun showing a serious interest in wind energy after years of showing support for solar and other forms of renewable power. The new wind farm is expected to have an impact on…

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Mexican climate change law could open up a promising future for alternative energy


The Mexican government has moved one step closer to passing a new legislation called the General Law on Climate Change this week. The law passed with a 128-10 vote from the country’s Chamber of Deputies and will make its way to the Senate later this month. The law has already received approval for many of its provisions, which means that there could be little to nothing standing it its way of becoming a full-fledged law in the country. The legislation is modeled after a similar law found in the neighboring…

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