New Zealand unveils new commitment to renewable energy

New Zealand Landscape- Renewable Energy

Country outlines plans to reach 100% clean power by 2035 New Zealand has unveiled a new plan to reach 100% renewable energy by 2035. The outlining of the new plan comes on the heels of the country naming its 40th prime minister, Jacinda Ardern. Now, the country will be making efforts to phase out its use of fossil-fuels in favor of clean power. New Zealand already has a head start on accomplishing this goal. The country already derives approximately 80% of its electricity from renewable sources. Electricity has become very…

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Renewable energy to expand in Vanuatu

Renewable Energy - Flag Vanuatu

World Bank will provide funding for renewable energy in Vanuatu The island nation of Vanuatu is set to gain more access to renewable energy due to a new initiative launched by the World Bank. The World Bank has announced approval $4 million in funding for the Vanuatu Rural Electrification Project II. The project is meant to expand the nation’s use of renewable energy in order to make it more independent and open up new economic opportunities. The initiative intends to provide renewable energy for approximately 45,000 people in Vanuatu. Funding…

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Smart recycling program for soft plastics launched in New Zealand

New recycling system in New Zealand could keep over four million plastic bags out of the landfill. Last week, a Soft Plastics Recycling Program was launched in Auckland, New Zealand by the country’s Environment Minister, Nick Smith. The program is a joint venture between the government and the retail and packaging sectors, and could help keep the landfill free of 4.3 million plastic bags, reported 3 News. This program is the first of its kind to enable the recycling of soft plastics in the country. The soft plastics recycling program…

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Geothermal energy project in New Zealand moves forward

Eastland Group is given approval to move on to the next development phase of its geothermal power station. In a recent press release from Eastland Group, the company announced that it has received development approval from its sole shareholder, Eastland Community Trust, to go ahead with its planned $120 million investment in its Te Ahi O Maui geothermal energy plant. The company intends to build the plant near Kawerau, a town in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region. The plant will be designed to produce about 20 megawatts of power.…

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Geothermal energy becomes New Zealand’s second most powerful source of electricity

When it comes to power generation in the country, Geothermal comes second only to hydro. According to Mighty River Power, one of New Zealand’s largest electricity generation and electricity retailing company, geothermal energy production is the second most important source of electricity fuel in the country, with hydro power taking the top spot, reported the National Business Review (NBR). In the past decade, the renewable energy source increased by over 150 percent. The electricity company said that during the December quarter, the renewable source, which is the only one not…

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New Zealand’s Green Party shows support for renewable energy

Clean energy is becoming a political issue in New Zealand Renewable energy is often a political issue and politics will likely play a larger role in clean power as people become more concerned with the environment. New Zealand’s Green Party is making a move on renewable power, releasing new details about its economic plan. The plan is heavily based on clean energy, proposing that the country receives no less than 100% of its electrical power from renewable sources by 2050. Green Party claims that clean energy could be a more…

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New Zealand commissions new geothermal energy plant

Geothermal energy continues to gain support from New Zealand The New Zealand government has commissioned a new renewable energy facility that will take root on the country’s North Island. The facility will seek to tap into the geothermal energy potential that can be found in the region. Mighty River Power, a prominent energy retailer, will be responsible for managing the project. New Zealand is in close proximity to the geographical region known as the Ring of Fire, which is notorious for its high frequency of geologic activity. This affords t…

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GE to deliver turbines to wind energy system in Australia

Wind Energy Australia- GE wind turbines

Wind energy system to take advantage of GE turbines An ambitious wind energy project supported by both Australia and New Zealand is set to receive 58 new turbines that have been developed by General Electric. These turbines are part of the company’s “Brilliant” line and boast of better performance and higher durability than conventional wind energy technologies. The turbines are being delivered to the Boco Rock Wind Farm located in New South Wales, Australia. The Brilliant wind turbines are expected to make the Boco Rock Wind Farm one of the…

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Kyoto Protocol to be discussed at upcoming UN meeting

United Nations

UN meeting to focus on climate and the Kyoto Protocol The United Nations will convene to discuss the topic of climate change at the end of November. Once again, the Kyoto Protocol will receive some attention from the countries that will be participating in the UN meeting in Qatar. The Kyoto Protocol, which was established in 1997, requires wealthy nations to curb their emissions by an average of 5.3% throughout the 2008-2012 period. The emissions levels in these countries are not meant to exceed the levels they had been since…

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Tokelau set to become world’s first sustainable nation

Tokelau Sustainable Nation

Tokelau prepares for energy sustainability Tokelau, a small island nation comprised of three atolls and administered by New Zealand, is set to become the world’s first truly sustainable nation. Tokelau has been equipped with an expansive solar energy system and facilities that can produce biofuels through the use of coconuts. The effort is part of the Tokelau Renewable Energy Project, which is receiving the bulk of its funding from the New Zealand government. The project is being considered one of the largest of its kind in the world and, if…

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Carbon pricing takes a turn in Australia

Hydrogen fule - carbon capture

Australia to link carbon pricing plan with the European Union The Australian government has announced that it will be abandoning its own carbon pricing scheme in order to participate in one developed by the European Union. Climate Change Minister Greg Combet announced the move this week, noting that the new carbon pricing plan is expected to take effect between now and 2018. Government officials claim that this is further proof that there is international cooperation in the fight against climate change. Australia’s participating in the EU carbon pricing plan is…

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New Zealand on track to become an alternative energy powerhouse

New Zealand - Renewable Energy

Alternative energy is on the rise in New Zealand, according to Industrial Info, a market intelligence firm specializing in renewable fuel. The firm has been tracking the progress of alternative energy projects in the country for some time and notes that the country could be on the verge of becoming one of the world’s alternative energy powerhouses. New Zealand has been home to very ambitious sustainability projects, including wind and solar farms as well as hydrogen power installations. This year, the country will see several new energy projects taking root,…

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Geothermal energy may be the future of Japan and other nations in the Ring of Fire

Pacific Ring of Fire

Japan has been facing some daunting challenges when it comes to energy. Earlier this year, a powerful earthquake all but crippled the nation’s energy infrastructure. In the wake of the quake, Japan’s energy needs were satisfied – convincingly so – by hydrogen fuel. The nation has a long history with hydrogen that has proven fruitful, but Japan is also home to another form of energy that rarely catches headlines. Geothermal energy, as it is known, may be the future of Japan’s, and many other nations occupying the infamous “Ring of…

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New Zealand to investigate the viability of hydrogen fuel for commercial purposes

New Zealand Hydrogen Fuel Cell News

A new investigation into the viability of hydrogen fuel is underway in New Zealand’s Southland. The investigation is being led by Venture Southland, an expansive joint-initiative comprised of local governing bodies to promote tourism, enterprise and community development in the region. Venture Southland will examine how hydrogen fuel can be produced efficiently and the benefits the fuel offers to commercial travel. Pending the results of the investigation, Southland may become inundated with a wave of fuel cells as the region makes the switch to alternative energy. The organization realizes that…

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