Artificial trees could generate renewable energy from vibration

U.S. researchers may have found a new form of green power generation from vibrations. New findings from an ongoing renewable energy study at Ohio State University, involving a new technology that looks something like artificial leafless trees with limited branches, show that it is likely that the trees will be able to draw consistent energy from vibrations. The researchers discovered that when shaken, the trees undergo a type of vibration that can be utilized to generate electricity and that this generation of energy could be conducted with small-scale artificial trees.…

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An artificial star could unlock a new future for renewable energy

Scientists reach a major milestone in the production of an artificial sun Chinese researchers have made a major breakthrough that could have promising implications for the future of renewable energy. The scientists have been working with a nuclear reactor known as the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST), which is located in eastern China. Using EAST, the scientists have been able to produce hydrogen gas that is three times hotter than the core of the sun, which represents a major step forward in the production of what could be the world’s…

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Researchers develop new low cost battery for green energy storage

A battery made of low cost materials could make storing renewable energy more feasible. A study recently published in the ACS’ journal Chemistry of Materials, reveals that researchers have developed a battery for renewable energy storage, with an energy density that is practically identical to a lithium-ion battery. The battery was built using sodium and magnesium, low cost materials that could make the process of storing energy more affordable. Without storing electrical power from renewable sources, energy can be lost. Renewable energy is gaining ground, with more and more renewable…

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Study highlights the potential of using solar power to generate hydrogen fuel

Solar energy and hydrogen are becoming more closely mingled A new study from the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis aims to shed some light on the issue of photoelectrochemical hydrogen production. This process involves the use of solar energy to produce hydrogen, which can be used by fuel cells to generate electrical power. Current hydrogen production methods are energy intensive, consuming a significant amount of fossil-fuels that produce harmful emissions. By using solar power, the hydrogen production process can be make more environmentally friendly and efficient. The problem is, however,…

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Research team from Brown University to focus on tidal energy

Tidal power is receiving more attention in the US As the U.S. continues to pursue various forms of renewable energy, the power of the ocean is beginning to attract more attention. The power of tidal forces has long been apparent, but only recently have waves begun to be tapped for the purpose of producing electrical power. The East Coast may be home to a great deal of energy potential when it comes to tidal energy. A team of researchers from Brown University are beginning to focus more heavily on the…

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A future powered completely by renewable energy may be possible in the US

Researchers have a plan to reach the 100% clean energy mark A team of researchers from Stanford University have developed a plan wherein renewable energy would account for 100% of the energy demand in the U.S. by 2050. The team, which is being led by civil engineer Mark Jacobson, believes that clean power has the potential to meet the country’s energy needs. The energy plan developed by the research team serves as the backbone of The Solution Project, which is a non-profit organization that aims to support the transition toward…

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Audi continues to research clean transportation

Audi expands its research on renewable energy and clean fuels German automaker Audi has been looking for ways to make transportation more environmentally friendly. This is a trend that has become quite prominent within the global auto industry and it is becoming especially prominent as the world’s governments adopt stricter regulations concerning carbon emissions. Like other automakers, Audi is examining the viability of hydrogen fuel cells as well as lithium-ion batteries. Audi, however, does not claim to know how the future of clean transportation will manifest and has been diversifying…

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Survey shows renewable energy is a big deal among consumers

Consumers show support for clean power Navigant Research, a leading market research firm, has released the results of a recent survey concerning public opinion on renewable energy. Clean energy has been growing in prominence around the world, especially as governments begin to focus on ways to secure their economic futures. As new regulations take form and businesses grow more serious on certain environmental issues, consumers are beginning to show aggressive support for various types of renewable energy. Renewable energy is a favorite subject among consumers According to Navigant’s survey, consumer…

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Renewable energy could be a promising investment opportunity

Analysts shed light on renewable energy opportunities Analysts from Citigroup have released a report highlighting the promising opportunities that exist within the wind and solar energy sectors. The report also sheds light on the issue of cost, which has been a controversial subject when it comes to renewable energy for several years. Renewable energy is notoriously expensive, largely due to the use of new technologies and the need to update infrastructure to accommodate such technologies. Citigroup, however, suggests that global renewable energy capacity could be increased without an additional cost…

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ExxonMobil warms up to renewable energy

Exxon - Renewable Energy

Oil company showing more support for renewable energy ExxonMobil is one of the titans of the oil industry, but that does not mean that the company has not been showing a strong interest in renewable energy. Over the past several years, the company has done much to draw attention away from the issue of climate change, hoping to keep the world’s focus strictly on fossil-fuels. These efforts had proven fruitful in the past, but renewable energy is quickly becoming less of an environmental issue and more of an economic issue.…

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Location may be everything in renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Location Matters

Location could have a major impact on the success of renewable energy When it comes to real estate, location is often considered the most important factor. Location can determine the overall value of a property, as well as its allure to potential property owners. As such, property that is located in high-value areas, such as that overlooking the coast, can fetch a significant price. Location is not only important in real estate, of course, as it also plays a major role in the realm of renewable energy. Location can determine…

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US government funds research and development in renewable energy and clean technology

US Renewable Energy Funding

$200 million to fund new renewable energy and clean technology institutions The Obama administration this week has announced that it is committing $200 million in funding that will be focused on renewable energy and clean technology. The funds are to be used to create three new advanced manufacturing innovation institutes. These entities will be focused on the research and development of new renewable energy systems. These systems are meant to make use of innovative technologies that aim to lower the overall costs associated with clean power. New entities to promote…

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Renewable energy storage problems may be solved with the help of a new battery design

Stanford University - Hydrogen Fuel Cells Research

New battery could make renewable energy more favorable to modern energy grids Renewable energy is becoming a more popular concept throughout the world. More countries are beginning to embrace renewable energy for economic and environmental purposes, but are still faced with significant challenges when it comes to actually using clean power. One of the most significant of these challenges involves storage and how clean energy can be fed into existing energy grids. Researchers from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University in the U.S. may have found a way…

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Scientists find way to produce renewable energy from carbon dioxide

Hydrogn Fuel Research

Renewable energy as a byproduct of carbon dioxide consumption Climate change continues to be a serious, if somewhat controversial, issue. Carbon dioxide being released into the planet’s atmosphere is linked to widespread climate change and efforts to mitigate the emissions of carbon dioxide have been gaining momentum over the past few years. Carbon capture has become a practice that has attracted a great deal of interest because it could potentially remove carbon dioxide emissions from the environment. If this carbon dioxide could be used as a form of renewable energy,…

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Renewable energy produced from carbon emissions in the UK

Renewable Energy Research UK

Researchers develop new methods of renewable energy generation Researchers from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, are working on technology that could turn carbon dioxide into liquid and gaseous fuels. This technology would be directed at many of the power plants currently operating throughout the United Kingdom, turning the carbon emissions  they produce into a form of renewable energy. Researchers believe that the photo-catalytic reduction technology they have developed could go a long way in reducing carbon emissions in the UK and create a new way to generating renewable fuels.…

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Renewable energy benefits highlighted in the US

Hydrogen Fuel Storage US

Researchers cite prospects of renewable energy and efficiency Energy productivity could be reaching new highs in the U.S. According to researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, energy productivity throughout the country will double by 2030, introducing strong economic benefits that could help the country break away from the financial problems it has experienced in the past. Growth is productivity is being linked to a stronger focus on renewable energy and the development of efficient clean technologies. Researchers believe that such a focus may steer the country toward a new…

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