Mercedes-Benz aims to compete in the residential solar energy space

Solar Energy - Mercedes-Bnez car

Automaker joins with Vivint Solar to offer new residential energy solution Automaker Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will be partnering with Vivint Solar, a solar energy company based in the United States, in order to compete in the residential solar energy and storage space. Notably, the two companies are looking to compete with Tesla, which has established a powerful presence within the residential space despite its focus on clean transportation. This partnership may provide homeowners with more options when it comes to making use of clean power and technology, allowing…

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Rooftop solar energy could satisfy 25% of the country’s electricity needs

Solar Energy - Solar Panels on Rooftop

Solar energy could have a major impact on electricity consumption in the US Rooftop solar energy is gaining more attention in the United States and the demand for photovoltaic systems is rising among homeowners and businesses. This demand is growing due to the falling cost of solar panels, which has improved prospects for return on investment for those interested in solar energy. Currently, approximately 1.5% of all homes in the United States are equipped with their own solar power systems. This has removed the need for nearly 14 terawatt-hours of…

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Legislation targeting solar energy in Kentucky collapses

Solar Energy - Solar Power Panels on Roof

Legislation sparks controversy among those supporting solar energy Controversial legislation regarding solar energy in Kentucky may have been abandoned. The legislation aimed to make residential solar panels less economically viable and became a point of contention for solar advocates. The legislation comes from Senate Natural Resources and Energy Chairman Jared Carpenter. According to Carpenter, significant work had been done attempting to reach a compromise with solar advocates on the legislation. Efforts to do so, however, have failed, which may have led to the demise of the legislation for the time…

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New solar energy digital marketplace launches in Australia

Solar Energy - Solar Panels on Roof of Home

Decentralized Energy Exchange aims to expose more homeowners to solar energy Australia has become the first country to launch a digital marketplace for solar energy. Called the Decentralized Energy Exchange, the marketplace is designed to provide homeowners with a way to access solar power. Currently 16% of all clean power generated in Australia comes from rooftop solar panels. An estimated 1.6 million rooftops throughout the country have been equipped with photovoltaic systems. The new marketplace is expected to help more homeowners enter into the solar energy market. Australia is focusing…

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Sunflare develops flexible solar panels

Solar Panels - Residential Solar Energy

Flexible solar panels can, potentially, be installed on any surface Sunflare, a company based in California, has developed a new, flexible solar panel that it believes will become a major asset for those interested in solar energy. Following years or research and development, the company has produced a copper indium gallium selenide solar panel. The new solar panel can be installed on virtually any surface due to its flexibility, which may make it quite attractive to homeowners and businesses interested in becoming more environmentally friendly. Cost of solar energy continues…

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Missouri’s solar energy market continues to see strong growth

Solar Energy Market - Solar panels on roofs of homes

Solar energy market has had a positive economic and environmental impact on the state Missouri is experiencing the economic and environmental benefits of its growing solar energy market. In recent years, the state has been investing in this form of clean power in an effort to distance itself from fossil-fuels and reduce emissions. In 2015, the solar energy market in Missouri experienced healthy growth, which has continued into 2016. With the state experiencing strong growth in the solar sector, Missouri is likely to show more support for this form of…

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Residential solar energy is gaining ground despite opposition from retailers

Utilities are unable to stop the growth of residential solar energy Solar energy is quickly gaining popularity within the residential sector of the United States. Rooftop solar has become a very attractive prospect for many homeowners, especially now that photovoltaic systems are becoming much less expensive. Rooftop solar power systems are used as a way to allow homeowners to generate their own electrical power. These energy systems have, however, come under fire from utilities, many of whom suggest that solar power could great significant price disparity among consumers. Voters chose…

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Arcadia Power aims to bring renewable energy to renters

Renters will soon have access to renewable energy Arcadia Power, a company that specializes in clean power, has launched a new product that aims to provide renters throughout the United States with access to renewable energy. The company hopes to ensure the growth of solar power, in particular, within the residential sector. While homeowners have had access to solar power for many years, renters typically do not have this same access. Many renters, or non-homeowners, have expressed interest in supporting renewable energy, but their limited options have prevented them from…

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Florida voters have a chance to determine the future of solar energy

Rooftop solar faces a major decision in Florida Rooftop solar energy is at risk in Florida, and voters have a chance to determine its future. A new measure is on the ballot for Florida and, if approved, it will grant consumers the right to own or lease solar panels and other photovoltaic equipment. It would also prohibit utilities from charging solar customers more for the electricity they consume. Many of the state’s utilities are opposing the measure, hoping to keep hold of the increasingly competitive energy market in Florida. Utilities…

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Duke Energy seeks to increase solar energy capacity

Utility aims to show more support for solar power Duke Energy, one of North Carolina’s leading energy utilities, is looking to increase its solar capacity. The utility expects to see a growth in the consumption of energy over the next 15 years and intends to provide customers with access to solar power in order to accommodate growing demand for electricity. While demand for solar energy specifically is still relatively low, the utility wants to increase its solar capacity in order to comply with new government policies and emission regulations. Demand…

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Proposal in Florida aims to support residential solar energy

Voters could determine the fate of solar power in Florida Voters in Florida will have a chance to make their voice heard on August 30 regarding a tax break focused on renewable energy. The tax break concerns clean power systems, particularly those harnessing solar energy, being installed on residential properties. Residential solar energy has been seeing strong growth in recent years as more homeowners look to embrace clean power as a way to save money and become more environmentally friendly. The tax break has made it easier for these homeowners…

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Solar roof may be the future of residential solar energy

Elon Musk outlines concept for a solar roof system Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and chairman of SolarCity, has a new plan to bolster solar energy usage among homeowners. The technology icon and pioneer wants to turn rooftops into solar power generators. While this may not seem like a new idea, Musk intends to do away with solar panels installed on actual rooftops and convert these into full-scale energy production systems. Musk believes that homeowners will have to replace their roofs at some point, which creates a promising opportunity…

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Solar energy developer is leaving the Nevada market

SolarCity has announced that it will be exiting the Nevada market SolarCity, one of the leading solar energy companies in the United States, is planning to pull out of the Nevada market, where the Public Utilities Commission decided to increase rates for solar power on December 22 last year. Higher rates took effect on January 1, which has lead SolarCity to reconsider its place in the market. The company has abandoned its training facility in the state and will no longer be offering services to those interested in solar energy.…

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Global Market For Residential Solar Industry 2015: Research Report by

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report “Global Residential Solar Industry 2015 Market Research Report” to its database. 2015 Global Residential Solar Industry Report is a professional and in-depth research report on the world’s major regional market conditions of the Residential Solar industry, focusing on the main regions (North America, Europe and Asia) and the main countries (United States, Germany, Japan and China). Download Sample Copy of this Report at The report firstly introduced the Residential Solar basics: definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain overview; industry policies and plans;…

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Solar energy is finding support among homeowners in Australia

Australian homeowners and businesses are showing strong interest in solar energy Solar energy is gaining ground in Australia, despite lacking support from the nation’s government. In Australia, the large-scale renewable energy industry has come to a standstill, with government support being decreased and investors showing a lack of confidence in the sector as a result. Small-scale energy projects, such as household energy systems and those used by businesses, are beginning to gain significant momentum, however. In the coming years, small-scale solar energy systems are expected to become more popular throughout…

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Californian homes to be provided with free solar panels

A new plan in California will bring free solar power to disadvantaged neighborhoods. While there are already many government incentives in the state of California to encourage the use of solar power among residents, a new plan will result in free solar panels being installed on the rooftops of homes of some of the state’s low-income homeowners, saving each of these residents hundreds of dollars in electrical costs, annually. Solar energy continues to be an expensive home improvement. According to a 2013 study by the Center for American Progress, a…

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