Public-private hydrogen fuel network is taking form in South Korea

Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure - Flag of South Korea

Government has plans to work with private companies to build a large hydrogen fuel network The South Korean government has announced that it will aid in the development of a public-private hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The government will be working with partners in the private sector to form a new special purpose company. This company will be responsible for building new hydrogen stations. The country’s growing hydrogen network will be used to power vehicles equipped with fuel cell systems. These vehicles are expected to become quite popular in South Korea due…

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Hyundai officially begins selling its Nexo in South Korea

NEXO - Image of Hyundai Vehicle

Automaker has now officially launched the Nexo Hyundai has officially begun selling its new hydrogen-powered vehicle, the Nexo, in South Korea. The Nexo represents the automaker’s next step in producing vehicles that use clean technology and produce no harmful emissions. Hyundai has shown particular interest in fuel cells, which consume hydrogen to generate electricity. The company has already found modest success with fuel cell vehicles, having launched its first models in promising markets a few years ago. Pre-order period in the US sees 1,061 models sold in eight days Hyundai’s…

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South Korea may accelerate the deployment of hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Acceleration - Car driving fast

International Hydrogen Energy Forum highlights South Korea as a major force in the hydrogen industry The world’s first International Hydrogen Energy Forum has taken place in South Korea. Executives from large oil, energy, science, technology, and transportation organizations came together in Seoul recently to hold a strategic dialogue. The gathering was focused on finding ways to help the South Korean government accelerate the deployment of hydrogen fuel. South Korea could play a major role in expanding the use of hydrogen throughout the entire region. Hydrogen Council aims to promote the…

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Bloom Energy to bring fuel cells to South Korea

Fuel Cells Coming to South Koea - South Korean Flag

Bloom Energy to bring new fuel cell systems to South Korea for the first time Bloom Energy, a leading developer of fuel cells, has announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide a fuel cell system to Korea South-East Power. The utility is working to develop a new power plant that makes use of fuel cells to produce electricity. Fuel cells were chosen due to their high levels of performance and proficiency. These energy systems are well aligned with South Korea’s overarching efforts to embrace renewable energy and…

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South Korea looks to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel - Environment - South Korea Flag

Government agency is investing in clean hydrogen The South Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries is working to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel. The government agency has announced that it will be investing some $11 million over the next three years to commercially produce hydrogen. The agency intends to make use of a microbe called NA1, which will act as a catalyst to produce hydrogen from carbon monoxide and seawater. The microbe will be put to work at a demonstration facility that is expected to begin hydrogen production at some…

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FuelCell Energy to deliver fuel cells to new project in South Korea

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Image of City in South Korea

Companies come together to develop new power plants in South Korea FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has entered into a new partnership with Korea Southern Power Company. Together, the two companies will develop new power plants equipped with fuel cells. These power plants will generate both electricity and thermal energy. Construction on the new power plants is expected to begin later this year, with the first facility becoming operational at some point in 2018. New energy systems will be delivered later this…

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Hydrogen fuel cells to power new facility being developed by Daesan Green Energy

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Image of Power Plant

Joint venture seeks to use hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity at power plant A new hydrogen fuel cell power plant is set to take form in South Korea’s South Chungcheong Province. The project is being developed by Daesan Green Energy, a joint venture formed by Hanwha Energy, Korea East-West Power, Doosan, and SK Securities. Daesan Green Energy will be responsible for the construction and operation of the new power plant, which will rely on fuel cells in order to generate electricity. More than $200 million has been committed to…

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New fuel cell power plant opens in Busan, South Korea

New Fuel Cell Power Plant to open in South Korea- - South Korean Flag

Busan Green Energy announces the opening of new power plant South Korea’s Busan Green Energy, a company formed through a collaboration of several other organizations, has announced that it will be opening a new fuel cell power plant. The facility was in development earlier this year, with construction being completed over the summer. The project has received support from the Busan Metropolitan City Government, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company, Busan City Gas, and Samsung C&T. These companies came together to form Busan Green Energy in order to promote the…

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South Korea continues to show support for hydrogen fuel cells with new power plant

Hydrogen Fuel Cells Support from South Korea

Construction on new power plant has been completed by Doosan The Doosan Corporation has completed construction on South Korea’s largest fuel cell power plant. According to Doosan, construction on the power plant cost approximately $36 million. The new power plant will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cells in order to generate electrical power for various purposes. Doosan notes that the new power plant will allow it to respond to market demands concerning hydrogen fuel cells and the clean power they can produce at any given moment. Hydrogen fuel cells continue…

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Hyundai to launch new pilot project focused on fuel cell vehicles

Hyundai will be introducing a new car-sharing and taxi service South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced that it will launch a new pilot project that will take place in South Gyeongsang and South Jeolla. The project is part of Hyundai’s ongoing efforts to promote clean transportation, particularly vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The project involves a car-sharing service that focuses on fuel cell vehicles. Hyundai will also be launching hydrogen-powered taxis, which will be available in Ulsan, South Gyeongsang. Fuel cell vehicles are gaining more attention from Hyundai Hyundai’s…

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South Chungcheong becomes production hub for fuel cell vehicles

Province declared hub of production hub for parts to be used in electric vehicles The South Korean province of South Chungcheong has been declared the country’s hub for the production of fuel cell vehicle parts. The province has successfully passed a government feasibility assessment, which has established it as a major production entity that will provide strong support for clean vehicles in the future. New facilities will be built to accommodate the demand for components needed to build fuel cell vehicles. These facilities are expected to provide the province with…

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South Korean government to support the adoption of fuel cell vehicles

New tax benefit aims to incentivize the purchase of clean vehicles The South Korean government has announced that it will be providing new tax incentives to promote the adoption of fuel cell vehicles. The country has become heavily interested in clean transportation and wants to ensure that more people gain access to environmentally friendly vehicles. The government is also making revisions to its tax laws to better support competition among businesses interested involved in renewable energy. This revision is expected to increase the attractiveness of clean power systems in many…

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South Korea works to make hydrogen fuel cells more attractive

Demand for fuel cell vehicles is skyrocketing throughout South Korea, thanks to companies like Hyundai The demand for fuel cell vehicles has been growing quickly in South Korea, where one of the world’s leading automakers, Hyundai, offers such vehicles. Now, South Korean government is beginning to focus on making these vehicles more affordable, thereby making them more accessible to consumers interested in clean transportation. The government is also working on bolstering the country’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure, which is needed in order for fuel cell vehicles to find continued success in…

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South Korea reveals plans to support clean transportation

Clean transportation is gaining more support from the South Korean government South Korea has revealed a new five-year plan that aims to dramatically increase the number of clean vehicles on the roads. The government intends to ensure that more electric vehicles and hybrids are made available to consumers throughout the country. The plan comes as a response to the growing scrutiny being placed on the auto industry, which is beginning to feel pressure to comply with increasingly strict emissions regulations that are being adopted by many of the world’s governments.…

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FuelCell Energy finalizes sale of 5.6 MW of hydrogen fuel cell modules

POSCO Energy to receive fuel cell modules from FuelCell Energy FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has finalized a sale of 5.6 megawatts of fuel cell modules to POSCO Energy, its partner in South Korea. The fuel cells are meant to be produced at a facility in South Korea, which is operated by POSCO Energy. Both companies are working together to expand the local manufacturing of fuel cell components, which will make fuel cell technology less expensive in the country. Hydrogen fuel continues…

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Largest hydrogen fuel cell power plant is located in South Korea

World’s largest fuel cell power plant is only an hour away from Seoul South Korea is home to the world’s largest fuel cell power plant. The power plant is located near Seoul and exists as a very prominent energy resource for the country. The Gyeunggi Green Energy power plant is designed to showcase the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells, as well as provide South Korea with a way to distance itself from fossil-fuels and embrace renewable energy more aggressively. Fuel cell power plant generates 440 million kilowatt-hours of energy a…

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