New trains equipped with fuel cells are coming to Germany

Fuel Cells for Trains - Image of Train in Cologne

Alstom to bring new hydrogen-powered trains to Germany New hydrogen-powered trains will be making their way to Germany within the next four years. These trains are being developed by French engineering firm Alstom. The company intends to deliver 14 of these trains to LNVG, a railway company that operates in Lower Saxony, Germany. The trains will be the first of their kind in northern Germany and will produce no harmful emissions. Eventually, other trains equipped with fuel cells will be deployed throughout the country, adding momentum to Germany’s clean transportation…

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Hydrogen fuel cells to power new trains in Germany

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Train Tracks

New trains equipped with hydrogen fuel cells to begin operation in early 2018 New hydrogen-powered trains are set to begin operation in Germany in early 2018. Alstom is the company responsible for developing the new trains, which use hydrogen fuel cells to generate the electricity they need to operate. These trains are part of an ongoing revolution in Germany’s railway system, which is becoming more environmentally friendly. The trains are called Coradia iLint and may be among the first of their kind that will help Germany eventually phase out the…

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Alstom unveils new train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell

Railway industry continues to focus on clean technology in order to power trains The railroad industry is already very familiar with electric transportation. Trains throughout the world are powered by batteries, as well as conventional energy solutions, but soon these trains could be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Fuel cells have begun to establish a strong presence in the public transportation space. These energy systems have garnered acclaim because of their high efficiency and their performance capabilities. New train to enter service in Germany at the end of 2017 Alstom,…

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New solar energy project in Israel receives financial backing

European Investment Bank issues loan to ambitious solar power project in Israel Israel has plans to generate at least 10% of all of its electrical power from renewable sources by 2020. In order to accomplish this feat, the country has begun focusing on solar energy. Several solar projects have come to Israel in order to take advantage of the policies that are designed to support the development of solar power systems and investments in Israel’s solar sector are beginning to increase. The European Investment Bank is one of the latest…

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EU turns its eyes to ocean energy

European Commission has high hopes for clean energy derived from the ocean The European Commission, the legislative arm of the European Union, has published an “action plan” concerning what it calls “blue energy.” According to the European Commission, blue energy is clean power than can be generated by the ocean. A new consortium has been established called Ocean Energy Europe and this consortium is comprised of several companies, including Eon, Alstom, and EDF. The consortium has plans to tap into the energy potential of the ocean, producing significant amounts of…

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