Toyota Australia has high hopes for fuel cell vehicles

Hi Hopes for fuel cell vehicles

Australian division of Toyota believes that fuel cell vehicles will find success in the future Japanese automaker Toyota has high hopes for its future endeavors in the clean transportation space. While several major automakers have begun taking a very specific focus on clean vehicles, Toyota plans to maintain its broad approach to the clean transportation sector. Toyota’s Australian division believes that it is in an ideal position to promote clean vehicles throughout the country. Toyota Australia has particular faith in fuel cell vehicles, three of which the automaker has brought…

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South Australia calls for hydrogen infrastructure development

South Australia Hydrogen Infrastructure - Image of Brisbane Australia

Government seeks proposals for infrastructure projects The South Australian government has issued a call for proposals for hydrogen infrastructure projects. The government is also seeking proposals for infrastructure projects that would be focused on providing fuel for hydrogen-powered buses. This move is part of South Australia’s emerging efforts to establish a “hydrogen economy.” Australia, as a whole, has become heavily invested in hydrogen in recent years. The country intends to become a leading supplier of the fuel. South Australia is moving forward with its Hydrogen Roadmap The call for proposals…

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Australia to develop new large-scale hydrogen fuel station

Hydrogen Fuel - Road and traffic in Australia

Project seeks to develop a new hydrogen station A new project in Australia aims to build one of the country’s first hydrogen fuel stations. The project is a collaboration between the Moreland City Council and H2U, a hydrogen utility company. Support for the government is also coming from the Victorian Government, which is committing $1 million to the initiative. The new hydrogen fuel station will provide services to those with fuel cell vehicles. It is also expected to create up to 15 ongoing jobs and 100 indirect jobs. Australian government…

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Clean vehicles may have a promising future in Australia

Clean Vehicles - Road in Australia

Government aims to show more support for clean vehicles Clean vehicles may be the future of transportation in Australia, according to experts on the matter. Last month, two conferences highlighted the high potential of clean vehicles and how they can be used to make the transportation space more environmentally friendly and efficient. Late last month, the Australian government announced a $390,000 grant for the , which will support the adoption of electric vehicles of all kinds. Australia has been slow to embrace clean vehicles and renewable energy While the global…

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Researchers aim to produce renewable hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Research in Lab

Australian researchers launch new project focused on producing hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles Researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization have launched a new $2.5 million project to help develop technology that will provide fuel cell vehicles with the hydrogen they need to operate. The 2-year project aims to produce hydrogen without also generating a large amount of harmful emissions. The project will build upon research already carried out by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, which involved the separating of pure hydrogen from mixed gases. Project…

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CSIRO works to develop new membrane technology to help fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Technology and Cars

New technology could make fuel cell vehicles more viable Scientists from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) are developing a new fuel cell membrane that may be able to make hydrogen production and distribution more viable for fuel cell vehicles. These efforts are part of a two-year project that is focused on producing pure hydrogen through the separation of mixed gases. Notably, the project is looking into converting ammonia into highly pure hydrogen, which can then be stored and used by a fuel cell to generate electrical power.…

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Norway aims to help Japan build a hydrogen society

Hydrogen Society - Image of highway

Norway and Australia are looking to provide Japan with hydrogen fuel Norway and Australia are competing with one another to provide the fuel needed for Japan’s efforts to establish a hydrogen society. Japan is working to transition away from conventional forms of energy in favor of using hydrogen fuel cells. These fuel cells are meant to be used to power vehicles, homes, and businesses and can operate without producing any harmful emissions. In order for a hydrogen society to take form in Japan, the country must have reliable access to…

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New fuel cell car comes to Australia thanks to Toyota

Toyota Australia has imported three Mirai units for demonstration initiative Toyota Australia has brought three new fuel cell vehicles to Australia. The company believes that hydrogen fuel cells may be an ideal replacement for conventional drivetrains, allowing the transportation sector to become more environmentally friendly. Toyota’s Mirai is the automaker’s first step into fuel cell transportation. Three of these vehicles have been brought to Australia to demonstrate how viable these cars can be and to showcase their performance. Fuel cell car produces no harmful emissions and operates on electricity Toyota…

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Hydrogen fuel could become a prominent energy export in Australia

Energy developers show strong interest in using solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel Australian energy developers are looking to tap into the growing demand for renewable energy coming from large countries in north Asia by harnessing the power of solar fuels. These fuels, specifically hydrogen fuel, are generated through the use of solar energy, which Australia typically has an abundance of. If developers can be successful in this endeavor, solar fuels may become one of Australia’s largest and most profitable energy exports. Solar fuels may become a significant energy export…

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Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles may find more traction in the commercial sector

Toyota sees great promise in the commercial space Toyota Australia believes that the commercial sector will play a major role in promoting fuel cell vehicles in the future. These vehicles have yet to see any widespread launch and may struggle to find mainstream success, but automakers have plans to launch these vehicles in the coming years in order to better comply with increasingly strict emissions regulations. Fuel cell vehicles may be able to find significant success in the commercial sector before they find support among consumers, which could have an…

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Toyota to bring hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to Australia

Automaker will bring the new Mirai to Australia to demonstrate the vehicle’s technology Toyota is set to showcase its new fuel cell vehicle at the upcoming World Hydrogen Technologies Convention in Australia. The country is set to be one of the first outside of Japan to receive the commercial version of the fuel cell vehicle. During the event, Toyota will be demonstrating the technology behind the fuel cell vehicle, called Mirai, and government representatives and other stakeholders will get to see the technology in action and what hydrogen fuel cells…

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First hydrogen fuel station opens in Australia

New hydrogen station has opened for business in Australia Australia’s first hydrogen fuel station has officially opened. The new station represents the first step in developing a hydrogen infrastructure in the country, and now that it is open for business, several companies are working to build new stations throughout Australia. Some organizations are petitioning for the development of a “hydrogen superhighway,” which will extend from Melbourne to Sydney. This superhighway would involve the development of several fueling stations that would supper fuel cell vehicles, which are expected to be launched…

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Hyundai brings hydrogen fuel vehicle to Australia

New ix35 arrives in Australia as Hyundai continues to promote its fuel cell vehicle Hyundai’s new fuel cell vehicle has arrived in Australia. The ix35 has been heavily promoted in many parts of the world, showcasing its ability to compete with conventional vehicles yet remain environmentally friendly. The European Union chose the ix35 as one of its official vehicles recently, and the car will be used to transport government officials. Hyundai’s fuel cell vehicle has already generate a great deal of hype in some parts of the world, and the…

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Hydrogen-powered buses continue to grow in popularity around the world

hydrogen fuel bus

PostAuto shows the viability of fuel cell buses Last month, PostAuto Schweiz AG, a public transportation company, became the first transportation services firm in Switzerland to employ hydrogen powered buses. The company enlisted five Mercedes-Benz Citaro FuelCell buses, which are currently being operated in the Brugg region. Hydrogen powered buses have become a popular option for public transportation due to the efficient nature of fuel cells. Though considered a costly venture, hydrogen-powered buses continue to attract attention around the world. Daimler continues to improve its buses with new fuel cell…

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