Toyota and Tesla end clean transportation collaboration

Clean Transportation Collaboration Ended

Toyota divests from Tesla in order to focus on its own clean transportation plans Toyota has announced that it has fully divested from Tesla Motors, marking the end of the collaboration between the two companies. The Japanese company was one of the first investors into Tesla and has worked with the American company for some time. The collaboration was meant to produce new technologies that could be used to make vehicles more efficient and environmentally friendly. The technical partnership ended, however, after the production of Toyota’s 2014 RAV4 electric vehicle.…

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Canada aims to develop a strategy to support clean vehicles

Canadian Flag - Clean Vehicles

Canadian government is showing more support for clean vehicles The Canadian government has announced plans to develop a strategy focused on promoting the adoption of clean vehicles. The government intends to increase the number of clean vehicles throughout the country by a significant margin. The new strategy is meant to be prepared by some point in 2018, with the government working to accomplish its clean transportation goals in the following years. The strategy will support various types of clean vehicles, including those equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. Fuel cell vehicles…

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India is focusing heavily on electric vehicles

Electric Vehicle - Car Being Charged

India may have a massive market for electric vehicles by 2030 India is making a major push to promote clean transportation. The country hopes to have an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030 in order to cut down on emissions and reduce the costs associated with fuel imports. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in India because they are somewhat less expensive than their conventional counterparts. They also provide those living in large cities with an easy and efficient means of transportation. Government may need to support electric vehicles until market…

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Honda announces new strategy for electric vehicles in Europe

Electric Vehicles - EV Charging

Automaker unveils its promising new Electric Vision for Europe Honda plans to focus more heavily on clean transportation in the European market. According to Katsushi Inoue, Honda Motor Europe’s president and COO, the automaker has unveiled its “Electric Vision” for Europe. This initiative involves two-thirds of all vehicles sold by Honda in the market to feature electric powertrains. Honda intends to accomplish this endeavor by 2025. The automaker’s plan will leverage its considerable global research and development resources in order to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have…

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Honda and Hitachi will work together to support electric vehicles

Elecric Vehicles - Partnership

Honda teams with Hitachi to launch a new joint venture this year Japanese automaker Honda will be working with Hitachi’s auto parts subsidiary in order to launch a new joint venture. The venture will be responsible for developing small motors for new electric vehicles. Honda and Hitachi believe that the new venture will be able to establish a strong foothold in the increasingly competitive clean transportation sector. The endeavor represents yet another step in Honda’s ongoing efforts to produce high quality electric vehicles that appeal to consumers and businesses alike.…

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Electric vehicles could come to dominate the transportation market sooner than expected

Electric Vehicles - Sign for EV Charging Station

Clean vehicles are gaining ground very quickly Electric vehicles may take over the transportation space sooner than expected. In the United States, transportation has traditionally accounted for the majority of emissions produced within the country, surpassing the energy sector despite the country’s massive consumption of electrical power. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), however, this is no longer the case. The EIA has reported that in 2016, the energy sector surpassed transportation in terms of emissions production, highlighting the rising impact of clean vehicles in the sector. Transportation emissions…

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Clean transportation market is heating up

Clean Transportation Market Heating up

Automakers are feeling more pressure to embrace clean transportation Competition in the clean transportation space is heating up. A growing number of automakers are beginning to move away from conventional vehicles in order to make cleaner alternatives. Many companies have been developing hybrid vehicles for some time, but they are beginning to show more favor for all-electric cars. This shift is being powered by stricter emissions regulations in popular markets throughout Europe and in the United States and China. Electric vehicles are expected to become more common In the U.S.,…

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Toyota to build a new company to develop electric vehicles

Automaker is creating a new venture in order to establish a stronger foothold in clean transportation Japanese automaker has announced official plans to create a new, in-house venture company. The new company will be dedicated to the development of new electric vehicles. Toyota has already been working on this plan for some time, as the automaker believes that the venture company will begin operations at some point in December of this year. The offshoot company is part of Toyota’s plan to focus more heavily on electric vehicles equipped with batteries.…

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Market for large clean vehicles set to grow through 2026

Sale of electric buses to increase in coming decade Electric buses are set to become more plentiful throughout the world, according to a new report from Navigant Research. The market for medium and heavy duty electric drive buses is growing quickly, with hybrid, plug-in hybrids, batteries, and hydrogen fuel cells all becoming more prominent within this sector. Governments throughout the world have embraced legislation that call for a reduction in emissions production. In order to accomplish this, these governments have been investing more heavily in clean vehicles. Report predicts that…

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Daimler to compete with Tesla with new electric vehicles

Daimler is set to bring more competition to the clean transportation market German automaker Daimler is set to compete directly with Tesla Motors after announcing ambitious plans to launch numerous electric vehicles in the near future. The automaker has plans to launch as many as nine new electric vehicles by 2024. The company has not yet outlined specific details concerning its plans, but Daimler has a history with clean vehicles. The company’s future clean vehicles will likely be updated versions of its current offerings, if not entirely new models. Tesla…

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Range anxiety is proving to be a problem for electric vehicles

Lacking efficiency is slowing the adoption of clean vehicles Electric vehicles are gaining momentum throughout the world, but these environmentally friendly cars still face one major challenge. “Range anxiety” may be preventing consumers from purchasing electric vehicles. A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Santa Fe Institute highlights the issues associated with the efficiency of electric vehicles. The capability of batteries has created some skepticism among consumers, many of whom would opt to purchase more conventional vehicles rather than those equipped with battery systems. Study shows…

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Japan’s support for clean vehicles reaches a major milestone

Japan has more charging stations than gas stations, according to study Nissan has released the results of a new study, which show that Japan has more electric charging stations than normal gas stations. The country has become a very successful and prominent market for clean vehicles. Companies like Nissan have focused their efforts on launching electric vehicles of all kinds within Japan. Many of these vehicles have exceeded expectations in terms of demand and Japan’s infrastructure to support clean vehicles has grown aggressively. More than 40,000 charging stations now support…

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Audi sets its sights on clean vehicles

Automaker is becoming more involved in clean transportation German automaker Audi is looking to embrace clean transportation more heavily in the coming years. The company has begun showing strong interest in clean technology and how renewable solutions can be used to power future vehicles. Now, the company plans to have electric vehicles comprise as much as 30% of its sales by 2025. The automaker will also be launching vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells and those that can operate themselves thanks to autonomous technology. Clean vehicles will become a major…

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Elon Musk outlines the next master plan for Tesla Motors

Tesla has launched a new master plan in order to propel clean transportation Elon Musk, one of the co-founders of Tesla Motors, has announced the second part of the automaker’s ambitious “master plan.” The initial master plan was introduced 10 years ago. This plan involved developing clean vehicles at various price ranges. It also sought to incorporate solar energy into Tesla’s ever expanding presence in the clean transportation space. Now, the new plan aims to take these endeavors to take the first master plan to a new level. Musk has…

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Nissan and Ceres Power team to promote solid oxide fuel cells

New agreement to benefit clean transportation in the United Kingdom Japanese automaker Nissan has announced that it has finalized an agreement with Ceres Power, a developer of fuel cell technology. Per the agreement, both organizations are to work together to improve clean vehicles, increasing their performance and efficiency. The deal is taking advantage of funding being offered by Innovate UK and the Office of Low Emission Vehicles. The funding is part of a larger initiative to improve clean vehicles and promote clean transportation throughout the United Kingdom. Solid oxide fuel…

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Clean transportation market in Norway is growing

Clean vehicles are gaining more momentum throughout Norway Norway is becoming a leading market for clean vehicles. The country has been investing in making transportation more environmentally friendly in recent years. This effort is part of the country’s plan to reduce emissions and combat the potential impact of climate change. As a result, the number of clean vehicles available to drivers in Norway has skyrocketed. The growth of the clean transportation market is likely to continue growing in the coming years. Sale of clean vehicles has jumped over the past…

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