Wind energy achieves new milestone in Europe

Wind Energy Milestone Achieved

Wind power sets a new generation record in Europe last month Wind energy reached a new milestone in Europe at the end of October. On October 28, wind farms in 28 countries throughout the European Union generated approximately 25% of all the electricity that was used in Europe. This is approximately 153.7 gigawatts, which is enough to power about 197 million homes. Wind energy has grown very quickly in Europe, especially as the cost of wind turbines continues to fall. Several countries have also shown strong support for offshore projects,…

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Wind energy is gaining more prominence in Denmark

Wind Turbine in Denmark - Wind Energy Projects

Company plans to sell country’s last oil business Denmark is moving ahead with its ambitious wind energy plans. The country’s largest company, A.P. Moller-Maersk, has announced that it will be selling off Denmark’s last oil firm. The company will be selling the oil company to France’s Total in a $7.45 billion deal. The deal is expected to be closed at the end of next year. Denmark will then move aggressively to install new wind turbines in order to continue its move toward a more sustainable future. Denmark continues to lead…

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Denmark and China will work together to build new offshore wind energy system

Offshore wind energy project - Offshore wind turbine

New offshore project is to be developed by Denmark and China Denmark will be working with China to develop a new offshore wind energy system, according to the country’s energy minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt. The new offshore system will be built in China. Currently, the project is in very early stages of development. According to Lilleholt, suppliers for the wind turbines that the project will use have not yet been chosen. Moreover, exactly when principle development on the new wind farm will begin is not yet known. China continues to…

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Europe shows greater commitment to offshore wind energy

Europe Offshore Wind Energy Commitment - Flag of European Union

Offshore wind energy wins the support of European leaders Leaders throughout Europe have come together to declare their commitment for offshore wind energy. Government representatives from Germany, Belgium, and Denmark gathered at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 industry event with the intent to show more support for a growing sector. Offshore projects have been taking form in several European markets, with these projects showing a great deal of economic promise. European countries intend to support the development of new projects in order to take advantage of these economic prospects. Countries…

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Wind energy is gaining more momentum in Denmark

Wind Energy - Denmark Flag Blowing In Wind

Wind energy continues to experience strong growth in Denmark Denmark has made major strides in embracing wind energy in recent years and the country has reached a new milestone in terms of electrical production through its wind farms. According to information from WindEurope, Denmark generated enough electricity from its wind energy systems last week to meet all of its energy needs. The majority of the country’s wind capacity comes from its onshore systems, but Denmark also has several offshore wind farms in operation currently. Wind farms generate enough electricity to…

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Nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations to be operational globally by 2032

Hydrogen Fuel Stations - Image of man pumping fuel

Report shows that efforts to build new hydrogen fuel stations are gaining momentum Information Trends has released a new report that predicts that there will be nearly 5,000 hydrogen fuel stations in operation throughout the world by 2032. Many automakers have plans to begin ramping up the production of fuel cell vehicles in the coming years and these vehicles will need the support of a comprehensive infrastructure in order to find support. Currently, very few hydrogen fuel stations are available to the public, which has limited the clean transportation plans…

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Denmark sets new record for wind energy production

Wind energy production record broken twice by Denmark Denmark has beaten the world record for the most amount of wind energy produced for the second year in a row. The country has become heavily involved in the use of wind energy due to its environmental and sustainability interests. Denmark has plans to distance itself from fossil-fuels, thereby becoming more environmentally friendly and independent of foreign sources of power. The country’s leading utility, Energinet, has noted that wind energy is likely to continue playing an important role in Denmark. 42% of…

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World’s largest offshore wind energy system to be built in the UK

Dong Energy plans to build the world’s largest offshore wind energy system Dong Energy A/S, an energy developer based in Denmark, has plans to set a new world record for the world’s largest offshore wind energy system. The company intends to build the system in the United Kingdom, where wind energy is receiving strong support from the government as well as private investors. The UK is quickly becoming a hub for offshore wind farms as a result of this support, with the country already housing the world’s current largest wind…

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Hyundai joins HyTEC to support hydrogen fuel in transportation

Hyundai joins the Hydrogen Transport in European Cities consortium South Korean automaker Hyundai has announced that it has joined the Hydrogen Transport in European Cities (HyTEC) consortium. HyTEC is meant to expand the existing hydrogen fuel network in Europe, which is needed to support fuel cell vehicles in the public and personal transportation spaces. This project also works to demonstrate the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells and how they can be used in the transportation field. Hyundai is one of several prominent companies that have joined the project in support…

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Wind energy gains momentum in the Nordic countries

Wind power could soon replace gas and coal energy in Scandinavia Wind energy may be having a major impact on the Scandinavian energy structure. Coal and gas have been the most prominent forms of energy among the Nordic countries for years, but these countries have begun investing heavily in clean energy, with a particular interest in wind power. In recent years, the role of fossil-fuels has changed in Scandinavia, with coal  and gas power plants in Finland and Denmark providing swing energy to Norway and Sweden when the hydropower systems…

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Wind energy projects to be connected between the Netherlands and Denmark

Interconnection project launched by Energinet and Tennet, seeking to connect 700 MW of wind energy between two countries Dutch and Danish energy grid operators have agreed to connect wind energy projects in both Denmark and the Netherlands. The project comes from Tennet, an electricity company based in the Netherlands, and Energinet, based in Denmark. An interconnector will be run between the two countries, connecting some 700 megawatts worth of wind energy projects that are currently operational. Both countries have shown strong support for wind energy, with Denmark showing particular interest…

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Cost of wind energy continues to fall in Denmark

Denmark has reached an important milestone in its adoption of wind power Denmark has reached an important milestone in wind energy. The country has been embracing wind power for some time, distancing itself from coal and oil in the hopes of becoming more energy sustainable and environmentally friendly. In the past, the electrical power generated by the country’s wind turbines had been significantly more expensive than the electricity produced through the consumption of fossil-fuels. That may no longer be the case in the near future, as new wind turbines become…

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Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sets a new standard in fuel efficiency

Hyundai ix35 breaks fuel cell vehicle efficiency record South Korean automaker Hyundai has been building a great deal of hype behind its fuel cell vehicle, the ix35. The vehicle is the first of its kind to enter a mass production stage and it is speeding toward commercialization in just a few short months. Hyundai has been eager to show off the capabilities of its fuel cell vehicle and has managed to showcase how effective hydrogen fuel cells can be in transportation over the past few years. The ix35 recently set…

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Denmark takes a step toward a future of renewable energy and low emissions

New legislation aims to establish Denmark as a leader in emissions reduction Denmark may be approaching a point where it will single-handedly surpass the whole of Europe in terms of renewable energy and emissions reduction goals. New legislation facing the country’s parliament aims to approve new, more aggressive targets for Denmark’s fight against climate change and other environmental issues. These targets would outshine those recently established by the European Union. Denmark is currently considered a leader in wind energy and environmental policy. Legislation would call for new emissions targets and…

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Denmark reaches a new wind energy production record

Wind energy continues to show promising results in Denmark Wind energy has established a strong presence in Denmark. The country has been investing heavily in renewable energy in recent years and has managed to establish itself as a leader when it comes to wind power. According to a new report from Energi Net, wind power has reached a new record in Denmark in terms of energy production. As the country’s focus on renewable power continues to grow, its need for fossil-fuels is quickly diminishing, which is leading to significant savings…

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New charging stations to support electric vehicles in Denmark

CLEVER to install new fast chargers CLEVER, an operator of electric charging stations in Denmark, has ordered 50 new fast chargers from ABB, a developer of charging technologies for electric vehicles. The chargers are meant to augment Denmark’s infrastructure for electric vehicles. The country has been working to embrace clean transportation somewhat aggressively recently, with the government showing a strong interest in fuel cell vehicles. Consumers, however, have been showing their favor for battery electrics, and demand for these vehicles has put pressure on Denmark’s current infrastructure. Fast chargers could…

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