Honda files patent for motorcycle powered by hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel - Honda Motorcycle

New patent outlines new hydrogen-powered motorcycle coming from Honda Japanese automaker Honda has filed a new patent for a hydrogen-powered motorcycle. The new motorcycle will likely be part of Honda’s overarching efforts concerning clean transportation. The company is focusing on using hydrogen fuel cells to power new vehicles that produce no harmful emissions. Years ago, Honda launched a fuel cell vehicle in limited capacity, but the company plans to launch new vehicles powered by hydrogen in the coming years. New motorcycle will have a conventional design but new energy source…

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Honda is moving forward with fuel cells and batteries

Fuel Cells - Honda Cars and Dealership

Automakers hopes two-thirds of its vehicle sales will come from battery electrics Japanese automaker Honda is hard at work developing a new generation of clean vehicles. Currently, the company does not yet offer any hybrid or battery electric vehicles. Honda has seen a major shift in the transportation world, however, and is eager to accommodate new trends that are emerging throughout the auto industry. The company intends to see two-thirds of its sales come from vehicles equipped with batteries by 2030. The company is also investing heavily in hydrogen fuel…

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Honda files patent for new motorcycle that uses fuel cells

Fuel Cells - Honda Motorcycle

New patent could show Honda’s next move with fuel cells A new patent from Honda may have unveiled more about the automaker’s future plans with fuel cells. The company has filed for a patent concerning a hydrogen-powered motorcycle. Honda has yet to show off the new prototype vehicle, but the patent shows that it will, indeed, be equipped with a fuel cell system. The automaker has been working to aggressively promote hydrogen fuel in recent years. The automaker has showcased its forthcoming hydrogen-powered sedan, which will likely hit markets at…

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New hydrogen fuel stations from Honda are coming to Japan

Hydrogen fuel - gas station - refueling car

Honda will be building new hydrogen fuel stations throughout Japan beginning in 2018 Honda has announced plans to develop a new type of hydrogen fuel station that will be installed throughout Japan beginning next year. The automaker will be working with local governments in order to deploy approximately 100 of these new stations by 2020. These new stations are meant to provide strong support for fuel cell vehicles, which are expected to become more common in Japan in the coming years. The stations will also contribute to Japan’s overarching plans…

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ITM Power to provide Honda with hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Honda Logo

Company signs contract with Honda to provide hydrogen fuel ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has signed a new contract with Honda’s United Kingdom subsidiary. Per the contract, ITM Power will be providing Honda with hydrogen fuel. Automakers like Honda are interested in securing a reliable supply of hydrogen in order to secure the future success of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are still somewhat uncommon, but Honda plans to launch its new fuel cell vehicle in the near future. United Kingdom’s hydrogen…

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Honda to launch more clean vehicles

Clean Vehicles - Honda Logo

Honda is preparing to release more clean vehicles in order to embrace environmentally friendly transportation Japanese automaker Honda is set to expand its offering of environmentally friendly cars in the near future. The company already offers a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell in California, but intends to expand upon the use of fuel cells. Honda’s new clean vehicles will be part of its Clarity line, which has already generated a modest level of popularity among those interested in clean transportation. Some of these vehicles may have limited availability,…

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Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is attracting more attention as launch approaches

Clarity Fuel Cell - Image of Honda FCX Clarity

More information concerning the Clarity Fuel Cell is coming to light Honda has revealed more information about its highly anticipated Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle. The new car has won praise from those that have tested it, with some dubbing the Clarity Fuel Cell the finest vehicle to be produced in Japan. The new vehicle is the first of three clean cars that Honda intends to release this year. The other vehicles will be a standard hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. The Clarity Fuel Cell, however, will be powered completely through…

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Honda brings its fuel cell vehicle to California

Honda will be leasing its new fuel cell vehicle before the end of the year Japanese automaker Honda will be offering its latest fuel cell vehicle for lease in California by the end of the year. The automaker will bring its Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle to the state before the end of 2016, and those interested in the new vehicle will be able to lease it for approximately $369 a month. Those interested in clean transportation may find this offering very attractive, while others may continue to see fuel cells…

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Honda shows off new fuel cell vehicle at G7 Summit

Honda has showcased the latest version of its Clarity model Japanese automaker Honda has put its new fuel cell vehicle on display during the Group of Seven (G7) Summit in Japan. The new vehicle is an updated version of the automaker’s existing Clarity, and is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Honda opted to showcase the vehicle at the G7 Summit in order to display the performance of fuel cells and how they can be used in the transportation sector. Honda is one of the few companies that offers vehicles…

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Honda to launch new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in California in 2016

Automaker will bring its new fuel cell vehicle to California before the end of the year Japanese automaker Honda has announced that it will be selling its new fuel cell vehicle in California by the end of this year. California has become a very popular market for automakers looking to commercialize vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. Toyota has brought its own fuel cell vehicle to the state, but has delayed deliveries of this vehicle due to a lacking hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Honda believes that the state is ready for…

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Japan’s hydrogen fuel infrastructure is running into problems

Japan intends to become a hydrogen society Japan has plans to become a leading power in clean transportation. The Japanese government is working to establish a hydrogen society within the country, one which derives much of its power from hydrogen fuel cells. The government is also working to promote the adoption of clean vehicles, specifically those powered by fuel cells. These vehicles have already established a foothold in Japan, but they are beginning to encounter significant challenges that could slow the expansion of clean transportation in the country. Prime Minister…

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Honda unveils new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle ahead of major event

Honda has showcased its new fuel cell vehicle ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show Honda has unveiled its new production fuel cell vehicle ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show. The automaker was expected to show off the new vehicle at the event, but has decided to do so early in order to generate more interest. The vehicle does not yet have an official name, but it will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cell technology that Honda has helped develop. During the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda will be demonstrating the technology…

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Honda prepares to show off new hydrogen fuel cell car

Honda will be showing off its new prototype fuel cell vehicle in Japan Japanese automaker Honda will be showcasing new vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show near the end of October. The company’s new prototype fuel cell vehicle will be on display during the event, which may be close to the final production version of the vehicle that will be released in the near future. Honda will also show off an autonomous concept vehicle, which shows that the automaker is taking a greater interest in the potential that self-driving vehicles…

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Honda plans to bring new hydrogen fuel vehicle to market by 2020

Automakers intends to bring a new fuel cell vehicle to the commercial market in the near future Honda has announced that it will begin selling new hydrogen fuel cell cars in the commercial market by 2020. The automaker was one of the first in the industry to actually make a fuel cell vehicle available to consumers. The FCX Clarity, as it is called, was available in limited supply and only for lease. The Clarity experienced modest success, as there was not a significant fuel infrastructure established that could support it.…

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Honda to begin production on new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in 2016

Honda has high hopes for fuel cell vehicles Earlier this year, Honda unveiled its new fuel cell vehicle concept, which managed to attract a great deal of attention and praise. The Japanese automaker was among the very first in the world to release a vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell: The Honda FCX Clarity. While this vehicle is only available for lease and is in limited supply, it has managed to expose people to the capabilities of fuel cell vehicles. Honda believes that these vehicles will become more prominent…

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Honda delays plans to launch fuel cell vehicles

Automaker will be taking extra time to release its new fuel cell vehicles in the United States Honda has plans to release a fuel cell vehicle in the United States, but the company has become less sure about when such a vehicle will actually be released. The automaker has been showing off two concept cars that are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, but these vehicles may be years away from commercial production. As such, Honda may fall behind other automakers that are planning the widespread launch of their own fuel…

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