A new European project awarded to OMB Saleri

In the beginning of 2017, the European Community has awarded funding for the project INLINE to a consortium of companies with specific know-how including OMB Saleri, with the aim of investigating and optimizing the production of PEMFC systems for the logistics industry. The use of Fuel Cell technology for material handling applications is gaining ground and achieving resounding success for the undeniable benefits of this application. The benefits of this technology are many, from cost reduction to applications in special environments. Despite the growing success, fuel cell technology still suffers…

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Hydrogen fuel cell project set to ramp up demonstrations

Hydrogen fuel cell and materials handling

HyLIFT project draws more attention to hydrogen fuel cells The HyLIFT project, a European project concerning hydrogen-powered forklift trucks, is set to begin large-scale user demonstrations in the coming weeks. The project is meant to highlight the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells and their use in the materials handling space. Fuel cells have become a popular alternative to the lead-acid batteries that are common energy sources for forklift trucks. The HyLIFT project will begin demonstrating the capabilities of such vehicles and show how they may benefit companies that are interested…

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Hydrogen fuel embraced by United Natural Foods

Hydrogen Fuel United Natural Foods

Hydrogen fuel wins more support from largest organic food company in the US United Natural Foods, the largest wholesale distributor of organic and specialty foods in the U.S., has begun embracing hydrogen fuel cells. Like other companies in its industry, United Natural Foods boasts of an expansive materials handling division, which is primarily comprised of forklift trucks. For  the past several decades, these vehicles have been powered by lead-acid batteries. United Natural Foods has begun seeing promise the use of fuel cells, however, and has begun taking hydrogen fuel more…

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STILL GmbH announces new trials for hydrogen forklifts

Hydrogen fuel forklift

STILL GmbH continues to show off hydrogen forklifts Germany’s STILL GmbH, a leading developer of materials handling equipment, has been showing off its latest hydrogen forklifts recently. The company attended the 29th German Logistics Congress in Berlin earlier this month, where it showcased many of its fuel cell-equipped forklifts. These vehicles, as well as the fuel cells they use, have been in development since 2002 and STILL GmbH believes that they are now ready for testing in the field beyond Germany. Forklifts heading to Belgium for pilot project STILL GmbH…

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Air Products brings hydrogen fuel to Mercedes-Benz facility

Hydrogen Fuel - Organizations team up

Alabama facility equipped with new hydrogen fuel network from Air Products Air Products, a producer of industrial gases, has installed a comprehensive, high-tech hydrogen fuel network at the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It took just six weeks for Air Products to complete the project, which will now form the foundation of a hydrogen-powered fleet of forklift trucks that will be operating at the facility. The facility is currently shut down due to its annual closure, which presented an opportunity for Air Products to get its hydrogen fuel…

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Hydrogen economy in South Carolina may pay off, eventually

Clean Technology Market

South Carolina continues to establish its hydrogen economy In South Carolina, taxpayers and a handful of companies have devoted more than $100 million to establishing a hydrogen economy in the state. State officials claim that a hydrogen economy will have a dramatic and positive impact on the state as a whole, stimulating the economy and removing the need for fossil-fuels. Thus far, the initiative has created approximately 200 jobs, two new hydrogen fuel stations, and a number of research projects that aim to make fuel cells more viable for use…

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Hydrogen fuel cells come to Mercedes-Benz factory

=Support for renewable energy

Automaker purchases 72 Plug Power GenDrive hydrogen fuel cells Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that Mercedes-Benz U.S. has purchased 72 of its GenDrive hydrogen fuel cells. These fuel cells will be put to use at one of Mercedes-Benz’s factories in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The automaker’s Hyster line of electric forklifts will make use of the fuel cells. The initiative suggests that hydrogen fuel continues to gain traction in the materials handling space, as well as with the auto industry, which has long been a strong…

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Hydrogen fuel cells promoted through new partnership

Hydrogen fuel partnership

ITM Power teams with Infinitum Fuel Cell Systems ITM Power, a developer of hydrogen production systems, has signed an agreement with Infinitum Fuel Cell Systems, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells based in Texas, and has become the company’s exclusive distributor of hydrogen fuel cell systems in the European market. Infinitum Fuel Cell Systems has been working to establish itself as a powerful presence in the materials handling space in Europe. Thus far, the company has found success through its use of fuel cells. Now, it is looking to expound…

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Ballard Power sets sights on materials handling for new hydrogen fuel cells

Wind Energy Reaches New Heights

Company shifts focus away from auto industry in the interest of profitability Ballard Power, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been making changes to its operational focus recently in an effort to seek out profit. Like other fuel cell manufacturers, Ballard has had trouble attaining profitability, despite the increasing popularity of hydrogen fuel cells. The company has long providing fuel cells for the auto industry, which has become one of the chief advocates of hydrogen fuel. Now, the company is turning to the materials handling sector, believing that…

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P&G adopts hydrogen fuel cells for fleet of forklift trucks

Fuel Cells Partnership with P&G - Procter & Gamble Headquaters

Hydrogen fuel cells headed to three P&G facilities in the U.S. Procter & Gamble (P&G), a multinational manufacturer of a wide range of consumer goods, has announced that it is taking up the banner of hydrogen fuel. The company will be utilizing hydrogen fuel cells to power a fleet of forklift trucks at three of its manufacturing facilities located in California, North Carolina and Louisiana. P&G is the latest in a growing crowd of large companies that have chosen to adopt hydrogen fuel cells for materials handling purposes. If the…

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Crown Equipment launches initiatives to promote hydrogen fuel

Crown SC 5300 Series hydrogen fuel

Crown seeks to make the adoption of hydrogen fuel more attractive with  new technology Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of forklifts, has announced new initiatives aimed at promoting hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel and forklifts have been closely linked for several years. Many conventional forklifts are powered by batteries, which had been a viable source of power until the advent of alternative energy. Now, companies using forklifts have begun favoring hydrogen fuel cells because of their acclaimed performance and ability to operate for long periods of…

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U.S. military base generates its own hydrogen gas to power new fleet of forklifts

Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington

The U.S. military has been making headlines in the alternative energy community recently. All four branches of the nation’s military have begun making pushes to incorporate alternative energy into their structure, with a keen focus on hydrogen. Their efforts are backed by the Department of Defense, which has claimed that alternative energy is the only way to ensure the continued security and viability of the country. The latest evidence of the military’s adoption of alternative energy can be seen at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington. A fleet of nineteen…

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ITM Power launches energy trial with UK retailer Marks and Spencer

UK Hydrogen Fuel

ITM Power, a hydrogen energy company based in the United Kingdom, has announced plans to provide retailer Marks and Spencer with a new energy system. ITM will be installing a new hydrogen fuel cell network at one of the retailer’s distribution centers outside of London. The hydrogen will be used to power new vehicles that will work at the distribution center and those used to haul loads from one location to another. This will be the first time hydrogen power has been used in this way in the UK. The…

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Plug Power teams with Air Liquide to bring fuel cells to Europe

Biofuel research

Fuel cell manufacturer Plug Power has partnered with French hydrogen gas production company Air Liquide to expand its market presence in Europe. Plug Power has become a formidable force in the hydrogen industry, successfully commercializing hydrogen fuel cells in the U.S. Plug Power is poised to triple its market potential by extending its presence to Europe, where hydrogen is gaining traction with many countries in the region. The company may find particular success in Germany, where demand for alternative energy is extremely high. Much of Plug Power’s success comes from…

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Hydrogen-powered buses coming from SRS laboratory in South Carolina

Aiken South Carolina

The future of hydrogen-powered transportation may be blossoming in Aiken County, South Carolina. A number of buses equipped with internal combustion engines running on hydrogen have emerged from the Savannah National Laboratory at SRS. The facility that birthed the fleet of buses is relatively new, but its scientists have very ambitious aims. Led by Dr. Ted Motyka, researchers have been experimenting with ways to incorporate hydrogen into conventional technologies. The buses uses an internal combustion engine that has been tweaked to make use of hydrogen rather than gasoline. The vehicle…

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Hydrogen-powered big rig, Tyrano, to be commercialized by Vision Industries

Hydrogen Fuel Powered Big Rig

By now, hydrogen-powered forklifts are nothing new to the world of distribution. Several companies, such as Coca-Cola and Walmart, have invested in these sustainable heavy lifters and have put them to use in many of their distribution centers. Fuel cells have become quite popular for this purpose, but now Vision Industries, makers of zero emission hydrogen powered vehicles, will take heavy duty fuel cells to the open road. The company has received a letter of intent from Transportation Services, Inc., a freighting company whose services span from Canada to Mexico.…

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