Honda hopes to see growing demand for fuel cell vehicles

Honda expects low sales for its new hydrogen vehicle when launched in 2015 Japanese automaker Honda has high hopes for hydrogen fuel cells and their use in clean transportation. The company is not alone, of course, as most major automakers have plans concerning the use of fuel cells in a new generation of vehicles. Many of these automakers have plans to launch their hydrogen-powered vehicles in 2015, but Honda believes that only a small number of fuel cell vehicles will be sold when they are officially launched. Numerous factors expected…

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Hyundai generates hype behind hydrogen fuel vehicle

Hype continues to grow as Hyundai prepares to launch its new fuel cell vehicle South Korean automaker Hyundai has been working to generate hype behind its new hydrogen-powered vehicle, which it plans to release later this year. Hyundai will be the first major automaker to commercially release a fuel cell vehicle, though the release of its ix35 vehicle will be somewhat limited. Hyundai recently launched a microsite for its new vehicle, showcasing the vehicle’s specifications and providing consumers with a chance to see what the production ix35 will actually look…

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Hyundai teases new hydrogen fuel vehicle concept

Hyundai has plans for the future of hydrogen transportation Hyundai has been making waves in the transportation sector recently by becoming the first automaker to begin mass production on a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The South Korean automaker has been touting its hydrogen-powered ix35 as the next step in the ongoing evolution of transportation, but the company has begun showcasing its work on a new model of hydrogen-powered vehicle. The vehicle is currently called the Hyundai Intrado and it exists as a concept of what the future of hydrogen transportation might look…

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New hybrid vehicle developed in Qatar

Electric Vehicles & Hybrids - Renewable Energy

Gulf Organization for Research and Development produces new hybrid vehicle Qatar’s Gulf Organization for Research and Development has developed a new hybrid vehicle that could help open up a new future for clean transportation. The organization has been working on the vehicle for years and has revealed the model during a United Nations climate change summit that is taking place in the city of Doha. The vehicle is billed as a low-emission and low-fuel-consumption hybrid that is capable of cutting down pollution and providing consumers with a viable alternative to…

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Sweden and Denmark pegged as ideal markets by Hyundai

Denmark - Electric Vehicles

Hyundai examines global markets for promise South Korean automaker Hyundai is preparing for the launch of its new hydrogen-powered vehicle, the Tucson ix35. As part of the company’s preparation, Hyundai has been looking at several markets around the world to determine which will be the first to see the vehicle’s release. The markets that are most appealing to Hyundai are those that already have a somewhat established hydrogen fuel infrastructure, as well as governing policies that are favorable to clean transportation. Sweden and Denmark chosen for launch of Tucson ix35…

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Launch of Tucson ix35 fastly approaching

Hydrogen Fuel Hyundai Tucson ix35 hydrogen powered car

Tucson ix35 to be officially launched in 2013 The 2012 Paris Auto Show ended ten days ago and the buzz surrounding Hyundai is still strong. The automaker has made headlines with its aggressive promotion of the Tucson ix35 hydrogen-powered SUV. Hyundai has also generated hype for the vehicle by claiming that it will be ready for commercialization next year. At this year’s Paris Auto Show, Hyundai revealed that it was ready to begin mass production of the Tucson ix35 in December of 2012. Production of new hydrogen-powered vehicle to begin…

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Toyota announces ambitious plans for clean transportation

Toyota EQ

Toyota reveals plans for future vehicles Toyota continues its efforts to make clean transportation a more feasible reality. The company recently embraced hydrogen fuel as part of its future, but has now shied away from its work with other kinds of electric vehicles. This week, Toyota announced plans to introduce 21 new hybrid vehicles to the global market over the next three years. The automaker also has plans to launch a new electric vehicle later this year and a hydrogen powered vehicle by early 2015. New vehicles will be limited…

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Hydrogen-powered vehicle from Aston University is made out of cardboard and plywood

Clean Transportation

Students come together to build innovating hydrogen-powered vehicle A team of students from the United Kingdom’s Aston University has won this year’s Shell Eco-Design Award. The team received the award for their innovative design of a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The vehicle in question makes use of a hydrogen fuel cell, which powers the vehicles various functions, and boasts of impressive fuel efficiency. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the hydrogen-powered vehicle is the fact that it is made of cardboard and plywood. Vehicle wins team a spot in the Shell Eco-Marathon…

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Swatch announces plans for new hydrogen-powered car

hydrogen powered car

Hydrogen-powered cars are becoming more popular around the world, so much so that companies that do not specialize in building vehicles are looking to get in on the action. Swatch, the largest watch-maker in Switzerland, has announced that it is looking to build a new vehicle that is powered by hydrogen and oxygen. Swatch tried to build an alternative energy vehicle once before. In 1997, the company partnered with Daimler, makers of Mercedes-Benz, to build a small electric car. The project was never completed. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek notes that…

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Hydrogen-powered cars may be a longshot, unless a fuel infrastructure exists

Alternative Energy

With most major automakers designing hydrogen-powered vehicles, hydrogen transportation has moved beyond the realm of possibility and has become inevitable. Though car manufacturers are touting hydrogen as the fuel of the future, they have largely been unsuccessful in lowering the cost of hydrogen fuel cells. This could be a problem for the future of hydrogen transportation because most new hydrogen-powered vehicles are expected to cost at least $100,000. Couple the cost with a nearly non-existent infrastructure and hydrogen may not be the fuel that powers future transportation. Many automakers have…

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Texas to work toward establishing itself as a key player in the manufacture of new vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Station Texas

The auto industry has been championing hydrogen transportation aggressively for the past two years. As automakers focus on producing hydrogen-powered vehicles, they have set their sights on California and Hawaii as priority markets. Both states have working hydrogen fuel infrastructures and a base of consumers that are keenly interested in hydrogen. Texas, however, wants to establish itself as a competitor with both California and Hawaii. In Austin, state officials are working to make manufacturing cars in the state more alluring. State officials are working with the Greater Austin Chamber of…

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Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell now available to the U.S. market

hydrogen fuel vehicle - Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell

Mercedes-Benz has been spending the better part of two years promoting hydrogen fuel. In 2010, the automaker embarked on a world tour, in which it took its B-Class F-Cell hydrogen-powered vehicle to various locations as a way to show off how viable fuel cells really are. Like most other automakers, Mercedes-Benz expected its vehicles to be released at some point in 2013, at the earliest. The company seems to be well ahead of schedule, as it has recently announced that its B-Class F-Cell is now available to the U.S. market.…

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President Obama announces new plan to promote hydrogen-powered vehicles

Obama at Daimler manufacturing factory in North Carolina

Continuing his push to promote alternative energy, President Obama hosted a speech at a Daimler manufacturing factory in North Carolina. Over the past few weeks, Obama has been drawing attention to various forms of alternative energy and the government’s plans to pursue them. During his speech on Wednesday, the President focused on hydrogen and how it was being used by the global auto industry. Obama also introduced a new plan that would bring more than $1 billion in tax credits and federal grants to those purchasing hydrogen-powered vehicles. The plan…

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Lexus unveils its new hydrogen-powered supercar, claims it to be more powerful than its conventional counterpart


Lexus is the latest automaker to join the hydrogen-powered transportation revolution. The company’s move to adopt hydrogen should come as no surprise because it is actually a division of the Toyota Motor Corporation, a company that recently announced plans to focus on hydrogen more aggressively. Lexus, which specializes in the manufacture of luxury vehicles, was resistant to the allure of hydrogen for fear that it would not be able to perform as reliably as gasoline. The automaker believed that fuel cells could not compete with conventional engines, but was proven…

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Toyota releases more news about hydrogen power with details on their future manufacturing plans

Focus on Hydrogen Fuel

Toyota recently announced that it had taken on hydrogen fuel as one of its primary focuses. The Japanese automaker has long been an advocate of electric transportation, showing strong support for battery batter. After showing off its latest concept of its FCV model, Toyota has announced that it is taking a very aggressive stance in regards to hydrogen-powered vehicles. The company has announced that it will be making thousands of fuel cell cars each year for the next ten years. The company believes that the world is moving toward oil-free…

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Mercedes-Benz shows of hydrogen-powered invisible car in Germany

As part of its ongoing F-Cell World Tour, Mercedes-Benz spent a week in Germany showing off their new invisible car. The car is a hydrogen-powered SUV and is not actually invisible, but was made to appear so with the use of LED-embedded materials. The automaker is trying to convey the idea that their vehicle produces absolutely no harmful emission. This means that from an environmental stand point, the car is virtually invisible. People throughout Germany have responded well to the campaign thus far. Using a simple camera and material containing…

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