Elcogen fuel cell technology to power clean energy hub

TALLINN – European fuel cell manufacturer Elcogen will supply its technology for a groundbreaking new project demonstrating how reversible solid oxide cells can be used in innovative clean energy storage systems. Elcogen’s market-leading solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology will be used in the upcoming REFLEX project, which will operate an energy hub coupled to solar and mini-hydro renewable sources to provide both electricity and heat to the nearby technology park. At the heart of this energy hub, Elcogen SOFCs will be operating either in electrolysis mode (SOEC) – to store excess electricity to produce hydrogen – or in fuel cell mode (SOFC) when energy…

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France is taking another step in its transition toward renewable energy

Renewable Energy in France - French Flag

Country to ban new oil and gas exploration projects France is set to take a major step forward in its transition away from fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy. The country is planning to no longer grant licenses for new oil and gas exploration projects. This is part of France’s “ecological transition,” which will see the country move away from old forms of power that produce harmful emissions. By halting new oil and gas exploration projects, France may be able to significantly slow the development of new fossil-fuel systems as…

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The future of renewable energy continues to look promising

Renewable Energy Future

Report highlights the continued growth in the demand for renewable energy The demand for renewable energy continues to rise, with wind and solar power becoming quite popular among consumers and businesses alike. According to Deloitte’s latest annual report on the renewable energy space, support for wind and solar power is on the rise. The report notes that advances in technology and the falling costs of clean power have secured growth for the foreseeable future. These two factors have made renewable energy competitive with more conventional forms of power. Businesses are…

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Switzerland to phase out nuclear power in favor of renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Switzerland Flag

Swiss voters show favor for renewable energy over nuclear power Switzerland voters have approved a new plan for the government to move away from nuclear power in form of renewable energy. The Swiss government is keen to replace aging nuclear reactors with new energy solutions in order to ensure that the country has a reliable source of sustainable electricity. Some 58% of Swiss voters approved the plan over the past weekend, which now requires the government to take action on phasing out nuclear power. Plan calls for nuclear power plants…

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Geothermal heating plant spreads the warmth in Paris

Geothermal Heating Plant

The Clichy-Batignolles municipality of the French capital now has a fully operational facility. The geothermal heating plant launched at the Paris City Hall in February is now operational. The facility is located in the Clichy-Batignolles municipality in the greater Parisian area. The new geothermal facility provides home within the district with eco-friendly heat and sanitary water. Aside from the environmental advantages available through the geothermal heating plant, it was also designed to be the first component of a broader network of localized power generation. It also represents a sizeable opportunity…

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Colorado city sets sights on renewable energy to combat power problems

Renewable Energy - Pueblo, Colorado Courthouse

Homeowners voice concern over power outages and hope to see more renewable energy solutions Homeowners in Pueblo, Colorado, have come together to voice concern over the city’s apparent energy crisis. According to homeowners, as well as other locals, the city has been struggling with blackouts for some time. In some cases, these power outages have forced families to travel to motels and even homeless shelters in order to access the electricity they need. Local businesses have also expressed concern over increasing power bills, a problem that is creating a significant…

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Saudi Arabia launches $50 billion renewable energy plan

Saudi Arabia Lanuches Renewable Energy Plan - Saudi Arabia Flag on hand

Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in renewable energy Saudi Arabia has launched an ambitious renewable energy plan in order to curb domestic consumption of oil and accommodate a growing demand for electricity. The government has introduced a $50 billion plan, which calls for a greater focus on both solar and wind power. Now, energy developers are being asked to bid on some 700 megawatts worth of solar and wind projects, with documents concerning these projects having to be submitted by March 20 of this year. Country aims to diversify energy…

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Support for solar energy is drying up in Japan

Government set to cut subsidies supporting solar energy Japan’s renewable energy boom may be coming to an end, despite some massive projects taking place in the country. The Japanese government is set to cut subsidies that have long helped the growth of the clean power space, particularly where solar energy is concerned. The government is eager to focus more heavily on nuclear power, as well as coal-based energy. How this will affect Japan’s existing clean power projects, such as the world’s largest floating solar energy system, is difficult to say.…

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Wind energy market continues to see aggressive growth in China

China’s wind capacity is skyrocketing China has become very aggressive with its wind energy market. The country has been building two wind turbines every hour, according to the International Energy Agency. The organization notes that this is the world’s largest program of wind turbine installation, more than double over what is being seen in the United States. The growth of the wind energy market is so profound that wind power is able to cover the entirety of China’s annual increase in energy demand. China remains heavily reliant on fossil-fuels While…

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Munich geothermal energy planning is underway

The German city has been conducting seismic studies to use the heat under the earth’s surface. The large scale Munich geothermal energy plans have now been released for the city located in Bavaria, Germany. The city’s plans for the renewable energy as a heating source are quite ambitious. The Munich geothermal energy strategy goals involve a 2040 deadline. By then, it wants to become the first large city in the world to be heated by 100 percent renewable energy. Geothermal energy will be playing a considerable role in this sizeable…

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Are Japan’s renewable energy project goals fizzling out?

The Fukushima nuclear plant disaster encouraged the country to make some ambitious plans. Five years have passed since the renewable energy project goals were set in Japan. Alternative energy sources became a priority following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster. An earthquake and subsequent tsunami shook the country’s confidence in the safety of nuclear power. However, it appears as though the urgency Japan had felt to implement green energy is losing steam. Among the challenges that come with a renewable energy project is the exchange of costly implementation over cheap…

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ITM Power and Good Energy team to explore renewable hydrogen fuel production

Companies come together to develop new hydrogen production solutions ITM Power, a leading name in hydrogen technology, has announced that it has formed a Memorandum of Understanding with Good Energy to explore the potential of zero carbon hydrogen solutions. Both companies have agreed to work together to explore the viability of renewable hydrogen fuel production. Such a venture would focus on the use of clean power, using this energy to produce hydrogen without also producing any harmful emissions, making the production process more environmentally friendly. ITM Power and Good Energy…

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Low-cost urine-powered fuel cell could power electronic devices

Cell phones of the future could be pee-powered. Using renewable sources such as solar and wind to power the batteries of electronic devices isn’t anything new, but some scientists are taking their green energy research beyond conventional renewable resources and are looking into using less common types of clean sources of power like urine. Recently, a team of researchers from the University of Bath in England announced in a newly published study that they have developed a cheap urine-powered fuel cell that is able to run mobile phones and other…

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Google aims to bring more green energy to Asia

The internet giant has announced its plans to provide seed funding to a non-profit that promotes renewable energy. Google has already made a long-term commitment to power 100% of its operations with green energy sourced from renewables. To date, the company has purchased over 2 gigawatts (GW) of clean power, which has made it the world’s current largest non-utility purchaser of renewables. Now, according to the company’s official Asia Pacific blog, Google is aiming to boost its green power efforts in Asia by providing seed funding to the Center for…

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Kenya set to expand its geothermal energy capacity in coming years

Kenya is establishing a lead in the geothermal power sector Kenya has become one of the world’s leaders in geothermal energy production. The Kenya Electricity Generating Company has located 14 sites that have geothermal potential. The company believes that geothermal power could become a valuable source of energy for the country and it may help Kenya become more environmentally friendly. Geothermal systems tap into the inherent power of the earth, making use of a mixture of heated water and steam under pressure to generate electricity. Many Kenyans lack reliable access…

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Artificial trees could generate renewable energy from vibration

U.S. researchers may have found a new form of green power generation from vibrations. New findings from an ongoing renewable energy study at Ohio State University, involving a new technology that looks something like artificial leafless trees with limited branches, show that it is likely that the trees will be able to draw consistent energy from vibrations. The researchers discovered that when shaken, the trees undergo a type of vibration that can be utilized to generate electricity and that this generation of energy could be conducted with small-scale artificial trees.…

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