US could soon pull out of the Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement - Image of Eiffel Tower

Trump Administration may be preparing to distance itself from the Paris Agreement The United States may soon pull out of the Paris Agreement, which it was ratified late last year. The Paris Agreement was originally drafted in 2015 and went into effect on November 4, 2016. The initiative has brought many countries together in an effort to reduce emissions production and embrace renewable energy. President Donald Trump has been an opponent of the Paris Agreement and he is expected to pull away from the endeavor in the near future. Trump…

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Obama Administration commits more funding to the Green Climate Fund in order to fight climate change

Climate Change - Funding for Green Energy

Program will receive more funding to aid in the fight against climate change With its time coming to an end, the Obama Administration has taken steps to increase the federal government’s investments in the Green Climate Fund. The fund is meant to provide financial aid to developing countries in order to assist them in their fight against climate change. Initially, the federal government had committed $500 million to the Green Climate Fund. Now, however, the Obama Administration has announced that it has doubled this investment, bringing its level of financial…

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Obama and climate change fight: Keystone XL pipeline rejected

The U.S. president has turned down the proposal to build a massive oil pipeline through America. President Barack Obama announced this past Friday that he is rejecting the application to extend the Keystone XL pipeline, citing climate change as his primary reason to end the project. The project would have resulted in the construction of a 1,179 mile long oil pipeline throughout the U.S., which would have carried 800,000 barrels of carbon-heavy petroleum from Canada’s oil sands to the Gulf Coast. Obama claims that the pipeline wouldn’t have made a…

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Obama announces revised plan for combating climate change

A new Clean Power Plan will make bigger cuts in greenhouse gas emissions than expected. U.S. President Barack Obama and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) announced a new Clean Power Plan on Monday, which calls for steeper carbon pollution cuts from American power plants, than has been previously expected, to help combat climate change. The plan will also grant states more time and expand their options to meet the new requirements. The new plan will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from U.S. power plants by almost a third within 15 years.…

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Fighting climate change may have major economic benefits

EPA report highlights the dangers associated with climate change Several billions of dollars in economic benefits may be generated through the implementation of international climate policies, according to a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Climate change has become a significant concern for several countries in recent years and, as such, these countries have begun targeting emissions as a way to mitigate the impact of the phenomenon. While fighting climate change may be expensive, efforts being made currently could have profound economic impact in the future. Droughts, wildfires,…

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Climate change is partially to blame for wildfires in California

Higher temperatures in the sate increase California’s chances of devastating forest fires. According to a forest ecology professor at Northern Arizona University, Wally Covington, although not entirely to blame for the wildfires in California, in recent decades, climate change has contributed to the increased frequency and severity of wildfires, as higher temperatures have left forests across California dry and easy to catch fire, reported Time. Tree death also boosts the potential of wildfires. Another factor that increases the risk of wildfires throughout the Golden State is tree death, which has…

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Climate change is a serious issue, says Obama

The U.S. President visited Florida on Earth Day to address changing climate issues. On Wednesday, April 22, Earth Day, U.S. President Barack Obama traveled to Florida and delivered a speech at Everglades National Park to highlight the impact of climate change on the United States economy and, according to Time, the visit occurred only one day after the White House announced measures that would support national parks and prepare communities throughout America for storms resulting from climate change. Obama believes that issues caused by the changing environment need to be…

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California drought linked to climate change

A new study has found that global warming is to blame for the conditions that resulted in the state drought. More specifically, the new paper, which was published in the Proceedings of the “National Academy of Sciences”, concludes that the warming responsible for the record-setting California drought, which has led to extremely warm and dry conditions for the past three years in the state, was caused by humans, reported Ars Technica. The scientists conducted their analysis using a technique called bootstrapping. The recently published study was carried out by scientists…

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US and China make a pact on climate change

US and China form one of the largest cooperative agreements concerning climate change The United States and China have formed an agreement concerning climate change. The two countries are the world’s leading polluters and have been working to address environmental issues for several years. While neither country has plans to abandon fossil-fuels any time soon, the new agreement between them could go a long way in reducing emissions in both countries. This agreement represents one of the largest cooperative efforts targeting climate change to be formed between two countries. US…

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US fosters more cooperation in the fight against climate change

Global Climate Change

John Kerry makes climate change a major subject during tour of Asia Recently appointed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has embarked on his first official tour of Asia in his new position. Kerry’s tour of Asia is not for leisure, however, as the Secretary of State has been working to draw more attention to climate change. The U.S. federal government has been growing to become a strong supporter of renewable energy and had been showing more concern for the possible threat of climate change. During his tour of Asia,…

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Climate change to face off against a strong opponent in the US

Climate Change - taking action

Department of Defense sets sights on climate change The U.S. Department of Defense has emerged as one of the world’s strongest supporters of renewable energy. Over the past two years, the agency has made the matter of energy one of national security, which has allowed it to take aggressive action on the adoption of clean forms of power like solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel. Now, the agency is setting its sights on a highly controversial issue that has been largely avoided by the federal government at large: Climate change. Controversy…

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Climate change highlighted as major risk for the US

Climate change

GAO report draws attention to climate change Since 1990, the U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) has worked to provide the country’s Congress with information concerning “high-risk areas” that could have some effect on the country’s stability, economically and otherwise. The government agency regularly provides federal legislators with a list of risk factors that  often fall in the realm of fraud, waste, abuse of regulatory authority, corruption, and efficiency. These lists are often used by Congress to take measures to address areas of concern to some degree. Now, the GAO has…

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Economic impact of climate change understated in US

climate change

Study shows that impact of climate change miscalculated due to faulty models A new study published in the latest edition of the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences shows that the U.S. government is drastically understating the potential economic impact of climate change. Authors Dr. Laurie Johnson, chief economist of the National Resources Defense Council, and Chris Hope of the University of Cambridge, suggest that various U.S. agencies proclaiming the consequences of climate change are making use of a faulty model that does not account for the full impact of…

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Governments shun climate change for the foreseeable future

Climate Change

Climate change has been put on the back burner for many of the world’s richest governments. These governments, including the U.S. and UK, have said that no new treaties concerning climate change and alternative energy will be made until 2020. The European Union, one of the staunchest advocates for alternative energy and environmentalism in the world, has also accepted this notion. The United Nations continues to warn of the potentially disastrous consequences of non-action, but supports developed countries in their turning away from climate change. The issue of climate change…

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