China continues its fight against air pollution with electric vehicles and renewable energy

Electric Vehicles - EV Parking Sign on Road

China is working toward a more environmentally friendly and healthier future China is fighting against air pollution like never before in its long history. The Chinese government is quickly enacting new policies that place strict regulations on emission production. These policies are forcing many large companies to make a dramatic shift in energy production, favoring clean power. China’s increasingly environmentally friendly policies align well with the government’s plans concerning clean and electric vehicles. These policies and China’s clean transportation endeavors are having a major impact on the world at large.…

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Solar energy is suffering in China due to air pollution

Solar Energy - Air Pollution

Research shows that air pollution is cutting into solar production in China Air pollution is having an impact on solar energy production in China, according to research from Princeton University. China has been aggressively expanding its solar capacity in recent years. The country has become one of the world’s leading renewable energy markets, but China’s air pollution problem is having a detrimental impact on some of the country’s solar energy systems. In order for solar energy to continue to thrive in China, the country will have to take steps to…

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Solar energy is suffering in India due to air pollution

Solar Energy - Air Pollution Problems

Research shows that air pollution is having an impact on solar power Rampant air pollution is beginning to have an impact on India’s ability to generate electricity from its solar energy systems. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology have found that a significant portion of solar power is going to waste due to air pollution. The problem is so bad that billions in investments are being undermined. The researchers found that air pollution is reducing solar energy generate by more than 25%. Some 3,900 MW of energy is being…

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Air pollution crisis in Mexico City lead to massive car ban

Mexico City authorities enforced an emergency driving ban in the country’s capital. Smog alerts for Mexico’s capital have been issued for the first time in over a decade and in an effort to prevent the air pollution crisis from becoming worse, Mexico City authorities have enforced a strict car ban within the Megalopolis from April 5 to June 30 or until the rainy season starts. Last Wednesday, the ban grew even stricter as two out of every five private vehicles were ordered to stay off roads. Cars are blamed for…

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Global warming could be worsened by cleaner air

New studies reveal that cleaner air could actually accelerate the warming of the planet. Two new studies, both recently released in the journal Natural Geoscience, have analyzed the powerful influence that aerosols have on the climate and suggest that as countries around the world make efforts to lower this type of pollution, global warming is worsening, because the elimination of this pollution appears to be resulting in more rapid warming than anticipated. Certain aerosols have a temporary cooling effect on the atmosphere. Although aerosols are definitely hazardous to the environment…

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First-ever air pollution red alert issued in Beijing

High smog levels shut down schools, construction sites and reduce road traffic by half in China’s capital. On Monday, air pollution levels reached dangerous levels in Beijing, approaching 12 times the average daily level that is designated safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). As a result, a smog red alert was issued for the first time in Beijing history, a warning that lead to the enforcement of extreme rules to reduce air pollutants, such as encouraging schools to remain closed, stopping outdoor construction, and only permitting certain cars on…

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Clean vehicles get more support in Beijing

Automotive group announces that Beijing has plans for clean vehicles The Beijing Automotive Group has announced that the Beijing government will be pushing for more clean vehicles to come to the city’s roads this year. The city has been showing aggressive support for clean transportation in recent years, hoping to cut down on the emissions that have choked it for some time. Supporting clean transportation aligns with the city’s overarching renewable energy goals, which have also begun to take root in other cities throughout China. City government aims to quadruple…

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Green technology may help combat air pollution

New report reveals U.S. cities with the worst air pollution. The United States may need to start exploring their green technology options because according to a recent report from the American Lung Association, Las Vegas, Fairbanks, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Visalia, Fresno and Modesto are among the places that topped the list of the U.S. cities with the worst air pollution. Too many cars on the roads are contributing to the problem. In California, trucks and cars are a huge part of the air pollution problems within the state’s…

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India continues work on large-scale solar energy project

Solar power may help India move away from fossil-fuels more quickly India’s Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the construction of what is being called the country’s “ultra-mega solar power project.” India has adopted a strong interest in solar energy as the cost of oil continues to increase. Clean power is expected to help the country establish some economic stability as it begins to transition away from fossil-fuels. Solar power has also gained India’s support as the country…

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New solar energy plant coming to Lingwu City, China

Jinko Solar set to develop new project Jinko Solar, a leading solar energy company based in China, has signed an agreement with the Lingwu City government. Per the agreement, Jinko Solar will be developing a new solar power plant that will help reduce some of the city’s energy strain while also reducing its consumption of fossil-fuels. Several cities throughout China have been looking to invest in renewable energy as a way to combat air pollution, which has been linked to serious health conditions in many parts of China recently. 200MW…

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Beijing announces plans to tackle air pollution

Air Pollution China - Renewable Energy Investment

Air pollution becomes a target for Beijing Beijing, the second most populated city in China, in struggling with air pollution. The city, which boasts of more than 20 million residents, has been struggling with this problem for several years, despite claims from the Central Government that air pollution simply does not exist in the region. Before the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing was considered home to some of the worst air pollution in the world. The Olympics provided enough incentive for the Central Government to take the matter seriously, and Beijing…

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What is hydrogen fuel cell and why is it better

Hydrogen Based Economy

Hydrogen fuel is an alternative energy source that is now being explored to be a source of fuel for passenger vehicles. Researches and studies have confirmed that hydrogen fuel cells can be used to provide power for electric motors as well as burned in ICEs or internal combustion engines. There are two natural elements that are combined to make water and one of them is hydrogen. Hydrogen is an element that carries energy and it can be a compact energy source for batteries and fuel cells.   There are several…

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