Shell seeks to provide more support for electric vehicles

Shell Sign - Shell makes bigger committment to electric vehicles support

Shell will be working to build new fast-charging stations Royal Dutch Shell believes that electric vehicles will soon take less than 15 minutes to fully charge. Shell has partnered with several major automakers to make this a reality. Through these partnerships, the companies hope to deploy new fast-chargers throughout Europe in the coming years. This may help Shell establish a strong presence in the rapidly growing clean transportation market, where the demand for new infrastructure solutions is on the rise. Companies are coming together to secure the success of electric…

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E.ON teams with Google to bring Sunroof to Germany

Sunroof - Solar Panels and Sky

Utility will be working with Google to make Sunroof platform available to German homeowners E.ON, the largest utility in Germany, has announced that it will be partnering with Google in order to expand its presence in the solar energy market. Through E.ON, Google will be able to introduce its new Sunroof platform to the German market. This will mark the first time that the Sunroof will be available outside of the United States. The new platform may be very attractive to homeowners, especially those that have an interest in solar…

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E.ON to invest in new airborne wind energy project

Airborne Wind Energy - Wind Turbine

European company will be supporting an innovative airborne wind energy project E.ON, an energy company based in Europe, has announced that it will be investing in an ambitious new wind energy project. The company will be investing in the development and potential construction and operation of an airborne wind energy demonstration site. The site is located in County Mayo, Ireland, and will make use of drones in order to capture the power of the wind. These drones will be tethered, but will be operating offshore. New project will use drones…

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German developer to build a new wind energy system in Texas

E.ON is bringing a new project to Texas to further wind energy goals E.ON, a leading energy developer based in Germany, has announced that it will be coming to Texas to build a new wind farm. The company has seen major success with its efforts in Germany, where wind energy has been growing at a very rapid pace. Texas, however, represents one of the fastest growing wind markets in the world and is home to the largest, and most successful, wind markets in the United States. E.ON sees significant promise…

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E.ON to build new hydrogen fuel cell power plant in Germany

E.ON teams with FRIATEC and FuelCell Energy to develop new power plant in Mannheim E.ON, a leading energy company, has entered into a long-term partnership with FRIATEC in order to develop a new hydrogen fuel cell power plant in Germany. The power plant will be located in Mannheim and it will be considered Europe’s first fuel cell plant that generates energy at the megawatt level. There is already a facility that exists in Mannheim that will be refurbished by E.ON, and the company intends to own and operate the energy…

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UK offshore wind energy system wins more support

E.ON invests in the Rampion Wind Farm German utility E.ON has partnered with the United Kingdom’s Green Investment Bank in order to support an offshore wind energy system taking form in the UK. The project, called the Rampion Wind Farm, will be located off the coast of Brighton in Southern England. The project also has the support of Vestas Wind Systems, a developer of wind turbines. Vestas will be delivering 116 of its wind turbines to the project, with delivery expected to begin in the first quarter of 2017. Offshore…

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German utility giant is making the switch to green energy

E.ON is abandoning conventional energy for renewables. One of the largest power suppliers in Germany, E.ON, has recently announced that it intends to gradually make the switch from conventional electricity production methods, such as nuclear, coal and natural gas, to green energy and distribution businesses, a process it intends to begin now. Germany is working toward phasing out nuclear energy by 2022. E.ON’s decision to change is not only in response to its massive debt, but also European and German policies targeted at lowering carbon emissions. In fact, by 2022,…

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Solar energy company forms partnership with E.ON

Companies team up to tackle the energy market in the Netherlands Sungevity, a developer of solar energy systems, has announced its partnership with E.ON Benelux, one of the largest investor-owned utilities in the world. Together, the two companies aim to enter into the solar energy market of the Netherlands. The Dutch market has become quite active when it comes to solar power. The country is looking for ways to distance itself from fossil-fuels and become more environmentally friendly. Renewable energy has become an effective tool in these endeavors. E.ON invests…

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E.ON aims to build new wind energy farm in Scotland

Company seeks approval for a new wind farm in Scotland E.ON, a prominent energy company based in Europe, has submitted a proposal to the Scotland’s Energy Consents Unit concerning a new energy project. The proposal has to do with the development of a new wind farm that is being called Quantans Hill. The wind farm would find a home in Dumfries and Galloway. Scotland has been showing strong support for renewable energy in general, but the government has put much of its focus on wind power. Scotland is currently home…

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Toshiba to break into German solar energy market

Toshiba has plans for Germany Japanese engineering and electronics conglomerate Toshiba has announced that it will be entering the solar energy market of Germany. The company has ambitious plans for solar power and believes that Germany is one of the most attractive markets in the world when it comes to bringing these plans to fruition. Germany is, indeed, quite popular in the solar sector. The country is home to various projects concerning solar power and many energy companies have already established a strong foothold in the market. New partnership could…

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Alternative energy news: Germany opens new hybrid wind energy system

New Tubrines - Wind Energy in Alaska

Alternative energy news made in Germany with launch of new energy facility Germany has established itself as a major advocate for renewable energy. The country has made waves throughout the world of alternative energy news through its staunch support of solar power. In recent months, however, the country has begun pulling away from solar and attributing more focus to wind energy. Germany is keen to see the majority of its electrical power come from renewable sources and has been making strong progress in this endeavor for several years. Germany opens…

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E.ON injects hydrogen fuel into Germany natural gas grid

Natural gas station

E.ON completes successful hydrogen fuel demonstration E.ON, the world’s largest investor owned electric utility based in Europe, has completed a new power-to-gas demonstration in Falkenhagen, Germany. The demonstration was meant to show that hydrogen fuel could be injected into the existing natural gas grid of the German state. This demonstration is part of an overarching project that is represented by a power-to-gas facility. At this facility, hydrogen fuel is produced in order to be fed into the Falkenhagen natural gas infrastructure. Facility uses Hydrogenics technology to produce fuel The facility…

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E.ON makes a strong investment in hydrogen fuel cells

Europe - hydrogen fuel

E.ON shows more financial support for hydrogen fuel E.ON, one of the largest energy companies in Europe, has announced its support for Bloom Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells. Bloom Energy, which is based in the U.S., has been attracting a great deal of attention in recent months through its various strategic partnerships and its efforts to expand into new markets. Like other companies of its kind, Bloom Energy has been able to find a great deal of success by taking advantage of the growing popularity of hydrogen…

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Hydrogen fuel to be used for energy storage in Germany

Germany Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure Plans

Hydrogenics backs hydrogen fuel storage system in Hamburg Hydrogenics, a leading developer of proton exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cells and electrolyzer technology, has been awarded a contract to establish a new energy storage system in Hamburg, Germany. The company’s electrolyzer will be used to generate hydrogen fuel, which will serve as an energy storage method for other forms of renewable power. E.ON, a leading provider of energy services, will be participating in this endeavor alongside its longtime partner Hydrogenics. Hydrogen could be used as an efficient storage medium Hydrogen…

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Hydrogenics system successfully arrives in Germany

Hydrogenics Germany hydrogen fuel

Hydroegnics delivers power-to-gas system on time Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has successfully delivered a 2 megawatt power-to-gas energy storage system to E.ON, Germany’s largest energy utility. In June 2012, Hydrogenics received an order for this storage system from E.ON, which would be used with a new energy system that is being built in Falkenhagen, Germany. The system developed by Hydrogenics will not only be used to store energy; it will also be used to produce gas that can be used in numerous…

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The London Array begins generating electricity

Wind Energy Research

The London Array is activated The London Array, a massive offshore wind farm that will be the largest of its kind in the world once it is completed, has begun generating electricity. Construction of the massive wind farm, which is located off the coasts of Kent and Essex in the Thames Estuary, began in early 2011. More than 151 wind turbines have been installed in The London Array since then. The London Array is expected to receive the last of its wind turbines by the end of this year. Wind…

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