France launches ambitious new hydrogen plan

Hydrogen Plan Launched by France - Strategy

New plan calls for establishing a decarbonized hydrogen sector France has an ambitious new hydrogen plan. The French Minister of Ecological and Solidary Transition unveiled the plan earlier this month. Per the plan, the country intends to establish a comprehensive decarbonized hydrogen sector. Through this new plan, France intends to establish itself as a world leading supplier of hydrogen fuel. France will commit to $116 million to new plan Beginning in 2019, the French government will commit $116 million to its new hydrogen initiative. The plan consisted of three major…

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France has a new plan to embrace hydrogen energy

Hydrogen energy - France Flag

New plan calls for the incorporation of fuel cells in various industries France has an ambitious new plan to make itself more environmentally friendly. Environment minister Nicholas Hulot has introduced a new plan that calls for the country to rely more heavily on hydrogen energy. The plan would have all of France embrace fuel cells in order to accommodate the demand for electrical power. France aims to be a leading fuel cell market The plan intends to make France a leader in fuel cell technology, which is expected to have…

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CEOG project uses solar power to produce hydrogen

CEOG Project - Solar Panels

New project is the world’s largest solar-to – storage system HDF Energy, a hydrogen company based in France, has launched its new CEOG project. The project aims to become the world’s largest solar energy and storage plant. Instead of batteries, the project will use hydrogen as a form of chemical storage for the electricity it generates. The project will be built in three stages, with the first stage beginning this year as HDF Energy works to find a location for its new initiative. CEOG project will produce 50 GWh of…

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France continues to support the development of new hydrogen fuel stations

ITM Power wins contract to help build new fueling station in France ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen technologies, has successfully obtained a contract to build a new hydrogen fuel station in France. The contract comes from Hydrogene De France, a prominent energy operator focused on hydrogen fuel. The contract is valued at $1.6 million and construction on the new fueling station will begin in 2017. The project is being partially funded by the European Union. The EU has a vested interest in promoting the expansion of a hydrogen…

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Ballard to bring hydrogen fuel cells to France

Ballard will supply Hydrogene de France with the fuel cells it needs Ballard Power Systems, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has signed an agreement with Hydrogene de France, which intends to use fuel cells to power operations at a chemical plant in Bordeaux Metropole, France. Ballard will deliver a 1 megawatt fuel cell system, which is part of its ClearGen line of products. The fuel cell system will be used to provide electrical power and Ballard will offer engineering services and support for the program.…

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Air Liquide installs to hydrogen fuel station in France

New fuel station is located in the Rhone-Alpes region Air Liquide, a leading producer of chemical gases, has installed a new hydrogen fuel station in France, within the Rhone-Alpes region. This is the second high-capacity hydrogen station that will be installed within the region, further bolstering France’s fueling infrastructure and preparing it for the launch of fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, which consume hydrogen to produce electricity. The only things that fuel cell vehicles emit as a byproduct of operation are water and oxygen.…

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France aims to lead Europe in hydrogen fuel

France set to become a leader in hydrogen-centric energy France’s Minister for Economic Regeneration has pledged to help the country become a leader in the hydrogen energy sector. The country has been investing aggressively in clean power in recent years in order to establish a stronger degree of economic stability as well as make itself more environmentally friendly. Various forms of clean power have found support in France, as well as projects that focus on energy conservation, but the country is beginning to grow more interested in the concept of…

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Researchers find way to produce hydrogen fuel efficiently

Researchers mimic natural hydrogen production process Researchers from France’s University of Lyon have discovered a new way to produce hydrogen fuel that may make fuel cells much more viable for transportation. Hydrogen production is often the target of criticism from those that believe that fuel cells have no place in clean transportation. Current hydrogen production methods are both expensive and somewhat inefficient, making fuel cells relatively unpopular among consumers in general despite the amount of support this technology has received from the auto industry as a whole. Process based on…

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La Poste embraces hydrogen fuel cells

French postal service to begin testing fuel cells The French postal service, La Poste, has announced that it is beginning to test hydrogen fuel cells as range extenders for its electric delivery vehicles. The fuel cells will be put to use for vehicles that serve the Franche-Comte region. La Poste has been working to make more use of electrical vehicles in an attempt to cut down on the emissions it is responsible for and save money on traditional fuel costs. France works to embrace renewable energy France has become a…

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Researchers improve natural hydrogen fuel production method

French researchers find a way to speed up natural production process A team of researchers from the University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 in France has found a way to speed up the production of hydrogen fuel through a natural process that occurs deep below the earth’s surface. The team has published a study concerning their findings and the study suggests that their approach to hydrogen production could significantly reduce the costs associated with this type of fuel. The findings could also make it easier to expand the use of…

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France launches new hydrogen fuel initiative

France - Hydrogen Fuel Station

France makes a move on hydrogen fuel infrastructure France has taken a bold step toward establishing a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The country has taken note of the aggressive work that has come from the auto industry in regards to the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. With the majority of these vehicles expected to hit the global market in 2015, France is determined to develop a working fuel infrastructure that will be capable of supporting these vehicles and solidifying the country’s place as a favored market for automakers. New initiative aims…

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Crown Equipment launches initiatives to promote hydrogen fuel

Crown SC 5300 Series hydrogen fuel

Crown seeks to make the adoption of hydrogen fuel more attractive with  new technology Crown Equipment Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of forklifts, has announced new initiatives aimed at promoting hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel and forklifts have been closely linked for several years. Many conventional forklifts are powered by batteries, which had been a viable source of power until the advent of alternative energy. Now, companies using forklifts have begun favoring hydrogen fuel cells because of their acclaimed performance and ability to operate for long periods of…

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