New hydrogen generation system being put to the test in California

Hydrogen Generation - Street in California

Companies come together to use solar power to produce hydrogen fuel The Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PWNL), and the STARS Corporation have come together to develop a new hydrogen generation system that is powered by the sun. The system is designed to use sunlight to convert natural gas and water into hydrogen. The process will produce some carbon dioxide, but this will be captured to prevent its entry into the environment. The hydrogen would then be used for various purposes, such as powering vehicles or…

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South Korea looks to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel - Environment - South Korea Flag

Government agency is investing in clean hydrogen The South Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries is working to produce environmentally friendly hydrogen fuel. The government agency has announced that it will be investing some $11 million over the next three years to commercially produce hydrogen. The agency intends to make use of a microbe called NA1, which will act as a catalyst to produce hydrogen from carbon monoxide and seawater. The microbe will be put to work at a demonstration facility that is expected to begin hydrogen production at some…

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AFC Energy aims to increase the life of hydrogen fuel cells

Partnership - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Partnership is working to improve fuel cells while reducing their cost AFC Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, believes that its partnership with De Nora, a manufacturer of electrolyzers and other such technologies, will help drive down the cost of hydrogen power. In October of last year, AFC Energy suggested that the electricity generated from its fuel cells could eventually reach less than 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. Moreover, AFC Energy is poised to increase the lifetime of its fuel cells through the use of improved electrodes. New electrode…

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Global fuel cell market to hit $6 billion by 2024

Fuel Cell Market Reaches Billions

New study highlights the aggressive growth of the global fuel cell market Global Market Insights has released a new study highlighting the global fuel cell market. The study shows that the fuel cell market is poised to see aggressive growth in the coming years. In recent years, various types of fuel cells have become more common in a variety of industries. These energy systems have found some success in the transportation field, where many automakers are looking to use them to develop vehicles that produce no harmful emissions. Investments are…

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Fuel cells are helping change the transportation space

Fuel Cells - Time for Change

Automakers are becoming more focused on fuel cells The landscape of the transportation world is beginning to shift. More automakers are beginning to develop vehicles that produce no emissions. These companies are feeling pressure from governments, which are seeking to cut emissions by a significant degree. Automakers are also working to accommodate the growing demand from consumers for clean vehicles. Many have turned to batteries to power a new generation of cars, but some have become focused on hydrogen fuel cells. Toyota has major plans for its fuel cell vehicles…

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Microsoft plans to focus on hydrogen fuel cells

Microsoft Logo - Fuel Cells

Company will be using fuel cells to power data centers Technology giant Microsoft has plans to use hydrogen fuel cells to power its data centers throughout the world. The company believes that these fuel cells can double its energy efficiency. Microsoft is currently testing new fuel cell systems at several of its data centers. The company is no stranger to fuel cell technology, of course. One of Microsoft’s largest data centers in the United States derives much of its electricity from fuel cells as well as solar energy systems. New…

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GM unveils plans for new electric vehicles

Plans for Electric Vehicles - Sign for EV charging station

Automaker announces plans to produce two new electric vehicles General Motors has announced plans to begin selling new electric vehicles within the next 18 months. The new vehicles are part of the automaker’s overarching clean transportation plan. By 2023, GM plans to have no less than 20 electric vehicles as part of its lineup. The automaker has shown significant interest in clean vehicles in recent years and is even working with other companies to develop new technology that will power these vehicles in the future. New vehicles may be powered…

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New material could lead to a new generation of fuel cells

Fuel Cells Material - Image of Graphene Structure

Research team develops new material that could benefit fuel cells A team of researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a new material that could lead to a new generation of hydrogen fuel cells. The material is a mix of metal nanocrystals that are enveloped in graphene. Researchers believe that the new material could allow for enhanced hydrogen storage properties. This could make fuel cells more efficient and a much more attractive option when compared to other clean energy systems. Material makes use of graphene and magnesium nanocrystals…

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Researchers develop innovative hydrogen fuel production system

Hydrogen Fuel Research - St Johns Rear Buildings at the University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge finds a new way to use biomass to produce hydrogen fuel Scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed an innovative new method of producing hydrogen fuel. The method involves combining ambient sunlight and biomass, such as paper, wood, and leaves, in order to generate hydrogen. Converting biomass into hydrogen has long been an interest for the renewable energy community, but relatively few endeavors have managed to find success. Notably, the new method developed by scientists at the University of Cambridge focuses on biomass waste. New system…

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FuelCell Energy to build new hydrogen fuel power plant

Hydrogen Fuel - Image of Power Plant

Fuel cell developer is building a hydrogen fuel power plant to help provide energy to 3,700 homes FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, is building a new power plant that will make use of the company’s fuel cell systems. Once operational, the new power plant is expected to help power some 3,700 average homes in Connecticut. Homeowners are unlikely to notice that the power plant exists, apart from deriving electricity from it. This is due to the fact that fuel cells produce no noise or pollutant while…

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Audi issues more purchase orders for hydrogen fuel cells

Automaker seeks to accelerate the adoption of fuel cells German automaker Audi has issued new purchase orders to Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, in order to accelerate key development activities. The purchase orders are part of the Volkswagen Group’s overarching plans to begin incorporating clean technology more aggressively. As the owner of Audi, Volkswagen’s interests in hydrogen fuel cells were expected to trickle down to its other divisions. Audi already has a history with fuel cell technology, showing support for how these energy systems can…

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Hyundai is moving ahead with plans for new fuel cell vehicles

Automaker will launch a new vehicle in 2018 Hyundai has plans to introduce a new fuel cell vehicle in 2018 and intends to sell this vehicle for nearly half the price of its current offering. The South Korean automaker has already launched its first vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell: The ix35. This vehicle has experienced a modest degree of success, exposing consumers to new clean vehicles that have shown a great deal of promise. The ix35 is priced at approximately $54,000, but Hyundai wants to make fuel cell…

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South Chungcheong becomes production hub for fuel cell vehicles

Province declared hub of production hub for parts to be used in electric vehicles The South Korean province of South Chungcheong has been declared the country’s hub for the production of fuel cell vehicle parts. The province has successfully passed a government feasibility assessment, which has established it as a major production entity that will provide strong support for clean vehicles in the future. New facilities will be built to accommodate the demand for components needed to build fuel cell vehicles. These facilities are expected to provide the province with…

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Nissan moves forward with plans for solid oxide fuel cell system

Automaker moves new fuel cell system into prototype vehicle Nissan is moving forward with its innovative solid oxide fuel cell technology. The Japanese automaker recently revealed this new technology and has now incorporated into a new prototype vehicle. The company has modified and existing e-NV200 van so that it can run on electrical power. This power will be produced by the solid oxide fuel cell. The fuel cell consumes bio-ethanol in order to produce power and the system removes the need to store hydrogen under high pressures. Vehicle will be…

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HyperSolar makes breakthrough with renewable hydrogen fuel production technology

Company reaches new milestone with its innovative technology HyperSolar, a developer of innovative technology that generates hydrogen fuel through the use of solar energy, has reached a new milestone with its technology. The company has announced that it has been able to nearly triple the photocurrents within its solar cell. This allows the solar cell system to generate more electrical power, which can be used in the hydrogen fuel production process.  The breakthrough brings HyperSolar another step closer to commercializing its renewable hydrogen production solutions. Performance of solar cell has…

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Toyota to use hydrogen fuel cells to reduce emissions at Kyushu facility

Fuel cells to be installed at Kyushu facility  in the coming months Toyota will be reducing the emissions produced at its Miyata Plant in Kyushu, Japan, and the company plans to use hydrogen to accomplish this endeavor. Recently, wind and solar power have begun being used to generate hydrogen in the Fukushima Prefecture. Toyota believes that this hydrogen holds a great deal of potential in terms of energy generation. The use of hydrogen fuel will allow Toyota to reduce the emissions produced by the Kyushu facility. Hydrogen-powered forklifts will help…

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