New Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Van Concept Unveiled

Mercedes-Benz fuel cell van - Mercdes-Benz Logo

The German automaker’s bestselling van to be equipped with a full cell system. A Mercedes-Benz fuel cell van will join the company’s growing clean transportation portfolio. The alternative fuel upgrade will be added to the Sprinter, the automaker’s top selling van. The first concept takes the form of a motor home. Dubbed the Concept Sprinter F-CELL, the new Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Van is a showcase for new commercial applications and is first being presented in the form of a motorhome. The new fuel cell vehicle is in addition to the…

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Mercedes-Benz is moving forward with its plans for new fuel cell vehicles

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Mercedes-Benz Cars

New GLC F-Cell may be more advanced than other fuel cell vehicles Mercedes-Benz is making progress with its new GLC F-Cell vehicle. The new hydrogen-powered SUV has been under development for some time, with Mercedes-Benz beginning commercial production on the new vehicle in late 2017. Mercedes-Benz believes that its new fuel cell vehicles will be significantly more advanced than those being offered by competitors. This is because the automaker’s vehicles will be powered by advanced fuel cell technology, which is the result of extensive research and development efforts. New technology…

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Daimler still sees potential in fuel cells

Fuel Cells - Daimler Mercedes-Benz logo

Daimler has not yet given up on hydrogen fuel cells Most of the world’s major automakers are making efforts to produce clean vehicles, but some are divided on what technology to use. Some are committed to using batteries in order to power new cars, while others are interested in hydrogen fuel cells. Daimler is one of the companies that have an interest in both technologies, though it favors one in particular. Daimler is eager to develop new clean vehicles equipped with advanced battery technology, but the automaker has not yet…

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Mercedes-Benz still has eyes set on fuel cell vehicles

Mercedes-Benz to have new Fuel Cell Vehicles - Mercedes-Benz Symbol on Car

Automaker to showcase new vehicles at Frankfurt Motor Show Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will be unveiling new vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year. The automaker has been working on several new vehicles, some of which rely on clean technology. One of these vehicles will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system. This new concept car will highlight the company’s future plans for fuel cell vehicles and showcase the progress Mercedes-Benz has made in making such vehicles a reality. New vehicle will be equipped with an advanced…

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Mercedes-Benz and Vivint solar to offer new solar energy system in California

Solar Energy Systems California Beach

Companies come together to offer a combined solar energy and storage solution Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will be combining solar energy with an innovative new storage system. To accomplish this, the company has partnered with Vivint Solar. The new solution may be particularly attractive to homeowners that are showing interest in clean power. Solar energy has come to establish a powerful presence within the residential sector, where homeowners are purchasing solar energy systems in order to save money on electricity. New system will initially be available in California Mercedes-Benz…

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Mercedes-Benz aims to compete in the residential solar energy space

Solar Energy - Mercedes-Bnez car

Automaker joins with Vivint Solar to offer new residential energy solution Automaker Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will be partnering with Vivint Solar, a solar energy company based in the United States, in order to compete in the residential solar energy and storage space. Notably, the two companies are looking to compete with Tesla, which has established a powerful presence within the residential space despite its focus on clean transportation. This partnership may provide homeowners with more options when it comes to making use of clean power and technology, allowing…

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Mercedes-Benz sees promise in fuel cell vehicles in the short-term

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Image of Mercedes-Benz Car

German automaker believes that fuel cell vehicles will be popular in the short-term Mercedes-Benz has made short-term plans to launch and support its F-Cell range of fuel cell vehicles, but the automaker’s long-term plans for hydrogen are much more uncertain. The company was among the first to demonstrate the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells in the transportation space, but has lagged behind its competitors in bringing fuel cell vehicles to the market. Despite its interest in hydrogen fuel cells, Mercedes-Benz has begun to withdraw support from these energy systems, but…

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True Zero reaches new milestone with its hydrogen stations

Hydrogen stations help power 2 million miles of driving True Zero operates the largest hydrogen fuel network in the world, with many of its hydrogen stations located in California. The company recently reached a major milestone in powering fuel cell vehicles. True Zero has announced that it has fueled 2 million miles worth of fuel cell-powered transportation. The company reached this milestone only 60 days after announcing it had fueled 1 million miles worth of travel. It took True Zero nine months to reach its first milestone. California continues to…

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FCHEA launches new campaign to help spread the word about fuel cell vehicles

New campaign will help bring awareness of fuel cell vehicles to the northeast The Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) has launched a new campaign in an effort to expand the reach of fuel cell vehicles to northeastern parts of the United States. Cars equipped with hydrogen fuel cells have begun making an impression among consumers in California, with many drivers praising these vehicles for their efficiency and performance. Beyond California, however, these vehicles are still quite rare, verging on unheard of. The FCHEA aims to change this by…

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Daimler set to embrace clean transportation more aggressively

Automaker announces plans to develop more clean vehicles in the coming years Automaker Daimler has revealed plans to transition toward clean transportation in the coming years. The company is growing more interested in clean vehicles. This is partly due to the economic promise that these vehicles represent. The German automaker intends to invest heavily in the development of new technology to power a series of vehicles that will produce no or very few emissions. Many of these vehicles are expected to be equipped with efficient battery systems. Company to invest…

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Mercedes-Benz is showing stronger support for hydrogen fuel cells

Automaker to begin selling a new fuel cell vehicle next year Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to begin selling a new fuel cell vehicle next year. The vehicle will be part of its GLC line and represents the automaker’s ongoing effort to promote hydrogen fuel cells as promising clean transportation solutions. The new vehicle will actually be a plug-in SUV, which will feature a battery systems than can be charged by the vehicle’s fuel cell or by being plugged into a wall socket. New vehicle could travel more than 300 miles…

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Mercedes-Benz gears up for the launch of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Automaker has been making progress in developing its latest fuel cell vehicle Mercedes-Benz has plans to launch its first production fuel cell vehicle in the near future. During the recent Detroit Motor Show, Dr. Thomas Weber, Mercedes-Benz research and development chief, noted that the automaker is using the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology to power the new vehicle, which will be an offshoot of the company’s full-size GLC SUV. In recent years, the automaker has faced criticism of falling behind others in terms of clean transportation, but Mercedes-Benz notes that…

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Mercedes-Benz expected to unveil new hydrogen fuel cell car in 2017

Automaker is expected to showcase new fuel cell vehicle at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017 Mercedes-Benz is expected to reveal its new hydrogen fuel vehicle at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company has been promoting the viability of fuel cell vehicles for some time, noting that hydrogen fuel cells are able to make vehicles more environmentally friendly and efficient. Several automakers have been developing new fuel cell technology in order to make vehicles more powerful and efficient. Mercedes is among these companies that has managed to do this, showing…

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New hydrogen fuel station opens in Germany

Daimler, Linde, and Total open new hydrogen station in Germany A new hydrogen fuel station has opened in Germany. The station is located in Baden-Wuerttemberg and is part of a growing infrastructure that is being developed by automakers and several other companies. This particular station has been built by Daimler, Linde, and Total. The companies began working together in 2013 and this is the fifth station they have developed in Germany. The country is quickly becoming a leader in establishing a comprehensive hydrogen infrastructure, making it a popular market for…

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German automakers are torn on batteries and hydrogen fuel cells

Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz differ on approach to clean transportation Three German automakers are trying to determine whether batteries or hydrogen fuel cells will be the future of transportation. Audi is one of these companies and has been working to expand the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries in order to make them more efficient. Both BMW and Mercedes-Benz are placing their bets on hydrogen fuel cells, however. These automakers have already delivered pure electric vehicles to the commercial market, but their hopes in battery technology are dwindling. Fuel cells are more…

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Germany is leading the way in hydrogen fuel infrastructure

Government agency highlights Germany’s growing hydrogen infrastructure Germany may soon have the world’s leading hydrogen fuel infrastructures according to Germany Trade and Invest, an economic development agency that is part of the country’s government. By the end of the year, the country aims to add an additional 50 hydrogen fuel stations to its existing infrastructure, which has been taking form over the past few years. The government agency believes that more than 400 hydrogen stations will be in operation by 2023. Country continues to work on bolstering its infrastructure to…

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