Clean mobility is making a tremendous impact in Michigan

Clean Mobility - Electric Vehicle - Tesla - Green Car

Clean cars are contributing $18 billion to the state’s economy Michigan’s clean mobility sector contributes some $18 billion to the state’s economy and generates more than $700 million in tax revenue every year, according to a new report from Clean Fuels Michigan. The report highlights the numerous economic benefits that are associated with clean vehicles. Investments in the research, development, and commercialization of clean cars have been increasing in recent years, which has created new opportunities within the state, making Michigan much more attractive to automakers. Report shows that the…

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Michigan utility submits new renewable energy plan

Renewable Energy Michigan - Business Plan

DTE Energy aims to boost clean power capacity by 1,000 MW Michigan utility DTE Energy has submitted its 2018 renewable energy plan to state regulators. The plan proposes adding 1,000 megawatts of clean power capacity to the state by 2022. The majority of this new capacity will come from wind and solar projects that will be developed in the state. If the plan is approved, it is expected to drive some $1.7 billion in investments in Michigan’s clean power space. It would also double DTE Energy’s existing renewable energy capacity,…

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DTE Energy announces ambitious renewable energy plan

Renewable Energy Plan - Man holding lightbulb

Company aims to double its clean power capacity by 2022 DTE Energy, a major energy supplier in Michigan, has announced plans to add some 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy capacity to its portfolios by 2022. This capacity will come from new solar and wind power projects. The company’s plans must first be approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission. The plan would represent a $1.7 billion in Michigan’s growing renewable energy sector. If the plan is successful, DTE Energy would use its new clean power capacity to provide electricity to…

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New solar energy system comes online in Michigan

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Lapeer Solar Park is now operational A massive solar energy system has become operational in Michigan. The state is somewhat notorious for its frigid, unforgiving winters; a time when sunlight can be scarce. Michigan has plans, however, to make use of the power of the sun in order to generate the electricity it needs and cut down on emissions. The state’s Lapeer Solar Park is now fully operational and is one of the largest utility-owned solar energy systems in the region. The system is managed by DTE Energy, which is…

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DTE Energy will embrace renewable energy and abandon coal

Utility plans to abandon coal despite growing support for fossil-fuels Michigan’s largest utility, DTE Energy, is moving forward with its efforts to phase out its use of coal and will not be swayed by any potential changes to federal energy policy. DTE Energy intends to embrace renewable energy more aggressively in the coming years. Eventually, clean power will replace the company’s use of coal, allowing it to supply renewable electricity to its customers. The company has no plans to adjust this pursuit of renewable energy in light of the results…

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DTE Energy to build new solar energy system in Michigan

New energy system expected to be among the largest utility-owned solar array DTE Energy has plans to build the largest solar energy system in Michigan. The company believes that the new energy system will be the largest utility-owned solar array eat of the Mississippi River. The array will encompass two sites, which will generate 45 megawatts of electrical power, which DTE Energy estimates will power some 9,000 average homes. The company suggests that the solar energy system will be “one of a kind.” Solar project will produce 45 MW of…

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Tesla calls for stricter regulations to support electric vehicles

Tesla believes that stricter emissions regulations will be a benefit Fuel economy targets in the United States could become a major benefit for Tesla Motors. As the U.S. begins to consider relaxing regulations concerning fuel economy, several automakers are breathing a sigh of relief, but Tesla is pushing for stricter regulations on the auto industry. Currently, the country’s fuel economy targets aim to have automakers produce vehicles that average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Stricter requirements could place Tesla’s rivals under greater pressure, while Tesla would thrive because of…

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Tesla may soon sell electric vehicles directly to consumers

FTC issues recommendation that lawmakers stop regulating how vehicles are sold Tesla Motors have received some considerable support from the federal government in the United States. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has petitioned lawmakers in Michigan to allow automakers to sell their vehicles directly to consumers, rather than selling their products through a dealership. The federal agency recently posted on its website that competition should determine where consumers buy their products, not regulation. The agency believes that consumers may benefit from the ability to purchase vehicles directly from manufacturers. Cutting…

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Water in mines could be a geothermal energy resource

Old mining communities across the U.S. could find value in abandoned mines. Throughout America, there are millions of miles of tunnels under old mining communities that have long been abandoned, are falling apart, filled with water, and are viewed as dangerous, but the water in these abandoned mines could actually be put to better use, and, according to Michigan student researchers, could actually become a major resource of geothermal energy. The mine water could be used to heat and cool buildings. According to, the student researchers are from Michigan…

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Wind turbine energy dominates Michigan’s green energy investments

Most of the money the state invested in renewable energy is being generated by wind power. According to a study that was recently released by the Pew Charitable Trust, Michigan invested over $2 billion in renewable energy from 2009 to 2013 and wind turbine energy was the renewable source of power that topped all other renewable investments. The state’s total renewable power investment is anticipated to grow to over $3 billion by 2015. The report examined the impact of the state’s 2008 Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy Act. This act…

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Wind energy has a bright future in Michigan

Michigan finds success in wind energy Wind energy is making strong progress in Michigan, according to a new report from Governor Rick Snyder’s office. The report highlights the state’s continued efforts to embrace renewable energy in order to find economic stability and reduce its impact on the environment. Wind energy has become a major focus for this ongoing initiative and is set to help the state further distance itself from fossil-fuels. The report is meant to help shed some light on the future of renewable energy in Michigan. State aims…

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Renewable energy to replace coal power plants in Midwest US

U.S. renewable energy to replace coal plants

Coal to give way to renewable energy in US The U.S. continues to move away from its use of fossil-fuels in favor of renewable energy. The country has set very stringent emissions and energy efficiency standards for itself that can only be attained through the adoption of renewable energy. As the federal government continues to put more focus on cleaner forms of power, the country’s utilities are beginning to feel pressure to also break ties with fossil-fuels. This week, one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S. has agreed…

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General Motors to move fuel cell development to Michigan

General Motors Electric Vehicles

General Motors announced shift from New York to Michigan Acclaimed automaker General Motors announced late last week that it will be moving its hydrogen fuel cell research and development program from New York to Michigan. The move is meant to consolidate the company’s efforts in the realm of hydrogen fuel cells and their use in new vehicles. General Motors has been a modest advocate for hydrogen-powered vehicles in recent months. The company has chosen to focus the majority of its effort on the development of efficient fuel cells for these…

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Texas to work toward establishing itself as a key player in the manufacture of new vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Station Texas

The auto industry has been championing hydrogen transportation aggressively for the past two years. As automakers focus on producing hydrogen-powered vehicles, they have set their sights on California and Hawaii as priority markets. Both states have working hydrogen fuel infrastructures and a base of consumers that are keenly interested in hydrogen. Texas, however, wants to establish itself as a competitor with both California and Hawaii. In Austin, state officials are working to make manufacturing cars in the state more alluring. State officials are working with the Greater Austin Chamber of…

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