Hydrogen fuel continues to gain momentum in Scotland

Hydrogen Fuel Buses - Scotland

Scottish Cities Alliance will continue to work toward developing smart cities and embracing hydrogen fuel The Scottish Cities Alliance has reaffirmed its partnership through the next four years. The coalition is comprised of the cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth, and Stirling. It focuses on supporting economic growth throughout Scotland. With commitment to the partnership being secured, the Scottish Cities Alliance intends to focus heavily on the promotion of “smart cities” as well as the use of hydrogen fuel and fuel cell systems. New technology can help improve…

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ITM Power to provide hydrogen fuel system to the European Marine Energy Center

Hydrogen fuel system will be used at tidal testing facility ITM Power, a developer of fuel cell technology, has won a contract to supply an integrated hydrogen system to the European Marine Energy Center. This system will be used at a tidal test site located in Scotland. The system will produce hydrogen as well as electrical power. The contract awarded to ITM Power is estimated to be valued at approximately $2 million. ITM Power currently has approximately $10 million worth of projects under contract, with another $6 million in contracts…

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Scotland issues funding to support hydrogen fuel

New funding package will support various hydrogen fuel projects in Scotland A new funding package is being launched by the Scottish government, which could help bolster the prosperity of communities in the future. The funding is meant to support various hydrogen fuel projects, such as the Hydrogen Office at the Fife Energy Park, which is operated by Bright Green Hydrogen. Several other projects are also receiving part of the $4 million funding package from the Scottish government in order to spur further development. Fife Energy Park will become a leading…

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Researchers devise new method of producing hydrogen fuel

Scottish researchers discover a new way to produce hydrogen from water Researchers from the Glasgow University in Scotland have devised a new way to produce hydrogen fuel from water. The method could serve as a major breakthrough in chemical energy storage, allowing hydrogen to serve as an efficient storage medium for solar and wind power. The research team claims that their method of hydrogen production is as much as thirty times faster than other, more conventional methods of production. It may also be less expensive than modern production methods. New…

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Hydrogen fuel cells are breaking into the residential sector

IE-CHP has won more funding for the development of a new fuel cell system IE-CHP, a joint venture from SSE and Intelligent Energy, has plans to change the way domestic energy is produced in Scotland. The company has received more funding from several investors, including the Scottish Investment Bank, and this funding will be used to develop a prototype energy system that leverages hydrogen fuel cell technology. Fuel cells are becoming quite popular as primary energy systems and they could have a major impact on the way electrical power is…

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Four new hydrogen fuel buses arrive in Aberdeen, Scotland

New buses arrive to take part in Aberdeen’s clean transportation initiative Aberdeen, Scotland, has become home to an ambitious initiative involving the use of hydrogen fuel cells to power public transportation. Four new vehicles have just arrived in the city as the city’s Hydrogen Bus Project continues to push ahead. The initiative is meant to examine the benefits of using fuel cells to power public transportation vehicles. While fuel cells are expensive, their use in public transit is expected to reduce the fuel costs that Aberdeen pays to keep buses operating.…

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Hydrogenics to help bolster UK hydrogen fuel infrastructure

New contracts have been awarded to Hydrogenics Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has been awarded two contracts from the United Kingdom government. These contracts task Hydrogenics with providing its technology to new hydrogen fuel stations being developed throughout the country. The United Kingdom has been working to bolster its hydrogen infrastructure in preparation for hydrogen-powered vehicles being released in the coming years. New stations are being built throughout the country with the aid of the government and several organizations, including those within the…

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Hydrogen fuel buses may be coming to Scotland

Scotland is gaining more attention for its hydrogen fuel initiatives Aberdeen, Scotland, may soon receive a new fleet of buses that run on hydrogen fuel, thanks to funding being offered by the European Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. The city has become quite the hub of activity when it comes to clean transportation. Hyundai has been showing off its hydrogen-powered SUV in Aberdeen as part of an initiative to expose political officials and consumers to the benefits that such a vehicle represents. Aberdeen has been showing strong interest in…

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Hydrogen fuel project welcomes powerful new partners

Government agencies join UK hydrogen fuel project The Greater London Authority, Welsh Government, and Transport Scotland have all joined the UK H2Mobility project. This project aims to promote the use of hydrogen fuel cells in the transportation sector and has been responsible for the building of new hydrogen fuel stations in some parts of the United Kingdom. The UK has a keen interest in clean transportation because it can help the country reach its emissions reduction goals. New members to play pivotal role in development of hydrogen fuel infrastructure The…

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Hydrogen fuel organizations team to promote trade

Hydrogen fuel partnership - Canada and Scotland

Hydrogen fuel organizations sign groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) have signed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding this week. The two organizations have come together to form a trans-continental partnership that is designed to promote hydrogen fuel cells and their various uses. The new partnership is expected to boost international trade and relations, especially when it comes to the matter of renewable energy and clean technology. Organizations continue to promote the capabilities of fuel cells…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may be tested for feasibility in Scotland

Hornblower hydrogen fuel ferry

SE looks to commission feasibility study concerning fuel cells and ferries Scottish Enterprise (SE), a public agency of the Scottish government that encourages economic development and innovation, is urging the commission of a feasibility study concerning the use of hydrogen fuel cells with ferries. The Scottish government has turned to hydrogen fuel cells as a potential power source for numerous ferries that are used to transport people to various locations, including Northern Ireland. Fuel cells were chosen because of they do not produce any harmful emissions. SE believes that the…

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Scotland to be home to new ITM Power office

Aberdeen Scotland Alternative Energy

  Alternative energy finds a major supporter in Scotland Scotland has been making headlines in the world of hydrogen news recently. The country recently played host to the latest trial of Hyundai’s hydrogen-powered Tucson ix35.The automaker chose Scotland because of its increasing support for alternative energy and the development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The country has made strides in terms of sustainability and clean energy, and has proven to be an alluring location for companies in the fuel cell industry. ITM Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel systems,…

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Scotland to be home to new hydrogen powered vehicle trial from Hyundai

Clean Transportation

Commonwheels car club the first of its kinds to test hydrogen vehicles In the United Kingdom, a new car club based in Aberdeen is claiming to be the first of its kind to test hydrogen-powered vehicles. Hydrogen fuel cells have become quite popular in the automotive world. This is partly due to government regulations concerning energy efficiency and emissions and the fact that the fuel cells are a viable replacement for conventional engines. Drivers have been divided on the issue of hydrogen-powered vehicles, which is part of the reason why…

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