Decentralizing The Energy Grid

When a centralized power grid goes down, lots of people end up in the dark. One only needs to go back to Hurricane Sandy, which pretty much made a mess of the electrical systems in the Northeast, for an example. The harsh reality is, many large cities’ utility systems are old and obsolete, and so are vulnerable being knocked out by a major disaster. This situation drives home yet another reason that decentralized alternative energy systems make a whole lot more sense. A decentralized energy system, which is big alternative…

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Renewable energy beats fossil-fuels in Australia

Hydrogen Fuel Australia

Renewable energy now costs less than fossil-fuels Renewable energy has made major strides in Australia over the past year. The country has adopted a firm stance on alternative energy, keen to break away from its use of fossil-fuels and reliance on foreign sources of energy. Market research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance has released new analysis concerning the state of renewable energy in Australia. According to the new analysis, Australia is one among several countries  that is seeing the cost of renewable energy become competitive with that associated with fossil-fuels.…

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Alternative energy may find home in marginal lands

Alternative energy news

Alternative energy goals may be reached through use of marginal lands The U.S. has lofty goals concerning alternative energy and will likely need to find creative ways to meet these goals in order to find success. It is well known that the most popular forms of alternative energy, solar and wind power, require large tracks of land in order to be considered viable. Typically, land that can serve a variety of purposes, such as farmland or locations for new communities, gets the most attention. Researchers from the Michigan State University…

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Alternative energy makes impressive progress in 2012

U.S. Renewable Energy

US report shows the growth of alternative energy in 2012 The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of the U.S. has released the latest edition of its Energy Infrastructure Update report. The report highlights the state of renewable energy throughout the country, tracking the progress and growth of several forms of alternative energy. Throughout 2012, alternative energy has made major strides in the U.S., especially in the wind, natural gas, and solar sectors. The report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission helps shed some light on the growth of these forms of…

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CleanWorld activates new waste-to-energy system

CleanWorld Alternative Energy News

CleanWorld turns waste into clean fuel A new clean fuel system has been activated in Sacramento, California, this week by CleanWorld, a company intent on delivering clean energy through the use of waste. Turning waste into energy has become a popular concept, especially as the world becomes more accommodating of alternative energy. Large cities and countries with dense populations produce massive amounts of organic waste. This waste is often discarded, but holds promising energy potential if it can be harness adequately. CleanWorld believes that its large biodigester facility will be…

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Energy Information Administration report predicts energy production for the US

US Hydrogen Fuel Initiative

Energy Information Administration forecasts record energy production for the US The U.S. Energy Information Institute has released a new report concerning the country’s energy production through 2040. Several reports from other organizations throughout the country have suggested the energy production within the U.S. will grow very slowly over the next several years. According to the Energy Information Administration report, however, energy production in the U.S. is set to hit record highs within the next few years, largely due to the support the federal government has been throwing into alternative energy.…

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Alternative energy may be wholly viable for the US by 2030

Alternative Energy Report

Report highlights the capabilities of comprehensive alternative energy systems There have been many reports over the years suggesting that alternative energy systems could meet 100% of the energy needs of a full-scale energy grid. Many of these reports suggest that it is feasible to run the world on existing alternative energy technology currently, but other claim that this is not possible for several decades. A new study from the University of Delaware and the Delaware Technical College suggests that the U.S. itself could be meet 99.9% of its energy needs…

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Norwich Research Park may be the cleanest building in the UK

Norwich Research Park Green Energy

Norwich Research Park aims to set a new standard in green construction The United Kingdom’s University of East Anglia will soon be home to the most energy efficient building in the country. The Norwich Research Park Enterprise Center will be built at the university and cost approximately $30 million. The facility is expected to be the “greenest” building ever constructed in the United Kingdom, employing various energy efficient practices and environmentally friendly materials in its construction. The building may also consume very little energy, if it can meet with efficient…

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ARPA-E looks to seed breakthroughs in energy technology

Energy Technology Breakthrough Alternative Energy News

ARPA-E announces new grants The Advanced Research Project Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has announced a new round of grants that are meant to help encourage “transformational, breakthrough technologies” in the energy sector. ARPA-E is an offshoot of DARPA, an agency that is famously responsible for scientific and technological breakthroughs that have lead to phenomenon such as the Internet and cell phones. The U.S. Department of Energy oversees ARPA-E and is keen to see the agency’s latest round of grants produce some breakthroughs that could revolutionize the way energy is used and generated.…

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European Union continues fight for alternative energy

Alternative Energy Targets EU

Alternative energy continues to be key for EU emissions reduction targets The European Union has been showing aggression toward the adoption of alternative energy recently. The governing body has  lofty goals where emission reduction and energy efficiency are concerned, but has had trouble finding traction with its various alternative energy plans. Despite complications, the European Union has still managed to make significant progress in its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020. The EU has seen such promising progress that it is now considering increasing its emissions…

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Kazakhstan introduces KazakhCarbon system

carbon emissions KazakhCarbon

KazakhCarbon emissions trading system revealed On the heels of announcing plans to build an ambitious new solar energy system, Kazakhstan has revealed new plans to launch an emissions trading scheme by 2013. The country is following the example set by many others throughout the world, including China, Australia, New Zealand, and even California in the U.S. in pursuing its emissions trading system. The initiative is part of Kazakhstan’s ongoing plan to cut greenhouse gasses and become a more environmentally friendly country. The emissions trading system will be called KazakhCarbon. Emissions…

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Target aims for LEED certification throughout Canada

Target Canada

Target to make Canadian stores LEED certified Retail giant Target is gearing up for its entry into the Canadian market in 2013 and has decided to take a sustainable approach to its efforts. The retailer has announced plans to ensure that all of its stores opening in Canada will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified. LEED certification is awarded to buildings that are environmentally friendly and make use of electricity and water in an efficient way. LEED certification awarded to environmentally friendly buildings With consumers becoming more…

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Plug Power to supply hydrogen fuel cells to FedEx

Yingli wins solar energy project

Plug Power wins contract from Department of Energy Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been selected by the Department of Energy for a new initiative from the agency’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The initiative tasks ITM power with the development of new hydrogen fuel solutions for existing tow tractors are used by FedEx Express hubs located at airports in Memphis, Tennessee, and Oakland, California. The new energy systems for these tractors will be used extensively by FedEx over the next several months. GenDrive…

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Lark Energy wins approval for large solar energy project in UK

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Solar Energy

Lark Energy solar energy systems one step closer to reality The largest solar energy project in the United Kingdom has moved one step closer to becoming a reality this week. Lark Energy, the company behind the project, has received approval for the initiative from the Charnwood Borough Council, the organization responsible for the land that the project will call home. The United Kingdom has become  a strong supporter of solar energy in recent years. The country’s focus on alternative energy is part of its efforts to attain sustainability and become…

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Hydrogen fuel takes to the maritime industry

Hydrogen fuel Maritimes

Hydrogen fuel becoming more popular at sea Hydrogen fuel is growing in popularity all around the world. In the past, hydrogen was largely reserved for industrial endeavors, being used to power large and energy hungry equipment, or simply produced as a byproduct of industrial gas production. In recent years, hydrogen has been attracting more attention as an ideal fuel for transportation. While much of the fuel’s use in this realm is focused on road transportation, hydrogen fuel has also caught the attention of the maritime industry. Sener and HDW develop…

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Sustainable Energy Research Facility opens in Maryland

Sustainabe Energy Research

Frostburg State University opens Sustainable Energy Research Facility Maryland’s Frostburg State University has been working to make itself independent from the state’s energy grid for some time. The university has ambitious plans in this regard, plans that will make use of hydrogen fuel, solar, and wind power. This week marks the opening of the university’s Sustainable Energy Research Facility, which will embody the school’s efforts to become energy independent and reduce its impact on the environment. The Sustainable Energy Research Facility will be a testing ground for various forms of…

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