California works to promote electric vehicles among low-income families

Clean transportation could come to low-income families in California Clean transportation is beginning to gain traction throughout the U.S. as the hype surrounding electric vehicles continues to grow. California is expected to remain one of the most promising markets for these vehicles, especially as the state introduces new initiatives that are designed to promote the adoption of clean transportation. The California Air Resource Board is working on a new initiative that is meant to mitigate the costs associated with electric vehicles, making them significantly more attractive to low-income families. Clean…

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Sales of electric vehicles reach new heights

Clean vehicles prove popular with consumers Sales of electric vehicles in the U.S. have been showing healthy growth this year. In May of this year, sales reached the 100,000 mark and now, as of November, sales have surpassed 150,000, according to Plug In America. Consumers throughout the country are showing strong interest in electric vehicles, with many purchasing battery electrics in order to save money on gas and contribute to reducing the emissions associated with transportation. The enthusiasm of consumers has encouraged automakers to continue producing electric vehicles at a…

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Infrastructure for electric vehicles in California wins more support

Agency announces more funding for the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles The California Energy Commission has made available a new $6 million grant that aims to further develop the state’s electric vehicle infrastructure. California is already considered a leader when it comes to electric vehicles. The state boasts of more charging stations than others throughout the U.S., and there are several incentives offered by the state government to encourage consumers to purchase electric vehicles. While California’s infrastructure may be more comprehensive than its neighbors’, the state has yet to…

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Insight into the impact of electric vehicles

Report highlights the impact electric vehicles have on California energy grid Electric vehicles are beginning to hit the streets in greater numbers and there are more of these vehicles in California than anywhere else in the U.S. These electric vehicles rely on the state’s energy infrastructure in order to stay charged and this may be having a significant impact on the energy grid, according to Southern California Edison. The energy utility has released a new report in order to provide insight on what sort of impact these vehicles are having.…

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Range of electric vehicles expected to double in five years time

BMW i3 electic vehicle

Electric vehicles continue to gain momentum Electric vehicles have been growing in popularity but they have also begun to attract a significant amount of criticism recently. Much of this criticism is based on the efficiency of these vehicles, which is somewhat low when compared to their conventional counterparts. While lithium-ion batteries are considered formidable energy devices for some applications, their uses in transportation have yet to meet the standards of many consumers. This may soon change, however, as lithium-ion batteries become more advanced in the coming years. Battery technology seeing…

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IEA launches ambitious plan for electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Support

Electric vehicles becoming a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change The attention surrounding electric vehicles has been swelling as they begin to be considered a strong weapon against the potential effects of climate change. Transportation is considered one of the most significant contributors to climate change due to the massive amount of emissions that are produced by travel, commercial and otherwise. In order for electric vehicles to have a significant impact on climate change, the number of these vehicles on the world’s roadways must increase by 7 million…

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Electric vehicles may win new subsidies in China

China Electric Vehicles

China continues support for electric vehicles China has been making efforts to become more environmentally friendly over the past few years. Much of the country’s most recent efforts involve the use of renewable energy and targeting the transportation sector as a way to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions. In December 2012, the country’s subsidies for electric vehicles came to an end. This initiative helped bolster the sales of electric vehicles in densely popular parts of China as the subsidies made these vehicles more affordable to a wide range of consumers. New…

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Electric vehicles to cause steep decline in US emissions

U.S. Electric Vehicles Decline in Emissions

Electric vehicles expected to cut into emissions in the future Transportation may go a long way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to a new report from the National Research Council. The report predicts a steep decline in emissions produced from vehicles over the next four decades. Transportation is currently cited as one of the major sources of carbon dioxide emissions in the world, second only to large industries that are heavily reliant on fossil-fuels. The report suggests that growing support behind clean transportation, as well as…

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Electric vehicles show some life

Chevrolet Volt Electric Vehicles

General Motors does not give up on electric vehicles Electric vehicles have been a touchy subject for the auto industry lately. Automakers have strong interest in vehicles that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells, but those powered by lithium-ion batteries have proven to be a hard sell to consumers. Lackluster sales and criticism from consumers has caused many automakers to slowly back away from electric vehicles, but General Motors holds out hope. The company has seen an unexpected uptick in the sales of its Chevrolet Volt, which has rekindled the…

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Electric vehicles win major victory in Estonia

Electric Vehicles Estonia

New infrastructure provides support for electric vehicles The world’s first nationwide system of fast charging stations for electric vehicles have been completed in Estonia. The country is not one of the major markets for the auto industry, but has shown major progress in its efforts to become more friendly to clean transportation. The new fast charging network is part of Estonia’s continued effort to promote renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions throughout the country. Officials expect that the new fast charging network will boost the adoption of electric vehicles exponentially.…

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Electric vehicles in the US to get a boost from Nissan

electric vehicles

Nissan takes aim at US electric vehicles infrastructure Nissan recently made alternative energy news headlines in its partnership with Daimler and Ford concerning the future of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The automaker is not solely devoted to the development of hydrogen fuel cells, however, and retains a strong focus on electric vehicles, like its acclaimed Leaf. Electric vehicles have been growing in popularity around the world, and especially in the U.S., where the federal government is bent on an initiative to put 1 million new electric vehicles on the nation’s roads. In…

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Electric vehicles plan may stall in the US

electric vehicles plan stalled

Department of Energy facing challenges in plans for electric vehicles The U.S. has emerged as one of the strongest advocates for electric vehicles in recent years. The country has several initiatives in place that are promoting the adoption of electric vehicles as well as bolstering the infrastructure meant to support their operation. The Department of Energy has been working toward a goal of getting 1 million electric vehicles on the streets by 2015, but this endeavor may be too ambitious for the agency to handle, especially if the coasts of…

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Zerotracer proves viability of electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Support

  Zerotracer  lays criticism of clean transportation to rest Electric vehicles are often criticized as being inefficient and unfeasible in the current transportation environment. Despite the interest surrounding clean transportation, these vehicles are often pushed aside due to a variety of reasons, including the lack of a proper infrastructure to support them and their limited operational range. With the viability of electric vehicles often in question, there exists an opportunity for intrepid parties to show that these vehicles are much more capable than many of their critics believe. This is…

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Department of Defense launched new electric vehicle program

Department of Defense Electric Vehicle Program

Department of Defense wants to see more electric vehicles on the road The U.S. military has become one of the world’s largest proponents of alternative energy. Indeed, the military is pursuing various types of clean energy programs, all of which are being backed by the Department of Defense, which has identified energy as a matter of national security. The agency recently launched a new initiative concerning electric vehicles, with an aim on introducing 500 of these vehicles to the private sector by the end of the year. Clean transportation continues…

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Going Green in 2013: Alternative Vehicles for a New Year

Alternative Vehicles - 2014 M

Each new year begets a slew of new alternative vehicles and introduces the next wave of eco-friendly innovation. Clean transportation will continue to grow in 2013 with a greater selection of models and reduced prices. Here are some hybrid and electric vehicles available in 2013 that will color our planet a brighter shade of green. 2013 Tesla Model S Motor Trend named the 2013 Tesla Model S the car of the year, the first electric vehicle to receive the prestigious award in its 64 years. The Model S is “one…

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Electric cars are very popular in car sharing networks

Zipcar Electric Cars

  Car sharing networks may not take over the world, but they are preferred method of transportation for many younger drivers who may feel car ownership is optional. Electric cars are becoming more common in these networks thanks to low costs for power as apposed to gasoline-powered vehicles. Zipcar and electric cars Zipcar was recently purchased by Avis for double the stock asking price. The total deal was worth almost half a billion dollars. This company is the most notable in car sharing services. The youngest drivers, also known as…

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