Hydrogen fuel cell developer raises funds with public offering

FuelCell Energy sells 22 million shares FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, is one of the few companies in the fuel cell industry that is verging on reaching profitability. This has been an elusive goal for the industry as a whole due to the high costs associated with fuel cell production. Recently, FuelCell Energy opened itself to public trading, offering some 22 million shares at $1.25 a piece. While fuel cells themselves have received a significant amount of negative attention in recent years, the company’s public offering…

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Linde hydrogen fuel stations reach milestone in the US

Linde announces major milestone for hydrogen fuel stations in the US The Linde Group, a leading producer of natural gases, has announced that its hydrogen fuel stations in the U.S. have reached a major milestone. The company has been building hydrogen fuel stations throughout the world in the hopes of bolstering the fuel infrastructure needed to support hydrogen-powered vehicles. These vehicles are expected to hit roads en masse beginning in 2015. Without the support of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure, these vehicles are not likely to find any success. Stations…

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Plug Power wins new hydrogen fuel cell contract

DOE contract aims to examine the viability of hydrogen fuel cells Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been awarded a new contract from the U.S. Department of Energy. The contract, worth approximately $650,000, aims to demonstrate the viability of using hydrogen fuel cells to power refrigeration units in semi-trailer trucks. Such refrigeration units are often used to preserve perishable and frozen food products as they are shipped across the country. Fuel cells may be able to reduce the energy demands of such units and mitigate the…

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Hydrogen fuel cells may help extend the range of UK buses

Proton Power Systems develops promising new hydrogen fuel cells Proton Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has developed a new fuel cell range extender that may help boost the operational range of electric buses and similar vehicles. Electric vehicles have become a very popular subject in the realm of public transportation, largely due to the fact that they represent an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. Electric buses, in particular, have been receiving some strong support recently, but these vehicles have also been criticized for their limited…

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CTE launches test of hydrogen fuel bus

hydrogen fuel cell bus

CTE aims to show off viability of hydrogen fuel Georgia’s Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) has launched its new hydrogen-powered bus project this week, featuring a vehicle developed by Proterra. The bus makes use of hydrogen fuel cells developed by Hydrogenics, a leading producer of fuel cell energy systems. The project is meant to test the viability of hydrogen fuel in the realm of public transportation. Hydrogen has been growing increasingly common in public transit outside of the U.S. and has often won acclaim as a cost effective…

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Hydrogen fuel cells finding traction in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, Scotland - Hydrogen Fuel

Aberdeen becoming a hub for hydrogen fuel cell development The United Kingdom is home to a number of hydrogen fuel projects that aim to test the viability of fuel cells in the realm of transportation. Many of these projects are focused on highlighting the potential benefits that fuel cells could bring to future vehicles, making them more efficient and less damaging to the environment. Aberdeen, Scotland, is quickly becoming the capital for fuel cell development within the United Kingdom, and much of the country’s progress with hydrogen fuel is coming…

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Volkswagen CEO not sold on the prospects of hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen fuel not favored by Volkswagen CEO

Hydrogen fuel cells not favored by Volkswagen CEO German automaker Volkswagen recently made headlines when it announced its partnership with Ballard Power Systems, through which Ballard would be producing a new line of hydrogen fuel cells for the company’s future vehicles. Volkswagen has been showing modest support for hydrogen fuel over the past few years, but has only recently begun looking for ways to incorporate fuel cells into its vehicles. While the automaker has some faith in hydrogen fuel, its CEO, Martin Winterkorn, does not believe fuel cells are the…

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New lithium-ion battery design could be a boon for renewable energy

Renewable Energy lithium-ion battery

Next generation lithium-ion battery could help revolutionize renewable energy Lithium-ion batteries are used in a wide range of modern electronics and have long received a great deal of attention for their potential uses in the field of renewable energy. Modern lithium-ion batteries are commonly used as an alternative to lead-acid batteries and energy systems that primarily make use of fossil-fuels. These energy systems have been seeing use from the auto industry in electric vehicles, but their effectiveness in transportation and other fields is often questioned. A new generation of lithium-ion…

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Hydrogen fuel production may become more efficient with the help of wind energy

Michigan - Wind Energy

Hydrogen fuel continues receiving criticism due to production methods Hydrogen fuel has emerged as a very promising form of renewable energy. The production of hydrogen, however, has been the subject of criticism from those that believe it is inferior to other forms of clean power. Most methods of producing hydrogen fuel involve the use of fossil-fuels, such as coal and oil. This makes hydrogen much less environmentally friendly than it is often characterized as being. Using renewable energy to power hydrogen fuel production may be a viable solution to this…

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Hydrogen fuel could transform transportation in the UK

UK Hydrogen Fuel

Study forecasts the rise of hydrogen fuel UKH2Mobility, a consortium of 11 automakers operating in the United Kingdom, has released a new, government-industry study concerning the future of hydrogen fuel in transportation. The study suggests that hydrogen fuel is on the verge of making major progress in the UK and could soon revolutionize transportation throughout the country. Hydrogen is already strongly supported by the auto industry, but is only now beginning to see signs of acceptance among consumers. Study predicts more than 1.5 million hydrogen-powered vehicles to be active in…

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Hydrogen fuel gets more attention from the UK

Hydrogen Fuel Transportation UK

UK continues strong focus on hydrogen fuel Hydrogen fuel is becoming more and more prominent around the world when it comes to transportation. Fuel cells, which use hydrogen fuel to generate electricity the power the various machinations of a vehicle, have made significant technological strides over the past two years. While some automakers suggest that hydrogen-powered vehicles may not be ready until 2020, the auto industry as a whole is pushing for the development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure today. The United Kingdom is one of the countries that has…

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Norway the focus of new report from Fuel Cell Today

Norway Fuel Cell Today Report

Report highlights the measures Norway is taking regarding hydrogen fuel Fuel Cell Today, a leading source of information concerning the fuel cell industry, has released a new report concerning the state of fuel cells and hydrogen in Norway. Scandinavian countries have become strong supporters of alternative energy over the past few years. Norway, in particular, receives a significant portion of its electricity from renewable resources, including hydrogen fuel cells. The country has recently adopted an endeavor to reduce emissions and promote the adoption of alternative energy beyond its own borders.…

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Hydrogenics teams with Shell to maintain and improve Southern California’s hydrogen fuel stations

hydrogen fuel station

The Hydrogenics Corporation, manufacturers of hydrogen generation systems and fuel cells, has been tapped by Shell Oil Products U.S. to help in maintaining four hydrogen fuel stations in Southern California. Hydrogenics has been awarded a three-year contract from Shell to ensure that the stations remain operational. The company will also be installing a number of new hydrogen generation technologies that will help the stations become more efficient. The contract is effective immediately and Hydrogenics has already begun examining the stations for potential improvements or servicing requirements. California is home to…

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Pike Research report paints a promising future for hydrogen transportation

Hydrogen Powered Cars

A new report from Pike Research, a market research firm specializing in alternative energy, shows that more than 1.2 million alternative energy vehicles will be sold by 2020. The massive number is attributed major efforts coming from the auto industry to push hydrogen fuel. Automakers are currently the leading advocates for hydrogen, championing an energy revolution that seeks to take transportation away from oil. While automakers are expected to continue building cars that run on fossil-fuels in the coming years, a growing number of companies are shifting their focus so…

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The U.S. and Australia team to make aviation more environmentally friendly

Hydrogen Fuel Powered Airplanes

Transportation agencies from the U.S. and Australia have partnered to expand the use of alternative energies in the aviation field. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the Australian Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism will be working together to develop new technologies that make efficient use of sustainable fuels such as hydrogen and natural gas. The partnership seeks to mitigate the effects of one of the most environmentally damaging forms of travel in the world: Flight. Together, the agencies will work to make aviation as clean and environmentally friendly as…

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Connecticut builds one of the nation’s first hydrogen-powered ferry boats

New York Hornblower Hybrid

A new hydrogen-powered ferry is being built in Bridgeport Connecticut. Just recently, Mayor Bill Finch announced that the city would be home to the project, which aims to use high-performance hydrogen fuel cells to power travel from Connecticut to New York. With fuel cells becoming more efficient and cost-effective, state officials have been adopting hydrogen fuels at an alarming rate. Connecticut has become one of the leading states when it comes to alternative energy, rivaling California, who has long held the top spot in environmental friendliness. The ferry is called…

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