Japan’s hydrogen economy could make use of Australian natural gas

Japan`s Hydrogen Economy - Natural Gas

Australian natural gas may soon make its way to Japan Australia’s natural gas could play a major role in establishing Japan’s hydrogen economy. Japan has been a major customer for the country’s natural gas for several years and has been using natural gas in its endeavor to abandon fossil-fuels in order to become fully reliant on renewable power. Woodside Petroleum believes that Australia’s natural gas will become a valuable resource for Japan, with the country using the gas to produce the hydrogen fuel it needs. Woodside Petroleum sees significant potential…

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Toyota brings buses equipped with fuel cells to Japan

Toyota Sora at Tokyo Motor Show - Fuel Cell Bus - J-Auto Show

Automaker has begun selling its new hydrogen-powered bus Toyota has begun selling its new hydrogen-powered bus, called the Sora, in Japan. The bus is the first of its kind to receive vehicle-type certification in the country. Toyota previously revealed its plans to have no less than 100 new fuel cell buses on the roads of Tokyo by the time of the 2020 Olympic Games, which will be hosted by the city. The bus will serve alongside other fuel cell vehicles that will be used to transports athletes and attendees during…

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Toyota is accelerating its plans with fuel cell buses

Fuel Cell Buses - Inside of Public Transit Bus

Automaker is bringing its Sora fuel cell buses to Japan Toyota will begin accelerating its plans to deploy buses equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The automaker has been working to promote fuel cell technology for some time and has managed to find modest success in this endeavor. The majority of these buses will be launched in Tokyo where hydrogen has been gaining popularity. The company recently showcased its new Sora fuel cell buses, which will be the first to make use of advanced fuel cell technology developed by Toyota. New…

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Trains powered by fuel cells now being tested in Japan

Fuel Cells - Train in Japan

New trains are being put to the test in Japan Japan’s Railway Technical Research Institute has begun testing new trains powered by hydrogen. The new trains represent the potential future if Japan’s railway system. The country has been working to make the transportation space more environmentally friendly for some time. By revolutionizing its railway system, the Japanese government believes that it will be able to make significant cuts to emissions. Hydrogen fuel cells have, thus far, established themselves as a favorite among organizations involved in clean transportation. Trains make use…

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Fuel cells are helping reinvent Japan’s energy structure

Fuel Cell Infrastructure - city at night in Japan

Japan continues to turn to hydrogen to remake its future Japan is working to reinvent its energy structure. These efforts began in earnest following the devastating 2011 earthquake that struck the Fukushima Prefecture. The quake triggered a serious nuclear crisis, which led the Japanese government to shut down the majority of the country’s nuclear power facilities for a time. Now, Japan is working to embrace renewable energy, particularly hydrogen fuel cells, in order to become more self-sufficient and to combat the potential impact of climate change in the future. Clean…

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Toyota launches new fuel cell bus in Tokyo

Fuel Cell Bus - Image of Tokyo City, Japan

Automaker bring a new fuel cell bus to Tokyo Toyota’s first fuel cell bus has come to Japan. The automaker has delivered this new vehicle to the Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan government. The agency will begin regularly operating the new bus beginning in March. Toyota has plans to deliver its second fuel cell bus later that month as well. Tokyo officials believe that more than 100 fuel cell buses will be operating in the city by 2020, when the city will play host to the 2020 Olympic…

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Support for solar energy is drying up in Japan

Government set to cut subsidies supporting solar energy Japan’s renewable energy boom may be coming to an end, despite some massive projects taking place in the country. The Japanese government is set to cut subsidies that have long helped the growth of the clean power space, particularly where solar energy is concerned. The government is eager to focus more heavily on nuclear power, as well as coal-based energy. How this will affect Japan’s existing clean power projects, such as the world’s largest floating solar energy system, is difficult to say.…

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Toshiba to build new hydrogen fuel production facility in Japan

New Hydrogen Application Center being built in Tokyo Japan’s Toshiba Corporation has broken ground on its new Hydrogen Application Center in western Tokyo. The new facility is expected to begin operations in April 2017 and will be responsible for producing hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen production system will draw power from renewable resources, such as wind and solar. The hydrogen will then be used to power forklift trucks equipped with fuel cells, which will be operating at the nearby Fuchu Complex. Hydrogen could become more popular in the materials handling space…

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Renewable hydrogen fuel production to begin in Fukushima, Japan

Fukushima and Tokyo to investigate ways to use wind and solar power to produce hydrogen Renewable hydrogen fuel production is about to kick off in Japan. Tokyo and the Fukushima Prefecture have signed an agreement that involves research ways to produce hydrogen through the use of renewable energy. The hydrogen produced through this endeavor will be used to generate electrical power during the 2020 Olympic Games. Hydrogen fuel has become a very important forces for the Japanese government, which is working to rely more heavily on clean energy and distance…

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Japan is investing more into hydrogen fuel cells

Fuel cells may be the power of the future in Japan Japan has come to show strong favor for hydrogen fuel cells. In recent years, the country has been supporting the creation and purchase of fuel cell vehicles, but fuel cells can be used for much more than transportation. This fact has not been lost on the Japanese government, of course, as it has been making use of hydrogen fuel cells to provide residential energy for many years now. In 2015, Japan’s ENE-FARM, a massive stationary fuel cell power plant,…

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Toyota plans to launch a new version of its fuel cell vehicle in 2019

New version of the Mirai expected to be launched ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games Japanese automaker Toyota only just recently released its first fuel cell vehicle, called the Mirai, and already has plans to launch a new Mirai model ahead of the 2020 Olympics in Japan. The automaker is interested in making the new Mirai model more affordable and smaller than its predecessor, which may be more well received among consumers. Toyota plans to launch the new model in 2019 and may be launched alongside the latest version of…

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Tokyo governor wants more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the roads

Governor has a long term plan to support clean transportation Tokyo Governor Yoichi Masuzoe has announced plans to increase the number of fuel cell vehicles available in the city in the near future. Governor Masuzoe shares an interest in clean transportation along with the rest of the Japanese government, which has been working to support the use of hydrogen fuel cells specifically. The governor intends to establish a plan that will allow Tokyo to become a hydrogen society in the wake of the 2020 Olympic Games. Olympic Games may help…

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Japan may have trouble establishing a society powered by hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen society may be a costly ambitious endeavor for Japan Japan has ambitious goals of establishing a hydrogen society for itself. Such a society would be primarily powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which would provide electrical power for homes, businesses, and vehicles. The Japanese government believes that it can accomplish this goal, but doing so may take some time, as fuel cells are notoriously expensive energy systems. The high cost of fuel cells may impair the country’s progress toward establishing a hydrogen society in the coming years. Government officials have…

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Japan aims to establish a society based on hydrogen fuel

Country is working to embrace hydrogen as a primary form of power Japan has plans to establish a hydrogen society, or one where hydrogen fuel and fuel cell technology is at the heart of energy production. This has been a concept of interest for the country for some time, since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Following a massive earthquake, a nuclear crisis was triggered that brought many of the country’s nuclear energy facilities offline, even those that had not been affected by the quake. Since then, Japan has been…

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Japan continues to show favor for hydrogen fuel

Japanese government is investing in the establishment of a hydrogen society The Japanese government envisions a future where a hydrogen economy has been established. To achieve such a goal, however, Japan will have to invest more aggressively in hydrogen fuel production and fuel cell technology. For the 2020 Olympic Games, which will be hosted in Tokyo, may serve as a tipping point in Japan’s pursuit of renewable energy and sustainability. During the games, Japan will highlight the capabilities of hydrogen fuel cells and the value of these energy systems. Olympic…

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Mobile hydrogen fuel station opens in Japan

World’s first mobile hydrogen station begins operation in Japan The world’s first mobile hydrogen fuel station has been opened in Japan. The station is operated by Nippon Mobile Hydrogen Station Services and represents a new way to power fuel cell vehicles. The mobile station may be the next step in the evolution of the country’s emerging hydrogen infrastructure, as it is designed to offer hydrogen fuel to those with fuel cell vehicles no matter where they are, which could help make fuel cell vehicles more attractive to consumers. Mobile station…

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