Norsk Hydro to purchase wind energy from project in Sweden

Wind Energy in Sweden - Wind turbine farm

Large corporation has agreed to purchase electricity from wind farm Norsk Hydro, a major aluminum producer based in Europe, has agreed to purchase the majority of electricity produced by a new wind energy system in Sweden. The new wind farm is currently under development, receiving financial support from Macquarie, an Australia bank, and General Electric. These two organizations believe that the power purchase agreement formed with Norsk Hydro represents the largest of its kind for a corporate wind energy purchaser. Corporations are beginning to invest heavily in clean power Many…

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The cost of wind energy continues to dwindle in the US

wind energy costs - wind turbine - alternative energy

Report shows that wind power is becoming more affordable Wind energy has become one of the least expensive forms of power in the United States, according to a report from the Department of Energy. The federal agency recently released its Wind Technologies Market report, which highlights the progress that wind power has made throughout the country. The report shows that as wind capacity has increased, the cost of the electricity wind farms generate has fallen considerably. Cost of wind energy will continue to drop in the future The report predicts…

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New offshore wind energy project gains momentum in Germany

Offshore Wind Energy - Wind Turbines on Water

Offshore project reaches two major milestones A new offshore wind energy system being developed in the German North Sea has reached two significant milestones. Called the Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm, the project is being developed by Northland Power and Vestas. With a maximum capacity of 252 megawatts, the offshore wind farm is among the largest of its kind being developed in the North Sea. The project is expected to become operational within the relatively near future. Developer reaches financial close on project and development officially begins Northland Power has…

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US to support Zambia’s first wind energy study

Support for Zimbabwe Wind Energy Study - Zimbabwe flag on arm

Government provides funding for wind study in Zambia The United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has awarded some $1.05 million to energy developers that will be launching a wind energy study in Zambia. This will be the first wind study that has ever been carried out in the country. Access Power and EREN Renewable Energy will be responsible for the study, which will take place in Zambia’s Copperbelt Province. Once the study is completed, a new wind farm is expected to be developed. Zambia is now looking for alternatives…

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GE to help develop new wind energy system in Australia

Wind energy - wind farms - wind power

General Electric enters wind power partnership General Electric (GE) has announced that it will be helping develop a large-scale wind energy project in Australia. The company will be working with the Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PARF) in this endeavor. PARF is currently in a partnership with AGL Energy and the Queensland Investment Corporation to expand Australia’s wind energy capacity. The country has become a prominent wind market, largely due to its efforts to expand its use of clean power. New wind farm will power 260,000 homes With its partners, General…

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Wind energy could have a promising future in the UK

Wind Energy - Spinning Wind Turbine

Falling cost of wind turbines could encourage UK government to show more support for clean power The cost of wind energy is dropping quickly, which is creating more pressure on the United Kingdom government to rethink its support of clean power. According to consultancy firm Arup, onshore wind energy systems can be developed in the UK for the same price as new gas systems. Onshore wind farms are also approximately half as expensive as some nuclear power plants. Arup suggests that the technology used in the wind energy sector has…

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Collaboration could secure the future of wind energy in Europe

Wind Energy Collaboration - Teamwork

European countries will have to work together to expand wind energy capacity Europe may be able to make better use of its wind resources by spreading out its wind energy capacity rather than developing this capacity in a localized area. Climate researchers from ETH Zurich and Imperial College London suggest that this is the case. By spreading out capacity, European countries may be able to combat the intermittency problem that wind energy has experienced since its inception. In order to successfully expand capacity, however, these countries will have to work…

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Russia seeks to develop 1.9 GW of wind energy capacity

Wind Energy Capacity - Wind Turbines Spinning

Russia holds auction to support the development of wind energy projects Russia is looking to build up its wind energy capacity by auctioning off projects. The latest auction is the largest that the country has ever held to expand its renewable energy resources and will occur in two phases. The first phase of the auction began on May 29. The next phase is set to begin on June 9 of this year. Russia’s NP Market Council expects that the results of the auction will be revealed at the end of…

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Changes to Illinois legislation could help the wind energy sector thrive

Wind Energy Projects - Wind Turbines in Field

Senator seeks to make small changes to state legislation that may benefit wind energy Making slight changes to the language of a major energy bill could have major implications for the wind energy sector in Illinois. Senator Don Harmon believes this to be the case and filed new legislation that would make the necessary changes to the Future Energy Jobs Bill. The bill was passed in December of 2016 and has been called one of the most important legislation’s focused on energy to come to Illinois in recent years. Senator…

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Study predicts wind energy may play a major role in reducing emissions in the UK

New study from the Edinburgh University highlights the emissions reduction capabilities of wind energy A new study from the Edinburgh University suggests that wind energy will play a major role in reducing greenhouse emissions in the United Kingdom. Researchers have found that wind farms throughout the United Kingdom have offset some 36 million tons of carbon emissions over a six year period. This is equivalent to removing 2.3 million vehicles from the road, according to researchers. The study is based on figures from the National Grid, comparing energy production from…

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Deepwater Wind announces new offshore wind energy project in Maryland

Developer to bring a new offshore wind energy system to Maryland Deepwater Wind, developer of the first offshore wind energy system in the United States, has announced that it plans to build another wind farm off the coast of Maryland. The company’s Block Island Wind Farm is expected to begin producing electrical power and feeding it into the energy grid within the next few days. Deepwater Wind expects that the wind farm will show off the potential of offshore wind energy and intends to get a head start on developing…

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First offshore wind energy system in the US begins producing electricity

The Block Island Wind Farm has begun generating electrical power The United States’ first offshore wind energy system has begun operation. Located off the coast of Block Island, the wind farm features five turbines that stand 589 feet tall. Called the Block Island Wind Farm, the new offshore wind energy system began operation earlier this week. The energy system is expected to be in full operation later this month, generating enough electricity to power 17,000 homes, effectively meeting the energy needs of approximately 4% of households in Rhode Island. Offshore…

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Amazon to help build new wind energy system in Ohio

Amazon will be focusing more heavily on wind energy Online retailer Amazon has announced plans to rely more heavily on wind energy in Ohio. The state is home to three of the company’s massive data centers. Amazon intends to power these important data centers with the help of wind farms, which will help the company become more environmentally friendly and reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels. Amazon is just one of several large companies showing greater support for clean power in an effort to comply with new emissions regulations and reduce…

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Google invests more in Africa’s wind energy market

Google invests in the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Kenya Google has shown a great deal of interest and support for wind energy in Africa. The company recently invested in the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Kenya, which represented the largest investment in wind energy Africa has seen to date. Wind is not the only form of clean power that Google is supporting in Africa, as the company has also invested in solar energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Google invested some $12 million in the Jasper Solar Power…

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Wind energy projects are getting bigger and less expensive

As wind farms grow, the cost of wind energy continues to fall Wind energy is expected to become less expensive in the coming years. According to a survey from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, energy experts predict that the cost of electricity generated by wind turbines will become as much as 30% less expensive by 2030. Both onshore and offshore projects are becoming less expensive and more efficient. As these energy systems improve, the cost of the electricity they produce is falling dramatically. Larger wind farms means less expensive energy…

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Massive wind energy project wins approval in Iowa

State grants final approval for MidAmerican Energy project The Iowa Utilities Board has provided MidAmerican Energy with the approval it needs to build a large-scale wind energy system. The utility recently announced plans to build a $3.6 billion wind energy system, which is expected to become the state’s largest wind farm. MidAmerican Energy has been seeking approval to build this wind farm and has now passed the final hurdle, allowing the utility to begin construction of its Wind XI farm. Project will add 2,000 MW of capacity to Iowa MidAmerican…

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