New offshore wind energy project gains momentum in Germany

Offshore Wind Energy - Wind Turbines on Water

Offshore project reaches two major milestones A new offshore wind energy system being developed in the German North Sea has reached two significant milestones. Called the Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Farm, the project is being developed by Northland Power and Vestas. With a maximum capacity of 252 megawatts, the offshore wind farm is among the largest of its kind being developed in the North Sea. The project is expected to become operational within the relatively near future. Developer reaches financial close on project and development officially begins Northland Power has…

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Collaboration could secure the future of wind energy in Europe

Wind Energy Collaboration - Teamwork

European countries will have to work together to expand wind energy capacity Europe may be able to make better use of its wind resources by spreading out its wind energy capacity rather than developing this capacity in a localized area. Climate researchers from ETH Zurich and Imperial College London suggest that this is the case. By spreading out capacity, European countries may be able to combat the intermittency problem that wind energy has experienced since its inception. In order to successfully expand capacity, however, these countries will have to work…

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Europe shows greater commitment to offshore wind energy

Europe Offshore Wind Energy Commitment - Flag of European Union

Offshore wind energy wins the support of European leaders Leaders throughout Europe have come together to declare their commitment for offshore wind energy. Government representatives from Germany, Belgium, and Denmark gathered at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 industry event with the intent to show more support for a growing sector. Offshore projects have been taking form in several European markets, with these projects showing a great deal of economic promise. European countries intend to support the development of new projects in order to take advantage of these economic prospects. Countries…

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E.ON to invest in new airborne wind energy project

Airborne Wind Energy - Wind Turbine

European company will be supporting an innovative airborne wind energy project E.ON, an energy company based in Europe, has announced that it will be investing in an ambitious new wind energy project. The company will be investing in the development and potential construction and operation of an airborne wind energy demonstration site. The site is located in County Mayo, Ireland, and will make use of drones in order to capture the power of the wind. These drones will be tethered, but will be operating offshore. New project will use drones…

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Germany’s wind energy market grows aggressively in 2016

Wind Energy Market - Wind Turbines in Germany

Wind energy market in Germany leads installation growth Germany is quickly becoming the largest wind energy market in Europe. The country has invested heavily in the wind sector over the past few years in an effort to become environmentally friendly and reduce its reliance on fossil-fuels. According to data from WindEurope, and industry group, Germany installed more wind capacity in 2016 than any other European country. This has established Germany as a leader in the region’s wind energy market. Germany installed 12.5 GW of new wind capacity last year The…

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Wind energy has begun to outpace coal in Europe

Wind Energy - Turbines in Fog

European wind energy space continues to show magnificent growth Wind power has gained significant momentum throughout Europe over the past year. In 2016, energy developers in Europe installed more wind turbines than any other form of power, beating out coal in terms of new installed capacity. Many European countries have begun showing favor for wind energy due to the vast potential it holds. These countries have access to strong wind currents that have, until recently, gone unused for the purpose of generating electrical power. Wind capacity grows by 8% in…

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Acciona aims to expand Spain’s wind energy market

Pamplona could become a leader in Spain’s wind energy market A Spanish town named Pamplona could soon become one of the country’s greatest wind energy producers. The town has long been a tourist attraction for the famous running of the bulls event. Every year, people throughout the world flock to Pamlona to witness or participate in this event. Soon, The town may be better known for its use of wind energy rather than just its bulls. An energy company called Acciona has big plans for wind energy and believes that…

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Wind energy is on its way to becoming a major force in Europe

Wind power could become the largest source of energy in Europe Wind energy may become Europe’s largest source of electrical power by 2030. The European Wind Energy Association has released a new report that shows that wind power is on its way to surpass the generation capacity of traditional forms of energy. Within the coming decade, wind power could see explosive growth throughout the region, especially as more countries begin showing support for this form of energy and become more environmentally friendly. Report highlights the growing potential of wind energy…

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Trains in the Netherlands to run exclusively on wind energy

By 2018 Dutch trains could be entirely powered by wind. In just three years, the Dutch rail network will operate only on wind energy under a new agreement made between power company Eneco and VIVENS, an energy procurement joint venture made up of Netherlands Railways (NS), Veolia, Arriva, Connexxion, and rail freight firms, reported Railway Technology. Approximately half of the electric trains in the Neterlands operate entirely on wind power. According to the Railway Technology report, at present, almost half of traction power on the 2,900km ProRail 1.5kV DC network,…

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Onshore wind energy may be the world’s cheapest form of power

European Commission report highlights the affordability of wind power Onshore wind energy may not be the world’s least expensive form of power, according to a report from the European Commission. Over the years, wind power has become a very popular form of renewable energy, competition with solar power and nuclear energy as viable alternatives to fossil-fuels. In the past, wind power was quite expensive, largely due to the costs involved in building and deploying wind turbines. Advances in technology and manufacturing have helped dramatically reduce the cost of wind energy,…

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Companies come together to boost Europe’s wind energy capacity

Gamesa and Areva team to launch new joint venture Gamesa and Areva, both prominent developers of wind turbines, have announced that they are partnering in order to bring more wind energy capacity to the European market. The two companies have come together to form a joint venture that will serve as a type of testing ground for new wind turbines coming from both of its parent companies. The joint venture will produce electrical power that will be used in various parts of Europe. Joint venture aims to address market needs…

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Wind energy now cheaper than coal in Europe

Energy utility releases information showing that wind power is now less expensive than coal Wind energy may now be the least expensive form of power in Europe, according to Portugal’s EDP, a prominent energy utility. The utility has released information that suggests onshore wind energy is not more affordable than coal and oil, making it one of the most economically attractive forms of power in Europe. Wind energy has already managed to find strong support from many European countries, some of whom are investing heavily in offshore wind projects, but…

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Wind energy executives offer predictions of the future of the European market

Europe’s wind power sector is poised for strong growth and evolution in the coming years Executives from Europe’s wind energy sector have come together during a meeting of the European Wind Energy Association in order to provide predictions concerning the future of the wind market. Europe has become a very active market for wind power, with several countries investing heavily in wind projects. Both offshore and onshore projects have managed to find traction throughout Europe and many countries are showing favor for these projects because of the economic opportunities they…

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Wind energy is safe for the environment

Study aims to address concerns that many have regarding wind turbines and their impact on the environment Two French laboratories have released a new study concerning the environmental impact of wind farms in Europe. The study focuses on the concerns that many people have regarding whether wind farms negatively impact the environment by harming wildlife or disrupting climatic events. Wind energy has found strong support throughout Europe. Several countries are working on embracing renewable energy more aggressively in order to offset the economic impact of the ongoing sovereign debt crisis.…

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RWE cuts capacity of wind energy project in half

RWE reduces capacity of offshore wind project RWE, a prominent German utility, has announced that it is significantly reducing the capacity of its Triton Knoll offshore wind warm in the North Sea. The wind farm’s capacity is being cut by half, dropping from an expected 1,200 megawatts of maximum capacity to just 600 megawatts. Wind energy has become quite popular throughout Europe, but offshore wind farms have not yet garnered the kind of support that their onshore counterparts receive. Offshore wind remains a risky investment Offshore wind projects are notoriously…

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Wind energy reaches new heights in Europe

Germany, Ireland, and UK break records with wind production Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom have all set records when it comes to wind energy production due, in part, to winter storms that brought powerful winds to Europe. Hurricane Xaver was the key behind record-setting generation and while the storm caused an estimated $2 billion in damage, it also served as a significant source of wind power. Germany experienced the greatest benefits, in terms of wind power, from the storm, while Ireland and the United Kingdom were able to harness…

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