New Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Van Concept Unveiled

Mercedes-Benz fuel cell van - Mercdes-Benz Logo

The German automaker’s bestselling van to be equipped with a full cell system. A Mercedes-Benz fuel cell van will join the company’s growing clean transportation portfolio. The alternative fuel upgrade will be added to the Sprinter, the automaker’s top selling van. The first concept takes the form of a motor home. Dubbed the Concept Sprinter F-CELL, the new Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Van is a showcase for new commercial applications and is first being presented in the form of a motorhome. The new fuel cell vehicle is in addition to the…

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Hyundai may be working on a new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Hyundai could introduce an updated model of is fuel cell vehicle in the future South Korean automaker is reportedly working on an updated model for its ix35 fuel cell vehicle. The ix35 is Hyundai’s first production vehicle equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell. The vehicle was released three years ago and has managed to find modest success among organizations interested in clean transportation. The ix35 is, however, based upon an outdated vehicle model, and those invested in the clean transportation space want an updated model that will be more competitive…

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Suzuki aims to successfully commercialize hydrogen fuel powered motorcycles

Suzuki has high hopes for hydrogen fuel cells and their uses in transportation Japanese automaker Suzuki has plans to commercialize a new generation of hydrogen-powered motorcycles. The company has a long history with these types of vehicles, though their most popular models are powered, of course, by conventional forms of energy, such as petroleum. Like other automakers, Suzuki is looking to establish a stronger footing in the clean transportation space, hoping to provide consumers with clean vehicles that will allow them to become more environmentally friendly. New fuel cell vehicles…

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Hydrogen Powered Cars Face Uphill Climb

Hydrogen Powered Cars Face Uphill Climb Your next car may be able to park itself, keep you in your own lane, and navigate its way through a traffic jam–which does sound pretty cool–but it likely will not be hydrogen-powered. Yes, the experts agree that the hydrogen-fueled vehicle will not become a major player in the automotive world before the year 2030–at the very earliest. It would seem that automobile manufacturers have another priority–keeping drivers safe–and their focus is on creating the technology necessary to make this happen. And the public…

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Honda unveils new iteration of its hydrogen fuel vehicle

Honda continues push toward hydrogen fuel Japanese automaker Honda has been preparing for the inevitable launch of hydrogen-powered vehicles around the world. The company has been investing in developing the infrastructure required to support these vehicles while also making efforts to resolve the price and efficiency issues that are common with fuel cell technology. The automaker already has significant experience with hydrogen-powered vehicles, having launched its FCX Clarity in 2008. Now, the automaker has unveiled what is expected to be the next generation of its hydrogen fuel vehicle. New vehicle…

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Toyota’s hydrogen fuel concept vehicle revealed

Toyota continues push for hydrogen fuel Like other automakers throughout the world, Japan’s Toyota has plans to launch a hydrogen-powered vehicle within the next few years. The company has taken a strong interest in hydrogen fuel cells, which can produce large quantities of electrical power without also producing any harmful emissions. Toyota believes that hydrogen fuel cells could help usher in a new generation of vehicles that are more environmentally friendly but  on par with current generation vehicles in terms of performance. New Fuel Cell Vehicle debuts ahead of schedule…

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Proton Power launches new hydrogen fuel vehicle

Hydrogen fuel used to power new vehicle developed by Proton Motor Fuel Cell Proton Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells and clean technology, has announced that its subsidiary, Proton Motor Fuel Cell, has introduced the world’s first battery and fuel cell operated electric vehicle, which is based on a model built by Smith Electric Vehicles. The vehicle is meant to perform in a commercial capacity, transporting cargo from location to location. Electric vehicles are becoming more common in this field due to the efficiency and environmental friendliness. HyRange…

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Honda announces new plans for hydrogen fuel endeavors

Hydrogen Fuel News

Honda continues focus on hydrogen fuel and transportation Japanese automaker Honda has been working to develop a hydrogen-powered vehicle for some time now. The company has a strong interest in hydrogen fuel and how it can be used in transportation. Part of this interest is backed by increasing pressure coming from the world’s governments concerning carbon emissions. These governments have been introducing regulations that are forcing automakers to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles. Honda is only one among many automakers that have turned to hydrogen fuel to comply with such…

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Students build vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel

University of Illinois Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel continues to take transportation by storm Clean transportation is gaining more attention, which is helping highlight the potential benefits of clean vehicles and how they compare to conventional vehicles. Hydrogen fuel has become one of the most widely accepted forms of power in the realm of clean energy. Indeed, most of the world’s major automakers have come to embrace hydrogen fuel as the future of the auto industry. Hydrogen-powered vehicles, however, have been subject to staunch criticisms concerning their performance and efficiency. A group of students from the…

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Hydrogen-powered buses highlighted in new EU report

hydrogen fuel cell bus

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking report investigates hydrogen-powered buses Hydrogen fuel is gaining traction in Europe, especially where public transportation is concerned. The growth of hydrogen fuel cells is largely due to the support the European Union has been showing this form of alternative energy. Emissions standards from participant countries in the EU, as well as the governing body’s own regulations, are calling for cleaner forms of transportation, and hydrogen fuel cells may be the best answer. The European Commission’s Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking has released a…

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New hybrid vehicle developed in Qatar

Electric Vehicles & Hybrids - Renewable Energy

Gulf Organization for Research and Development produces new hybrid vehicle Qatar’s Gulf Organization for Research and Development has developed a new hybrid vehicle that could help open up a new future for clean transportation. The organization has been working on the vehicle for years and has revealed the model during a United Nations climate change summit that is taking place in the city of Doha. The vehicle is billed as a low-emission and low-fuel-consumption hybrid that is capable of cutting down pollution and providing consumers with a viable alternative to…

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Clean Energy Vehicle program shows poor results

Canada - Hydrogen Fuel

Clean Energy Vehicle program is a hard sell in Canada Last year, the Canadian government launched the Clean Energy Vehicle program, which aimed to promote the purchase of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles in the Lower Mainland. The program was meant to provide drivers with rebates when they purchased such vehicles, mitigating the financial blow that is associated with vehicles that make use of fairly advanced technologies. These rebates were expected to help boost the sales of alternatively powered vehicles, but the program has, thus far, been drastically undersubscribed. Few drivers…

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Nissan Terra to be shown off at Paris Motor Show

Nissan Terra hydrogen powered car

Nissan Terra to be the first of the company’s hydrogen vehicles Nissan recently unveiled its plans to develop a hydrogen-powered vehicle. The automaker has been a powerful name in the electric vehicle front, focusing primarily on those using lithium-ion batteries. As the auto industry, as a whole, begins to embrace hydrogen fuel more completely, Nissan had begun to feel pressure to adapt or be left behind. The need to adapt had Nissan reveal its plans to develop a hydrogen-powered SUV. More information regarding this vehicle has been released by the…

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Daihatsu experiments with hydrazine as an alternative to hydrogen


Japanese automaker Daihatsu has been experimenting with hydrogen as a fuel for its domestic vehicles. The company, which is partly owned by Toyota, has been researching fuel cells as a replacement for more conventional energy systems with some degree of success. Daihatsu’s efforts have benefitted Toyota with a supply of efficient fuel cells that can be used in the larger automakers hydrogen-powered vehicles. The automaker is shifting its focus away from hydrogen and toward hydrazine, however, which it believes could be a more cost effective alternative for fuel cells. Hydrogen…

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Mahindra & Mahindra announced hydrogen fuel cell research center in India


A new hydrogen fuel vehicle maybe hitting the streets as soon as 2015 Mahindra & Mahindra, one of the largest automakers in India, has announced that it is currently working of developing new hydrogen fuel cells for future models of its vehicles. The company is the latest in the auto industry to adopt hydrogen as a significant focus for future projects. Much of the industry is currently enamored with hydrogen as a fuel because fuel cells offer performance that rivals traditional gasoline engines. Though fuel cells are more expensive to manufacture…

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AFC Energy’s project LASER-CELL goes live with inaugural meeting

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry

AFC Energy, a leading manufacturer of fuel cells, has announced that the first consortium meeting for the LASER-CELL project occurred last  week. The project is aimed at developing high-volume production technologies that can be used to hasten the production of hydrogen fuel cells. It will also conduct detailed market analysis and distribute reports at regular intervals. The meeting means that the project is now live and will be working toward its established goal. Adoption of hydrogen fuel cells has remained low due to the cost associated with their production. Fuel…

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